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For the past few years, I've been taking care of my mother as she reaches seniority.  It has been a full-time effort, and my brother and I have finally been able to settle into a plan where we can be sure she is well-taken care of.  All of my other family lives in Europe, so a lot of the responsibility has fallen on us - myself especially, since my brother lucked out a few years ago with serendipity and left for Chicago.  I now find myself in a position of wanting to enter...
 Harvey, this only further cements my respect for you.
  They're Adidas.  In the pic below, you can see the three stripes, and the peak-variation logo on the tongue.  I suspect the Energy Boost. 
 Not sure if serious... 
 Editing perhaps - or is it part of the plot? I'm hazy on details, but aren't Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch supposed to be runaways, escapees or some such?  It could be that these photos are of them before joining the Avengers officially.  (If they join at all.)  Once on the team, they get outfitted in SHIELD duds; but until then, they rely on street clothes.
 I hope to catch up on this season by Friday, and this gives me incentive to raise the priority.  How would you rate the season so far?
I quit gaming a few years ago, cold turkey.  It was as if a switch had gone off.  I was in bed, playing PSP, and I suddenly "knew" that there was no point in investing into a fake reality and I turned it off.  Movies are sufficient for escapism at about two hours a pop.  Why play a game for 40?   I sold most of my games and related paraphernalia within the month and made close to two grand.
    Awesome find, Mouse.
When I lived in Korea, I remember people talking about how beautiful Kim Yu-na was - bandwagoning due her talent, and then amplifying it with resultant cult of celebrity.  She's quite average in my opinion.
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