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 This reminds me of Jim Sturgess in "Cloud Atlas".
 This, definitely.
 That is some very impressive make-up and or CGI.
 Blog where?
 The one with Patrick Warburton, or the cartoon? More importantly, source?
  Does the fact that this was released yesterday and no one on SF posted, or is talking about it, seem to indicate we've reached some level of indifference with the series?
 Didn't they do a reboot last year with the "Convergence" event?
 Weekend? Definitely not. This is a series that started in the days of black-and-white television, if not radio. I'm not a Whovian, but when I was looking for a jump-in spot, people recommended starting with the Christopher Eccleston season. That was years ago, mind, and I don't keep up with the series at all - so opinions have likely changed.
"Batman Beyond" and the entire DCAU was top-notch stuff.
That last scene, where Supes tries to punch Batman, and Batman just stops it... the look on Superman's face!
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