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Very obvious but this stuff is quite cool:
Become better looking. This is very straightfoward for most people. Making your personality more attractive to women is both harder and potentially not worth it.
Unless he plans on actual going to Japan I think he should consider Ippudo. The ramen there is still super good and much better than momofuko imo. Toto is also really good so if you are closer to Toto going there seems good. Another vote for Le Bernardin.
I liked the rick tote the best as well.
Want to throw more support for Ippudo. I must have eaten there 20 times and the ramen is always great. If you haven't had ramen before get the Akamaru modern with pork (not chasu). I recommend it over Toto (even though Toto is pretty great). More thoughts: Halal carts are very hit or miss. I would probably get some halal but I have a huge appetite. I certainly wouldn't make a meal or lunch out of it. My favorite pizza is John's on bleecker. Jean Jorge Pre-Fixe is...
The Princess Bride The Holy Mountain is a close 2nd
I do not think you should buy expensive boots unless you like the color. Intending to dye them is not a great plan imo.
^also wondering actually
Ate at Oriental Garden in NYC. Food was just Ok.
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