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Will this be produced into an exclusive, one of a kind, signed photo as well?  [[SPOILER]]
@Tigerprawn  This looks so much better than the photos of the vest Oki-ni had when they were selling this. Hows the quality and warmth? 
Ehh no matter the price range, whenever I hear someone says "couple/few seasons", for any piece of clothing or shoes, I really question how awful these people are taking care of their things.
@Potsnu  The BCDR looks awesome. Something about the dark circles under your eyes work so well with the fit... thug? don't fck wit me you plebe, aesthetic? 
@sinnedk  The molliono looks great. Don't like the slanted chest pocket on the first one, nor do I like the ribbed cuffs on the second one, if that's even part of the jacket. 
 Love em, especially when they go on sale for about 5-6 dollars. Although the fabric doesn't feel as good on the white ones compared to the other colors.This :( 
That aesthetic is quite pleasing. Saying the outfits are like sacks is a bit of an exaggeration. Perhaps the guys on this thread just see them selves dressed this way if they were girls? idk I know I sure would lol Saw this one on the sartorialist a while back! def one of my fav pics he's shot.  
What percentage of sales goes to Margiela?  and sigh...it ain't Ralph though.
click on the size chart for detailed information on measurements, they're accurate from my own experience.
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