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I brought up this question a while back (several months ago), and I got ripped apart. I'm not sure if the issue is poor/sloppy craftsmanship, or just the fact that there are more flawed shoes as a result of the vast number of shoes they produce, but compared to other companies the ratio is the same and we just see more of them because people come to this forum to complain about their shoes, or ask questions regarding perceived flaws in the shoes. I don't know what the...
I need help sizing AE loafers guys. I measured a 10 d at an AE store, but my left foot is more like 9.5 d. I'm thinking I should go down half a size to 9.5 d.    Please let me know your experiences with loafer sizing. THANKS!
I'll pretend I didn't just read this post... otherwise I'd be tempted to check the watch forum
When you average out the cost of the shoe over the number of years you'll have it, it really isn't that bad... YOU NEED THOSE DALTONS! WALNUT SHELL! THIS IS LIKELY YOUR LAST CHANCE TO HAVE THIS SHOE! 
you spend WAAAAAAAAAAAY to much time on this forum my friend... Most guys own one pair of dress shoes... usually of the 40-80$ variety.
I personally like this look. I don't have any pants this narrow myself, but I think it looks good on certain guys.
nobody ever says anything negative to anybody on this forum... it's all snuggles and hugs here buddy!
I don't know what you think minimalist means... but owning in excess of 1000$ worth of shoes is NOT minimalist... what it is, is an excellent, conservative (in terms of style) shoe rotation fir for any good enough for any man.   also... those are root beer mugs 
yeah... I'm behind the times, thanks for the tip though!
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