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Is Anna Kendrick wearing a cape?
"Rebels" is set five years before "A New Hope".
 You said it, Harold.
I take it this is the Bryan Fuller project. Never been much of a "Trek" fan, but after "Hannibal", I can give it a shot.
I saw Cap the other day too.   While I don't doubt it is a good comic book movie, I'm a bit tired of the comic-book genre. Not much deviation in plots, and fights, fights and more fights.   I well-believe I can read synopses of the films and get my geek fix too.
 It feels like a play because it is an adaptation of the play written by David Mamet. Interesting fact: Baldwin's character, Blake, doesn't feature in the stage version at all.
 An aside to the "Powerless" news RFX45 posted: I like Alan Tudyk, and Vanessa Hudgens is , but what is THIS...? 
 I guess? it makes more sense now.
 Video game movie or no, this plot - putting a guy in a virtual world to somehow learn how his ancestor lived - has me puzzled. It would've made more sense if it was time-travel. Or am I missing something?
These shoes were bought as factory firsts, and have been worn less than 100 times and not seen any bad weather. They have been put away with shoe trees since their last shining (December 2015) and are ready for sale.   Shoes will come with original box. (Shoe trees will not be included.)   Feel free to ask questions or request additional pictures.   Currently posted on eBay as well - http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/401115574028?
New Posts  All Forums: