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This. I don't see what's wrong with a women wanting to show off some sex appeal, especially for one day/night.  @Mr. Moo soooooo, Thom Browne? 
That's his name in real life, but it's actually Foke. According to him, his parents spelled it wrong or something. edit: Here it is, from the Trunk show thread. 
Good to hear Suspension point received their order. Now to just see them upload everything.   71F today in nyc...   Take plenty of pics, and show us the details whenever you can! 
Every time Gyakusou, comes up, I feel the need to say it in my mind aggressively, as if I was performing a ninjutsu. 
These sneakers are all so basic...
Ehhhhh I got the email from NeedSupply the day after I made a purchase :T  Emailing them with a pretty please to add the discount...
Too bad this isn't taking place sooner. It would be so funny if everyone dressed up for Halloween at the trunk show. 
Not gonna lie, I really like the leather track jacket Adidas did with Pharrell.  Never liked bombers or varsity jackets, but this is great. 
I see.  That's the really warm one in a poly blend right? 
Good to see another merino from that special order. 
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