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I agree that the "War of the the Worlds" remake is bad, but I still am in awe of the sound of the tripod horn.  It's haunting.  I wonder if it won an Oscar for that.
 It's nice to know I have someone in roughly the same area as me, @WSW.  Does the Roth TSP work the same as the traditional?  I have no qualms putting away 5% to each.  If so, could I replicate what @jbarwick did below with the Roth as well?  I might even consider swapping the S and I Fund values to get more aggressive. 
I would love to treat you to a few drinks, jbarwick.  I'm appreciating the insight.   The only problem is that the more questions I ask, the more I learn of what I don't know - and that leads to more questions. 
I'll keep writing here since I agree that this information could be helpful to other readers.   As you say about the six month emergency fund, perhaps I'll build that up first.  My current savings don't equal what I expect to make in six months.  As I meet that goal, I can use the time to better learn about the two plans and others.   I'll speak with my human resources liaison to see whether I can open these plans later and under what circumstances.  Do you reckon this...
Thanks @jbarwick, for the TSP break down.  It looks like a decent start, though I wonder if it's too much stock.   What about the Roth TSP?  I can contribute to both, and don't know whether I should.  Also, any opinions as to whether I should readjust this "one-third of my income" idea and consider outside savings options?   Also, I'm not familiar with the tradition of this thread, but should I keep posting here, or send you PMs in the future?
 I lean towards the Roth because I have every intention to make more money in the future.  I assume that means I'll be in a higher tax bracket, though I don't want to be mansion-living, multiple-car owning (maybe a motorcycle, though).  Am I thinking along the correct line? I am not looking for a house in the next five years.  I just want to live simply for now, but indulge in some travel before settling down.  A friend of mine suggested that my savings be 2/3 in some...
I am entering this thread with a lot of questions, and would be most grateful for constructive suggestions and recommendations. I will be starting a job with the federal government in two weeks, and am currently completing my on-boarding procedure. One item concerns retirement savings and investing:  For the Thrift Savings Plan, I have the following options:-Keep the contribution at 3% per pay period-Contribute an alternate % per pay period-Contribute a defined dollar...
I've been considering getting a pair of Jack Purcells in black, but I am reading that many people say the redesign has ruined a "once-great" shoe.   Still worthwhile, or should I stay with my black Sambas?
First glimpses of the "Daredevil"series on Netflix: http://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/daredevil-set-photos-matt-murdock-charlie-cox/#!bwqLhd        
After a few months of searching, I have finally landed a new job and start in a few weeks.  New city, new start - let's rock.
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