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 Right. They could have done arcs in the vein of "Batman: GCPD" and "Gotham Central" with nods to various crimes developing into issues that Batman will eventually have to deal with years later, and had an expansion of the crime family storylines. (John Doman and David Zayas were great.)  Yes, he is. I just find it lazy. The show should have really limited his presence, yet allowed us to see signs of his growing investigative skills and training - not "let's blame hormones".
Speaking of what's currently airing, anyone watching "Gotham"?   As a Batman fan, I am... but it's tough for me to embrace it fully.   Commissioner Gordon-to-be makes a lot of dumb decisions, and the young Bruce Wayne shows no glimmer of becoming the World's Greatest Detective (especially after he scrapped his WayneTech-conspiracy research, couldn't guess the password to his father's secret room and seriously considered selling his company for information that could...
 Way too much exposition. It felt like they crammed three episodes' worth of story into one. I don't see it lasting on CBS long, but am hopeful it'll make it's way to CW for Arrow and Flash team-ups. Seeing Helen Slater and Dean Cain as Kara's adoptive parents was a nice cameo, though.
Here we go, folks:    
The two things I am noticing are another? Death Star, and the absence of Luke Skywalker.
 What? Why? Was the first such a rousing success? *sarcasm*
I also had finished "Marco Polo" just this week   I enjoyed it, and thought much of the casting was great - saving for Marco himself. I was usually bored whenever he was onscreen. Benedict Wong (fantastic work), Joan Chen, Chin Han and the others really made the show.
Dickon Tarly announced -- Freddie Stroma of Lifetime's "UnREAL"     http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/game-of-thrones-freddie-stroma-dickon-tarly-1201586142/
We have Euron Greyjoy: http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/game-of-thrones-euron-greyjoy-pilou-asbaek-season-6-1201584050/   I'd post a picture, but it seems that SF is having some trouble uploading. Regardless, does anyone else see a resemblance to Theon?
 Bryan Fuller said in an interview after the final episode that co-producer Martha De Laurentiis was looking into a feature film option, and he also suggested a miniseries. That is assuming Dancy, Mikkelsen and the others are still available. Fuller even waxed optimistic that the rights to "The Silence of the Lambs" might become an possibility.
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