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    They started on Thanksgiving day or the day before Thanksgiving, last year, as well as many other retailers.
I'm so jelly... That fit is great. How tall are you? 
Thanks for clearing that up.
http://sickoftheradio.com/2014/02/26/wtf-man-becomes-a-turkey-with-only-a-sweater/ Some what not safe for work.
Yea, the LVR one had me a bit confused since it was also black.  Waiting to see what Suspension point picked up other than the grey tweed kaftan, and the black quilted cotton bachette. 
@Neighbour Question regarding your pick up of the black Kaftan/Kafka (as your site has put it) coat.   The one your boutique has picked up is a plain black wool correct? or is it a black tweed, and I can't see? It appears that there are a few combinations there were available to buyers, Grey/Khaki Green?/Black + Plain /Tweed. I ask, because out of four boutiques that has had their first shipment from Lemaire so far (yours included) it appears that the tweed version of...
Is END, the only one with new knits available? haven't come across any other retailer with them yet. Wish someone would pick the Fang :T Kinda pricey on the official site.
The founder of the hater proof leather jacket brand use to have a joke with his room mate about their closet of very expensive clothing adding up to about, if I recall, 30 or 50 thousand dollars worth of garments and shoes. That closet was the temple, and jawnz, is internet slang for expensive, well made, high end shoes and clothing, or just Jordan sneakers to some. So Drew used this as the brands name.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Temple of Jawnz is a terrible, cringe worthy name, even Drew admits it.
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