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I am a Libertarian. But I always wonder if other libertarians seriously think we are anywhere near the mainstream.
I really wish Ron Paul had been elected President. But I could not imagine him winning if he was the nominee. Probably 70+% of the population actually think that Libertarians are either evil or mentally retarded. I think the Libertarian community really did its best this year and we got 1%. There just are not many people who actually agree with Ron Paul's policies.
Quite the handful though.
I think Obama stole the republicans thunder on having an aggressive foreign policy and fighting the war on terror. Obama did substantially more damage to the constitution than Bush. But probably this is the right plan if the goal is re-election.
Well at least this gives the country a chance to really understand what a disaster Obama's worldview leads to. Instead of any problems Obama caused getting blamed on capitalism (which Mitt doesn't actually support).
I really hope people realize its just states sponsored kidnapping to lock people up for peacefully using or selling drugs. Maybe the fact that the system is racist will make people more critical of the whole system.
The brothel system is way better than making prostitution illegal. However if you care about prostitutes you should just make prostitution totally decriminalized. When you have a brothel system the people who have brothel permits have extreme power. If prostitution was decriminalized fully a prostitute would never stay in an abusive workplace. But if you limit the women's ability to work for themselves you force them to endure abuse.
Prostitution is a way better option than most jobs. The real problem with being a prostitute is that friends/family might job or disown you. I have known multiple sex workers and the jobs they have taken seem to have been a good fit for them. In the USA idk how anyone can argue prostitution is economically exploitative (if that is even a god concept). In the majority of cases the prostitute makes more money than the client. This is a really good related...
Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach!I live on the coast and I am not worried. Probably just going to be some power outages and that's it.
Obama is a liar and a disgrace. He has claimed the right to unilaterally kill and indefinitely detain US citizens. He has dramatically increased warrant-less wiretapping. He launches drone strikes that kill mostly innocent civilians. How could anyone vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012. He has done the exact opposite of over half the 2008 DNC platform. How could anyone profess to hate Bush and like Obama?
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