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When will Peir, make a leather jacket? I'm dying for a future leather piece here.   edit: Do you have the black powermesh shirt in stock? H.Lorenzo never carries size S/46
Didn't you have tags last year, Fok? oh, and is your name pronounced Fawk?    despite my username being SmileForum, my neutral face is always a frowny face :( 
 wow o__o at that height, and weight, I think pretty much anything is going to be a bit blocky
You can also try emailing Lemaire, and see if they their physical store can ship it to you.   edit:   Grey one at Matches for $934
My copy of Ann's book just came in. Rather disappointing to be honest. It's just one big book of every collection up to S/S14, and not much else. One picture from the runway per paper, not page, paper, so the book is enormous. No mentioning of her process, or a look inside her atelier...
I would like to imagine a group of people at the trunk show in head to toe Paul Harnden, and CCP derbies. #Dustbowlsteez #Victorianpeasant  Fridays: 10 - 8, Saturday: 8 - 3, but I got work afterwards. The funny thing is, our office is about seven blocks away from the trunk show, and I don't get out till 8  
We satisfy that knowing that our jawnz basics have cultural relevance, and street cred amongst the snobby elitist of fashun so that we do not feel excluded. 
Lol yes, PH, can be a bit of a jerk, the guy is so anal about his work on the internet...
I like it when people don't put up the brands they're wearing, and have their fit judged for just that, and no more. It can be very bias sometimes.
Peking duck buns? :D Stitchy is gonna want something kosher, or just York, peppermint patties will do?    I won't make it, got class on both days :( but a friend of mine who doesn't frequent SF, would like to go. He's gonna show up feeling awkward being the only guy dressed very casual.
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