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LOL... I was wondering what patina meant, but now I know... Patina = urine stains. I guess patina is one way to describe the yellow spots on the bushes outside my house where my dog marks his territory. I'm gonna go patina on my #8s right now.
once I decided that mine fit me well, I wore them around the house for a few days... however, mine were super comfortable right away. The most comfortable footwear I've ever had right out of the box.
get used to it... I come here every day for my daily dose of torture
those are too ugly for a lawn that green... you should give them to me, I'll dispose of them properly for you.
Those boots on the bottom are awesome... but the real craziness here is that you seem floating in the air above ground.
those bals are GORGEOUS!!! One of a few aldens that I really want but will probably never own.
you can't IRL spoiler those boots of yours forever! FREE THEM FROM CAPTIVITY!
how about just not buying white denim? Sorry about sounding like jerk... I just hate white jeans.
$835 is a LOT of money for a pair of shoes... but so is $775. At that point it's not really about the money, more about like vs love, or want vs need. If you really love the $835 pair of boots, buy them as apposed to a slightly cheaper pair you don't love as much. But yeah, it bugs me that they charge more for no apparent reason.
unfortunately for your bank account. I wear a 9.5D
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