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Selling my petit standards, worn on and off for a few months. Unwashed, the denim has just about started breaking in. Size 28 as title says. 
  These are my size 27 PS after 2 weeks of solid wear(excuse the crappy photos, couldn't take better ones). Denim has softened up a lot, stretching is minimal but definitely making progress. Still I feel like I should have went for the 28s, even if these stretch out nicely I fear they may become super skinny when the time comes to wash them. I really don't know, what do you guys think?p.s for some reason my post doesn't show in full 
do you still have these by any chance? thanks
I've asked this before in this thread, alas got no reply. I'm thinking naked & famous skinny guy should do the trick as they all come in 36" inseam, or alternatively nudie thin finns/tight long johns depending on how skinny you want them to be. Also I've found APC petit standards stack quite nicely if your legs aren't too long or you wear them with ankle boots/hi tops
want to try wearing stacks dior homme style, but actual diors are a little out of my budget so I thought maybe nudie would be a good option, seeing as they carry sizes like 30/36. has anyone tried this(sorry if it sounds like a dumb question)? i am thinking maybe a 36" inseam of tight long john would make for a poor man's 17.5cm? thanks  i'm sure everyone knows these, but this is the kind of stacking i want
oh. cool, guess i'll be waiting until next week then
where was that, if you don't mind me asking?
thanks for the replies guys. think i'll just play safe and order 3 sizes off  tres bien. they never get reduced in the sales right? 
Looking to get my first pair of apc's, the sizing issue seems to be a nightmare though. I'm a size 29/30 in non-raw jeans, 66 kg, 180cm, and thought initially a 28 in PS would do the job. At Mr P (link) they look just how I want them to fit, slim and snug but not too skinny. Take a look here though, this guy is exactly my size and the 28 PS looks awful on him.. honestly confuses the shit out of me, do you think 27 or even 26 would be too radical?
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