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I got an email that apparently Xile in Brisbane are doing made-to-measure suits now. I assume MTM. Not sure through who, but a maker in Napoli. $1750. Interested to see what stuff they have.   I never hear Brisbane members talk about this store, but I really like it. The staff are really nice and I have picked up some awesome discounted jackets and driving shoes there. One brand they carry is Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli (or something in that vein) which is super nice, I...
Is the Ryan Seacrest collection half canvassed or fully canvassed?
maybe it's a video game?
Edited, query irrelevant.
I think your small frame would suit a less trimly fit shirt.
i'm missing something?
Has anyone taken Qatar Airlines before? Economy that is. I'm going to wear a jacket on the plane so I have one that doesn't need pressing for a social event the day I get back, hoping they will have someone to hang it for me haha.
man, im a big fan, but you have a good life if 5 hoiurs is a long night...haha. try eight hoursn three nights. I have since ( today)decided to pursue other interests.Passion over glory. Money has no value when one must pursue it so ardently.
it's crazy that most clothing and accessories have more resale value than cars.
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