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Who's the polo by @Gerry Nelson
  This was posted by CrimsonSox, I just suck at quoting. I can't get over the shoes! I actually love wearing these type of cotton/canvas deck shoes (e.g. supergas) with chinos and a cotton SC....but always feel a bit bad about it. Not anymore!
@lachyzee   That cream cotton SC is pretty daring man. Be warned, (especially since it's cotton) it will pick up and show dirt like crazy. I have something similar in a very light beige and the twill like weave seems to collect smudges from thin air. 
Good discussion on thrifting. I'm definetly in the thrifting category InStiches outlined. I e-thrift, and buy a lot of bargains. Having said that, after one or two purchases when my interest in clothing was first piqued, I have settled down. I don't have a suit at the moment as it is too difficult for me to find one that fits (that's cheap) as I have a pretty big drop (tiny waist, larger shoulders) and I'm also not a fan of how RTW trousers fit, for the most part.   I do...
I love silk blends. My favourite is a linen/silk/wool blend. Barely realise you are wearing anything. I've only worn the jacket a few times, but I doubt it will be very durable. I reckon it's fine if the jacket is not one you are considering wearing often.
That jacket is awesome. what is also impressive is that the whole fit is from luxire.
Yeah I see where you guys are coming from. I'll think the light grey. 90% off so very tempting. Navy pants, dark gray pant, dark green, dark brown pants would all go well i think.
dartagan, sorry to hear, I know that feel bro.
No special context; work and play. I'm thinking the navy db is probably nore versatile. Linen silk wool, so could even try it with denim if I was feeling brave i suppose. Both jackets on deep discount but I can only afford one.
Guys, very light grey sportscoat, bad idea? Seems dificult to pair with stuff. Is a db navy sportscoat a good idea? I already have POW grey and blue, navy single breast, light beige/fawn, grey plaid, blue. A navy db seems like a good staple, correct?
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