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I think I'm alone on this, but I've never sold anything online before. With Grailed, I just might put some stuff up for sale... 
Ordered a fisherman in size S raw mix. Crossing my fingers it fits and I don't get hit with import duties.
 @sehkelly Have you ever considered preorders? (if the demand is there of course) I live across the pond, and everything sells out by the time I ever check your site or get an email.
If I recall, Brad, requested that Drew, give his jacket a single wash. 
Lol I'm Chinese too, ain't none of us doing that shit for loved ones, but I'm just sayin. Study, go to Harvard, become doctor/lawyer, buy that shit on your own is what my mom use to tell me as a kid. 
Some people in the video were translated as saying, they're buying for loved ones. The  people waiting look quite old, probably aren't very tech savvy, and afraid to buy stuff online, so brick and mortar is the only thing they trust.  They're at risk of getting beaten, and robbed, but if they truly are buying for someone else, I respect that. edit: could be a surprise? I very much doubt these people are buying for someone or them selves as they claim, but it's a possibility.
Yea that's the thing I've been wondering about as well. I'm guessing there's a limit? idk  If they are in fact scared of buying things online, especially things at several hundred dollars, or just not living with the times in terms of tech, but for their loved ones, I respect that. Those loved ones better appreciate it.
A lot of people have been saying this. This is most likely out of ignorance of even being able to do so online, or the fact that these people are being paid to wait in line so that they can resell for higher, which is also the reason I mentioned Supreme, and Jordan. With the release delay of the iPhone in China, these people are most likely doing the latter. Being paid by someone to wait in line, and buy the new phones by cash so they can resell to some impatient wealthy...
This is sorta like the tech equivalent to young kids waiting in line for a new Supreme drop, or Jordans for that matter..
Soon to spawn a WAYWTST (What are you wearing to sleep tonight)
New Posts  All Forums: