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thanks for taking my pompous assery in stride!
try bar lacing... it will make people less likely to hurl when they see your shoes.
Look... If it's bothering you enough that you came on here to ask about it, return them. It's going to bother you till you no longer own the shoes, unless you are the kind of guy that is greatly influenced by public opinion... Then I guess you might feel better listening to these guys than trusting your gut.
Honestly, $385 was the last straw for me. They went from $345 to $365 and now $385 for their most popular models... I find it hard to believe they won't raise the price again to $400. Does this perhaps have to do with the ownership change? I hear the arguments about calf shortage but I don't see other places raising their prices, so I don't buy that argument for one second. Unless their sale prices continue to remain the same, I will no longer be purchasing AE shoes. This...
$400????   Thats a 45$ increase on standard full priced shoes from AE since I started buying AE a little over a year ago. WHAT THE CRAP!   Just one more excuse to start saving up for those Alden boots I really want.
Quick question...   are the mens leather perforated contrast boots being sold by brooks brothers just the cronmok made by AE, sold for Brooks Brothers? They look like the exact same shoe, but the brooks brothers model is on sale for $185.   SOMEONE PLEASE FILL ME IN
I know this photo was from forever ago... but GOODNESS! How in the hell did this guy ever think these fit his foot! His left foot is ok, but the right one is atrocious.
I am mormon... and yes you are right... though it's not exactly a religious obligation. We are told to do it, but it isn't a commandment (I guess maybe obligation is a good word for it). It's not about prepping for doomsday necessarily, it's just about being responsible parents.
I understand this... and I mentioned that in my post. Maybe I should have stated my issue in the following manner... Wouldn't AE be treating their customers better (this is what I was referring to when I mentioned customer service) by simply putting out a good product the first time around BEFORE they ship it to you rather than sending you a flawed product, letting you find the flaw, having you send it back, and wait several more weeks to get another pair of shoes that...
Also... I do have one issue with customer service, and I say this with the knowledge that when many of you say customer service you are talking about the actual employees that specifically handle customer service.   My issue is this: shouldn't quality control be taken into consideration when judging their customer service?
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