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Interested in the Heschung sherling lined boots. Noticed they have "latex" soles. Are they really more durable than any other kind of rubber sole? not much online about them. Doesn't really matter, just curious. I'm going to resole them eventually anyway. 
Isn't that the Juncus?
So future.
Mystery, I don't know. Selling only, "avant garde" is not easy, look how Atelier had to shut down a while back. That's why brands like Acne, and others are in the mix, to make some money in order to be sustainable. E.g. H.Lorenzo carries a ton of crap like Fear of God, Antonioli carries a load of HBA. Sure LN-CC has slowed down since the Italians bought them, but it's still a good place to find some interesting buys. Can always count on them to deliver something good from...
Wow, actual vis of the Cartier. 
I don't have the enzymes to drink alcohol, nor do I really understand drinking to begin with. 
This is actually how a lot of models get "paid."  
 Just model for the site's clothing already! 
  The low tops are okay...
These sweaters fit large to size as you can see from the picture on Need Supply's model with the crew neck(I have this one in off white). If a large one ever shows up somewhere, you might wanna go down a size. It doesn't fit as great as they show.
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