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 lawyerdad, you have great taste. To dizz: I recall not liking the first few pages the first time I read it, but then the story kept on unfolding and it was glorious.
 Do I see Lady Catelyn Stark on the cover?
 We can hope.
 I didn't even consider that! It'll be an interesting experience in that regard.
I learned about these last summer, and play different videos ASMR videos every night. Aside from the videos in the OP, I recommend https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWaterwhispers. She's an unofficial "face" of the genre.
I do not like this at all.
What movies should I be watching in light of the passing of Christopher Lee?   I've seen him as Saruman, Scaramanga... and Count Dooku.
  Read the first of fifteen short stories and found it forgettable. Now onto the second, which is markedly better.
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