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How it should have ended ----- Dwayne: "Just say the word."   Interviewer: "Shazam!"
I got around to watching "Man of Steel".  As my first Superman film, I found it mediocre.   The plot was satisfactory, but the excessive mayhem really became a chore to watch.  The dénouement felt very empty as well - a major city destroyed, yet Superman expresses no remorse for the loss of life and a smirking, female officer states that "he's hot".  I guess that makes everything better!   Plus, there is no way that Superman can maintain his Clark Kent identity. ...
Recently watched "Possession" starring Sam Neill and Isabella Adjani.  Very difficult to categorize and surreal.  Some reviews call it a metaphor for how a child sees his parents' separation, others call it a horror, and yet others a suspenseful drama.  The film has a bizarre ending - making is a cult-classic for some folks - but, in all, it didn't do anything for me.  
I live outside the city, in northwest Indiana, and would be interested in attending a meet-up with the gentlemen and -women of this forum.
My Ray-Ban aviators slipped out of my pocket at church, and now have small chips on both lenses.  This pair was a replacement for one where the lens popped out.  I treat all my possessions lightly, but these take my worrying to another level.    I contacted Zappos about a replacement, but the style is sold out and since I payed with PayPal I can't get a refund deposit.  I don't know whether to go with what I have and buy replacement lenses eventually, or trade them in...
Adriana Lima weighs in...  
Fan trailer for the original "Star Wars" trilogy in the vein of "Guardians of the Galaxy":    
Second trailer for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles":  
I agree with you, indesertum.  I much prefer "Roman Holiday".
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