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So not to brag, but speaking of dick measuring, have been on a fair few dates here now. It's safe to say all my assumptions about the middle east have been dramatically quashed. The last one (the nicest girl) was just as forward as any girl I've met in Australia. But to run the gamut, I've also been out with a girl who basically just talked about the Koran. The girl last night was super cool though, extremely well dress, and sexy as f*ck. To be continued...   LonerMatt,...
Nice! Where's the jacket from?
What a dime piece. The wife ain't too bad either
"just follow your passion"
I understand "the working class" is quite prescriptive and probably not the most appropriate term, but it's the easiest way to convey those who come from a manual labour etc. background.    On another note, the dry cleaners here are amazing. I went in with a sports jacket, and started by saying "with the lapels, can you make sure.." and was abruptly cut off. "Sir, let me show you". The guy proceeds to show me the lapels of jackets waiting to be picked up, not a hint of...
Unsure what you mean here. My reference to the "working class" as tacky? Or driving shoes? Because I love both.
chaperoned date with a Muslim girl last night. Enlightening. Went to the dead sea for work yesterday and forgot to take a single picture of the actual sea. Picked up a cool barbour-esque gilet from the local markets. It's funny here, even with the working class, the most popular shoes are driving shoes a la Car Shoes (but obviously cheap copies) and chukkas. 
or male courtesans.
I'm still in Jordan if that's what you mean....supposed to be snowing next week so I might just get a cheap one here.
If anyone spots a nice, cheap overcoat/mac on ebay, please give me a heads up. I had my eye on an awesome on for ages (below 100aud) and i just fixed my bank stuff up and it's gone :(. 
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