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 Southbank sounds good to me! Re: food, perhaps some where where eating isn't 'mandatory'? I've been sick so have to coddle my digestive system pretty severely.
I have a jacket.by them. fully unlined etc. Cut like boglioli. I love it actually.
Brisbanites, let us pull the pin and set a date for a meetup. How isthursday week for everyone. Journeyman, im looking at you as I know you have a family, I'm a free agent so can do whenever.
Thanks EFV. Great thread, and I like you took a heap of pictures of girls, always llike to see/curious what they wear at what is essentially a men's event. Also interesting to see the non-CM guys get ups.
Not the best pic but I rarely get a chance to post. Pants are navy actually. Navy knit tie by henry carter. shirt is deerstyle.
bonus. You can fill the bag with beer to make the next paper run more....entertaining.
 With the exception of the hip pockets and lack of turnback cuffs, this looks almost exactly like a coat made for the Duke of Windsor himself. EDIT: I have made a  mistake. The one worn by the Duke was by Simpson and Sons, London.
I will post a fit pic of my A1 when I get a chance, just been super busy. Mine is more substantial than most I've seen, feels like im wearing a suit of armour.   Edit: Scratch that, suggestions for a laptop under $1000 with which I can comfortable run adobe creative suite?
Sorry mate, Im away, can post pictures tomorrow night. it runs large.
So I got my grail A1. It’s perfect. Anything I should know about looking after a leather jacket? I think it’s pigskin, I don’t know a heap about leather, but based on the texture etc.   Cheers to @Journeyman for pointing me in the right direction. $211 is not bad, after being reduced from $890.
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