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After much reading, I think my size for the stark cardigan comes down to a medium? (5' 6'', chest 34 inches) or do you guys feel a small would lean more on the "snug fit" side?
Mine didn't, still got the jacket, but it didn't ship to my changed address.I wouldn't consider their unofficial websites organized, nor the first page on this official thread, or any Styleforum thread in general where the first page is an important introduction to what you're trying to sell. It's completely out of date 
Just curious to all of you, do things like this actually impress you, and make you feel better about the stuff you just purchased? regardless of how skilled they may be (well constructed bags, and clothes aren't exactly rocket science...) if you knew it wasn't actually made, and processed by what your imagination of an Italian or French person looks like, but rather an immigrant of Asia or Africa would you still feel the same way? This seems to be the case here in the U.S,...
The quality of their peacoats aren't good, I have one in charcoal from last year.
What is the general consensus of Lanvin on this forum? I see little to nothing about them. Is quality consistent throughout everything they produce? 
Most of my coworkers are your typical mainstream types who all wear stuff like A&F, Supreme, Nike (especially those Roshe runs), Herschel Supply Co. Longchamp, and Michael Kors bags. Your average Hypebeast male and female shit. Zara is as high street fashion as they are willing to go, and even then it's rare. So for them, simply seeing me wear jeans with leather boots, cardigans, and a nicer non tech coat to work everyday is their idea of "well dressed", or "going...
You guys really need to look at their size chart, it's quite accurate and specific about every top...
Hey, new to Schneider's stuff. Anyone can tell me if this is right? his outerwear seems to retail for around 8-900 dollars? has anyone seen prices that are higher? No Man Walks Alone is going to be carrying them for FW, so I wanna get an idea of how much to put aside. 
@AKang  I carry a Haerfest backpack. http://www.haerfest.us/collections/#
Will this be produced into an exclusive, one of a kind, signed photo as well?  [[SPOILER]]
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