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Slouchy look is from no canvassing. You can have an unpacked shoulder with light or heavy canvassing and maintain a clean chest. Some jackets have enough canvassing that comes up from the chest panel to the shoulder that negates the need for passing if one already has relatively high or square shoulders.
 Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.
 I think Johhny Cash wrote a song about that guy. "i shot a man in reno, just to watch him die"
I sat on a butterscotch of some description last time I wore white pants. I think you jsut have to embrace the blemishes. 
In DJ's today, wierd to see the new stuff from Polo. So much black.. Seems...out of character for what is, at its core, a brand which leans towards the ivy/preppy/trad side of things.
  Jacket I mentioned earlier. It's very lightweight as you can see from the below pics. I like it because the lapels are a little wider than on most boglioli et. al. jackets. Never worn out of the house. :(. my 'body composition' changed and it just doesnt fit me well now, and it wasn't perfect on the shoulders when i bought it either. I would say it's a medium to large 40/50. I generally am a large 38/small 40. EDIT: pics are old, can take new, better...
not a bad aquascutum. Large, $25 starting bid.   Also, on unstructured jackets, I have a super light Corneliani jacket in 40/50. It's a very light dove grey, in cotton, almost a pique weave. literally never worn out of the house, was new with tags but I took the tags off.. Typical 3 roll 2, patch pockets yada yada yada. PM if anyone is...
@Foxhound   Dude, this made me think of you! I mean that as a compliment. Love Andy Spade’s style.        
looks a million times better. Kudos for taking tje heat, and critiscism with such a good nature.
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