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looks a million times better. Kudos for taking tje heat, and critiscism with such a good nature.
The trousers look good I thought. As already stated though it does look like the pleats splay open. I always liked the deep pleats I had noticed before on Ambrosi's stuff. Also, I thought he was fully bespoke??
Hi mate, Can't help you with the queries, but a note on the brisbane meetup; it was me and @Journeyman holding down the fort. A couple beers and a good chat, it was great. We bumped into each other at lunch time in the city the other day and discussed the possibility of another meetup, with a larger cohort hopefully. We will have to organise something!
anyone have fit pics of the beanies?   edit: no need, all the colours I like are out of stock :(
 Are you sure they don't? I am pretty sure one of the branches do as recall hearing about them having Eidos ties in the shop from a fellow forum member. I might be wrong though
 I have a good friend who is married with one child. At one point he had 5 staff residing at his [large] property. Maid, nanny, security, driver, cook
one of the beach boys (can't remember which one) asked my mum out once. true story.
This makes sense.. The chukka's I have are definetely "Made in England". Not really bothered to be honest, bought as a casual beater. Beats paying 160+ for windsor smiths etc.
This was what I thought too. I don't really understand it though..There are penny loafers at BB's simply labeled Brooks Brothers, made in Brazil, for around the same price as their other shoes...I wonder what goes into not using Peal & Co. etc.
Cheers mate! I'll check it out this week! Have never used it, but have never had light coloured suede shoes.
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