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What's a polar vortex to that outfit? nothing
Ahhh that one. I like it, the outfit's color palette goes well with the scenery. Wonder what people were saying though. 
Damnnn  wanna pm me the links? I only have 18 of them. Been looking for those viscose knits as well, but only in black. Soooooooo cleaaan
At this point I don't think he wants anyone wearing TOJ to even come by 
Speaking of Brioni, and cranes, I wish this was a lining.
Afterschool/Weekend/Summer jobs
You haven't seen the skinny emo kids that shop at Hottopic
Believe me, I would've instant koped if size XS was available. I'd get the S, and try soaking it in hot water, but just the thought of attempting to shrink it scares me. 
That's the SLP fashion forum meme, Distorb. The TOJ guy would have blue selvedge denim, and white sneakers on.
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