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thats exactly what I was hoping to hear. I know that some shades of Natty CXL are darker than others from the beginning, so I was just wondering if your boots just happened to start out exceptionally dark.
how much has the CXL darkened on your boots?
only thing that could possibly be worse is the rogue in that color.
I think the speed hooks make my Alden boots look like boots. It gives them a more casual/tough feel that can be covered up when you want to dress them up a bit. For me, the speed hooks do what they are intended to do and speed up the process of putting the boot on and lacing it up.
Seems like every other time I come here I have a new favorite... These just might be my favorite for longer than a few weeks. EXCELLENT
it seems to me that darkening of CXL (natural in particular) is inevitable by virtue of the nature of CXL
My all-time favorite alden that I have seen in person is a whiskey wingtip bal (not sure what last it's on). It is an amazingly beautiful shoe that blows anything else I've seen in person out of the water (should note that I live nowhere near an Alden store and I only know one guy other than myself that owns any pair of Alden's, so the only pairs of Alden's I've seen IRL are my one pair and his numerous pairs).
Yeah... I think when referring to buttockular region it's always in instead of on (though on would make more sense unless you are really unlucky).
Barrie for sure.
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