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Greg, how you gonna post pics of your next Schneider drop on the Schneider thread, but not here? 
The use of white models is the Japanese's idea of making their brands look more serious, and international/western in the business. Sorta like how people there use to think "Made in France" was the epitome of garment production. 
Am I seeing things wrong here? why is one zipper pull different from the other? 
With him leaving Hermes, I've got such high hopes for FW15, I don't know if I should even buy whats out this season. 
An inch bigger doesn't sound bad, got a fit pic? Personally like a looser, slouchy fit on cardigans. You can always attempt to shrink it down a bit if that one inch difference really irritates you.
@nahneun   Edison, at Hair Lounge.   http://www.yelp.com/biz/and-hair-lounge-new-york-5 
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 My hairdresser wears head to toe Rick Owens, and I'm not even talking about that basic shit like the t-shirts and leathers, he wearing that off the runway stuff you expect to see a boutique like LN-CC to carry. 
Daaaaaamn, I just had the best customer service chat with an online retailer. A JAPANESE online retailer. That is not something I expect being a westerner. These guys measured the item I wanted on the spot, WITH photos. 
Lets not forget the service, and complimentary items along with the orders.
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