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Same as alwayshttp://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/howtoorderbut with a much much longer wait time.
looool you know what I meant. 
Bay Area in general has a year round fall/light winter climate unlike many other places. I doubt he ever has to put on enough to stay warm from shaking. Point is, the picture's weather looks too fucking glorious for what ghost is wearing, if he was in fact going to to wear it out, and not for this thread, thats all. 
You can't really blame him, he lives in the bay area, at least that's what his description says. Weather here on the east coast is still cold (not really. more like leather weather) despite it being sunny today. 
  Yes, $1,800 for the 4th iteration 'movement' jacket, although pricing for the 3rd iteration one may be different. It's best to contact Albert directly about this(collateralconcepts@gmail.com). 
Considering the 4th iteration collateral concepts jacket, anyone has a pic of it? besides Alberts(guy running the brand)  
Barely into my twenties, and the change in the image SLP evokes already feels too old for me to even consider a classic piece, especially with the recent f/w womens collection. shit I ain't even a female. 
They've had cotton t-shirts that leaned more on the "premium" side for a long time now. Way before they even opened their first north american store here in nyc's soho. IIRC, they simply didn't label a few of their shirts as "Supima" or "Airism" back then. If it was cotton, and not prepackaged in plastic it was on the "premium" side. Around their second year is when they really started to heavily advertise the fabrics they used. 
This thread is a joke right? unless it doesn't have some significant change in design with length, seams, and cut than sorry, but this thread is a bit silly. Uniqlo Supima/Premium 100% cotton T-Shirts will do you good. This is my go to brand for t-shirts/buttoned shirts/and spring or summer essentials. "Holds up" better than Everlane, and other brands in my opinion. If you feel price really does make a huge difference, you can always try Lands End supima...
or black, or long sleeves, or boots for that matter.   Where did you get the shirt? or jacket? can't really tell.
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