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for the 4060 boot should I go TTS or a size down. I've heard TTS on this site, but the madison rep I talked to said most people size down. Any advice?
put in size 10 and either width and it will say, "this item is a special make up for shoe mart. It is currently out of stock"
thanks... That is the exact model I was looking at purchasing, but shoemart didn't have my size and the 4060 isn't listed on the sf website. Would they potentially have it if I called them? Sorry to bog down the forum with my novice questions. I just really want to make the right choice.
where did you get your 6040? I looked on shoemart.com and they didn't have my size (10d).
which last would you recommend? I keep hearing that the barrie last is round (some say too round). What is your opinion?
I'm new to Alden, and looking to buy a shell cordovan boot in #8. Any suggestions as to which style or last, as well as where to look would be super helpful.
thanks for taking my pompous assery in stride!
try bar lacing... it will make people less likely to hurl when they see your shoes.
Look... If it's bothering you enough that you came on here to ask about it, return them. It's going to bother you till you no longer own the shoes, unless you are the kind of guy that is greatly influenced by public opinion... Then I guess you might feel better listening to these guys than trusting your gut.
New Posts  All Forums: