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 Thanks. They are Sanders; Finchley. I bought them off ebay, coincidentally he is a member here. I'd never heard of them till I saw them on ebay. Damn nice though.http://www.sanders-uk.com/shop/product/finchley-7174td
  Tried to take some decent photos for this week's friday challenge, but my camera woman didn't do too well. May as well post them somewhere though.
speaking of Brooks Brothers they have some very nice Irish linen trousers in at the moment. I think they are the same fit as last seasons cotton ones. Can't remember which diffusion, but relatively high waisted (sit just under my belly button) and a very 'relaxed' leg (I had them taken in). Also, the bottoms are unfinished which is great. Single pleated.   I have to say Brooks Brothers are the only retailer I have found in Australia (on the cheap end of the scale) that...
So where might one get a eidos polo in nyc at the moment? Any left from the sales. Im a 40/50.
Guys, on the subject of denim, what weight are your average levis etc. standard brands? I'm thinking of just going the luxire route, but everything seems very heavy...
Nice day to go the the pub is a great Australian song, really captures that feeling of a Saturday arvo imo.
Who's the billionaire?   To everyone: any recommendations on how to complete a decent linkedin page?
Actually, they did.mention he studied philosophy. Rodriguez that is. I thought that about not.computing too, but this was pre-internet. A bit suss about the royalties....where did the money go. I loved his construction worker friend too.
@nabilmust   Those look perfect! Sweet fit too.   Johknee - it's cost me 35 to 40 in the past, just at one of those 'fast' tailors. They did a pretty good job.
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