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In my opinion... they should not go under the color 8 section since the color 8 part of them is really not the part of the shoe that is most important. They are a primarily suede shoe. Just my opinion... If you just can't decide you could always let me add them to my collection (just putting it out there).
don't know what came over me... I freaking hate star wars... Those boots man, they do things to my mind!
new favorite I have found... Yellow your grass is slowly becoming. Off the lawn you have moved.
I LOVE smartwool socks. Not for their look, though that is fine, but for their functionality and durability. My feet survived a few years worth of Mongolian winter (wearing exclusively dress shoes (never boots) and walking a minimum of 5 miles a day) almost exclusively because of smartwool socks (as well as their thermals which I also love). I only had 4 pair of them and they all lasted me my entire time in Mongolia. My shoes had holes all over them by the end (they didn't...
not interesting? #8, Cigar, Whiskey, and Ravello are in no way not interesting. Maybe you don't appreciate shoes like I do, but those pictures of rare shell are a heck of a lot more interesting than most of the crap on the internet.
In all serious man... AWESOME collection!
A few quick questions if you don't mind... What size is your foot? and what is your address? oh yeah... and do you have a gun? also... kindly ignore the man spying on you. 
doesn't king refer to color 8 wingtips specifically? Either boots or shoes
thats exactly what I was hoping to hear. I know that some shades of Natty CXL are darker than others from the beginning, so I was just wondering if your boots just happened to start out exceptionally dark.
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