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 Nice! Sorry for the late reply. I am located in Australia, thinking of relocating shortly to Hanoi, seems easier to get work at my level if I'm already in the country.
In regards to that article, she seems to equate 'style' or dressing well with being edgy and loud. Who keeps pointing out women are terrible at picking men's clothes and tend to go for the bright loud stuff on here?   Alessandro Squarzi is pretty sick though.
Who pray tell are these real workmen?
Yeah it is. That seller is from Italy, all sizing is in Italian.
Haha isn't that just the placket of the shirt? didn't look to closely to be honest.On having a second look, I reckon it's actually pretty cool. Would probably only ever wear it once though.
Was someone looking for a tux recently? This is a pretty out there dinner jacket. I probably don't have the cojones,but someone may.   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CORNELIANI-New-Man-White-Silk-Cotton-Jacket-Knit-Blazer-Coat-Made-in-Italy-Sz-50-/271540123031?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item3f390d7597 Corneliani, current bid at $149 with 1 day left.
Isn't shipping fairly expensive with them? YOu can get decent ones for about 30-40 including postage (Brooks Brothers, Polo, Vineyard Vines) from ebay (in the states). I got a plain navy blue Polo one for about 40 recently. Not sure if David Jones are still having that sale but Brooks or Polo might be carrying them on discount. Also, $15 for the uniqlo x bastian polo shirts at the moment, postage flate rate of $8. I bought a few plain ones.
That jacket looks great.   Congrats on winning that trip Ovlov.   Might just be me, but feels like there is a propensity towards very short sleeve length these days, with tons of people having their jacket sleeve end a good few inches from their wrist, meaning it rides up like crazy when, for example, gesturing or crossing arms. (Not saying that jacket appears to be the case, looks perfect to my [untrained] eye).
I like high rise too, but to me they look slightly off. I think high rise doesn't suit such a slim leg fit such as the one you may like.  They still look pretty sweet though.
New Posts  All Forums: