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On gillets; they seem to be on the rise in aus and djs is full of them. I myself have a nice down filled navy one, el cheapo. Cucinelli have some amazing ones in flannel. Coupd try yoox too.
i literally have scars on my feet from wearing new shoes in on big.nights out. Not to mention bloodstained shoes. I wear these wounds with pride. LonerMatt, did you go to Iran yet?
The trousers look so good.
http://www.yoox.com/us/41489406KJ/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41489406KJ&sizeId=   Sweet blouson by borelli, 126 USD.
Haha I actually just cancelled the plastic. Probably should have kept it for a rainy day but ah well. I’m saving for a trip too so trying to be lean on the wallet.   Some stuff for Brisbane members too:   Of potential interest to Brisbane members is the premier of Ellery in Paris, followed by a talk by some buyer, Christine StClaire.  https://www.facebook.com/events/683822135056659/?notif_t=plan_edited   I doubt most of you will be interested but perhaps you have...
Thanks man...but dammit if I didn't spend money on other stuff. When ever these sales come up I'm always short haha. @Journeyman Sounds good. You call the date, maybe a few weeks notice in case any other members want to join? And as I said, whenever suits you mate.
@Styleternity   I noticed that the other day too. Didn’t even bother looking at prices though. It looked like some of the stuff was mainline too though? From what I’ve seen of Lab, it’s very much aimed at fashion forward guys, e.g. metallic gold bombers, short unusually patterned jackets etc. I would imagine it’s on par with Corneliani Trend quality wise. But that’s purely cause they always seem to be priced the same, so I have no idea.   But don’t buy it from DJ’s,...
@journeyman I'd prefer to be able to make it at night, as working outside of the city at the moment..However, I could do a weekend coffee. Having said that, I know you have a family mate, so whatever is best for you! No rush.   Anyone else interested?   edit: anyone ordered off yoox before? I'm on the Australian site but information still appears to be only pertinent to the states. How much is shipping and do they include the return label free of charge as they do for...
anyone got an online promo code for brooks brothers?
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