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  Denim style calf leather jacket from Yang Li S/S14  Photos from LN-CC   This is probably the only time I will like a leather jacket fastened with buttons. 
^ lol   The Dominos one needs to be on many of the gothninja brands that dares use that word to sell their rags. 
 Maybe amongst those who more commonly buy things a bit more upscale, as well as read about the business side of things, but for the rest I highly doubt it. Not until more than simply leather goods come from, and are made in Spain, but garments with materials from all across the board for reputable, high rep brands. Some fancy video of old men making stuff by hand helps too.
The word artisan has been used far too much in recent years of mens clothing. 
Give Wonder Wood a try, you may like it.  edit: nvm, it was mentioned a few pages back. Wonder if I'm the only one who reads these threads on my subscription feed from last page to whatever I last read.
Almost sounds like Bullet Proof coffee, just without the grass fed butter.
 I know how you feel :( growing mine out as well, only I've got that typical kpop hair going on (google Yagami Light, from death note) Lol. This reminds me, why is that all the bad kids/criminals depicted in Chinese/Japanese entertainment whether it's anime or movies, typically have blonde hair? [[SPOILER]]  I don't remember what were the main reasons, but if I recall from a news article, Canada is much more appealing than the United States, for immigration. As for the...
Have you guys ever gone a year without buying any new clothes (shoes included)? 
I'd pay for four digits to get a collared motto with a few changes easily tweaked here, and there......
Maybe they shouldn't have announced a cut off to begin with. 
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