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Nice umbrellas, one day when I have a bigger disposable income I'll check them out. No umbrella, no veilance/mackintosh product was gonna prevent me from all the damn water everywhere :( 
yeah, made to measure. 
Got caught in the downpour with my buttero riding boots (sidezip), never have I wanted those Hunter rain boots teenage girls wear, more in my life.
Funny thing is, people baby things that cost a lot, but treat it like garbage if it doesn't. They then whine about it "falling apart," or saying it will only last "a few seasons." 
Yeah the one past Little Italy. Hernando De Soto School 
Wow, that's my elementary school...
 I think for anyone, hair is a more important factor to really making any outfit work, not your skin tone. 
Wow. Are these all before they shortened it? nice collection you got going. 
Very nice! 
Waiting for your next clothing venture...
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