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Too bad this isn't taking place sooner. It would be so funny if everyone dressed up for Halloween at the trunk show. 
Not gonna lie, I really like the leather track jacket Adidas did with Pharrell.  Never liked bombers or varsity jackets, but this is great. 
I see.  That's the really warm one in a poly blend right? 
Good to see another merino from that special order. 
What's a polar vortex to that outfit? nothing
Ahhh that one. I like it, the outfit's color palette goes well with the scenery. Wonder what people were saying though. 
Damnnn  wanna pm me the links? I only have 18 of them. Been looking for those viscose knits as well, but only in black. Soooooooo cleaaan
At this point I don't think he wants anyone wearing TOJ to even come by 
Speaking of Brioni, and cranes, I wish this was a lining.    http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/brioni/crane-print-silk-faille-shirt/458148
New Posts  All Forums: