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Getting in them is a good start.
Haha, why is that foxy? Depending on what sort of girls you are going for, it isn't always a big factor, but it does make a difference...I don't think it is good to look like you spent too much time getting ready though, ever...Unless the girl is very forgiving.     SOme cheap (from what I've heard ok quality) double monls http://www.bexley.com/Bexley/en/p/clearance/gresham?tarification=FINSERIE&coloris=velours_havane
Why not get a double breasted navy jacket, but forgo the gold buttons so you will get more wear out of it in future. Then just buy those round gold stickers then newsagents have and stick them on the buttons.  or easy option, breton striped shirt (white with blue stripes obviously), white chinos, sure you can get a sailors cap at a costume store, get a woman to apply make up so you appear to be a drowned, bloated corpse. a fake MOM tattoo on the forearm could complete...
@heldentenor Also know thy shawarma maker bro.
I actually don't own a suit . I don't really need one due to work (though it would be good for weddings etc), but I haven't been able to bring myself to buy one OTR, as the fit of pants/jackets never gels for me. E.g. the jacket will be great but the pants are usually too slim for my liking. To be fair, even if I had one I wouldn't have brought it. in my office, the local staff dress pretty well, but I would say I'm one of the more professionally dressed foreigners (chinos...
Thanks for the wedding outfit input guys. Though it's a bit bold, that sportscoat is one of my favourites,both for fit, fabric and general wearibility. Wear it a whole heap. Probably too much considering i have more staple items.
Also, any chance you could expand on the story of your friends nuptials?
Sounds good JM! Will do.   I have a few friends here who met their wives hours before the wedding (mostly  guys that are the sons of tribal leaders etc).   Re: Singapore, I lived there for 2 years when I was younger, and have spent a fair few holidays there as well as working there for a few months. Great place to party, easy place to live if you have money...but it's a bit dry. I remember when I went to school there, there were 'Fat Camps' (not sure if they still...
seems everyone is going to weddings this weekend! I'm hoping there are some nice looking single ladies at mine  . No open bar, but you can buy alcohol upstairs (it's in a nice hotel). Won't be drinking though.   I think I will be back in Aus in less than 2 months. Just for a holiday most likely. I'm looking forward to sitting in a beer garden with a cold one, and ideally oogling scantily clad women.
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