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 My guilty-pleasure series just got guiltier.
Is Anna Kendrick wearing a cape?
"Rebels" is set five years before "A New Hope".
 You said it, Harold.
I take it this is the Bryan Fuller project. Never been much of a "Trek" fan, but after "Hannibal", I can give it a shot.
I saw Cap the other day too.   While I don't doubt it is a good comic book movie, I'm a bit tired of the comic-book genre. Not much deviation in plots, and fights, fights and more fights.   I well-believe I can read synopses of the films and get my geek fix too.
 It feels like a play because it is an adaptation of the play written by David Mamet. Interesting fact: Baldwin's character, Blake, doesn't feature in the stage version at all.
 An aside to the "Powerless" news RFX45 posted: I like Alan Tudyk, and Vanessa Hudgens is , but what is THIS...? 
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