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We satisfy that knowing that our jawnz basics have cultural relevance, and street cred amongst the snobby elitist of fashun so that we do not feel excluded. 
Lol yes, PH, can be a bit of a jerk, the guy is so anal about his work on the internet...
I like it when people don't put up the brands they're wearing, and have their fit judged for just that, and no more. It can be very bias sometimes.
Peking duck buns? :D Stitchy is gonna want something kosher, or just York, peppermint patties will do?    I won't make it, got class on both days :( but a friend of mine who doesn't frequent SF, would like to go. He's gonna show up feeling awkward being the only guy dressed very casual.
Fuck no, it's mine, bury me in that.
such a nice sweater too :( 
http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/off-white-wool-cashmere-toggle-shawl-sweater.html   34'' chest here. Is even size small too big? Don't think Greg saw my pm. Never bought anything Inis Mein before.
 It's an excessive gimmick. Those taped seams do not serve any purpose, as those garment's shells are not water proof anyway. They are there just for the hell of having this image of highER quality construction. The same can be said about tech fashion's use of taped seams. It's expensive, and unnecessary.
How is Rais, not a model for Acronym? 
How long has one pair of them lasted for you?
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