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where from? very cool. edit: just googled, epaulet. 
Haven't ordered from luxire for months as been busy spending money on other things, but found this shot on my phone; fabric is shades of brown (I think? Couldn't find it so maybe they don't have it anymore). Collar is, I believe, DAS One Collar MK V, one of my favourite collars with a tie     thanks to  @timotune
hahaha. Also, can anyone suggest on online retailer for high quality linen (or linen blends)? I've been able to find a lot of solids, but not many patterned/stripes etc.
Was at home on Monday and watched The Snows of Kilimanjaro, with Gregory Peck. Some cool scenes in that movie, and cool fits.  
the green silk/linen swatch looks amazing.
Sweet inspo pic. [[SPOILER]]
THat polo is great Isurg. Love the long placket and rolllll. edit: reference to amazing collar roll
probably could swing it, but there are not many polos available, like 2 in each size in each colour. I can ask her to check whats available etc. What size are you?
Cheers mate, she sent me the yoke measurements...16.5, but I'm not sure how she measured these and that sounds small...I'll trust you and ask her to return for a medium, if there are any left.
Hey guys,   I haven't been able to find measurements online for the new season polos. My girlfriend is in New York and called me to say she bought the new season polo from 'bloomies'. She bought a large, but I'm a 40 (a 38 in some labels) so I thought I'd be a medium? Can anyone confirm so she can return it if needed? Or provide measurements? The new season polos are all lupo too, correct?
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