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This is actually how a lot of models get "paid."  
 Just model for the site's clothing already! 
  The low tops are okay...
These sweaters fit large to size as you can see from the picture on Need Supply's model with the crew neck(I have this one in off white). If a large one ever shows up somewhere, you might wanna go down a size. It doesn't fit as great as they show.
It's Unionmade, theres like 3 or 4 heritage brands that make decent products out of the whole mountain of stuff they carry.
For a second I thought Regis, finally posted up a picture with his face showing. 
You can buy it off their main site as well. http://www.andersen-andersen.com/webshop/navy-crewneck-blackbut most sizes are sold out at at the moment....
Of course Gibson, would be wearing Acronym. Book signing for The Peripheral, right?    I totally forgot Ann, was in town for a book signing at Barneys Thursday.  
I used to play Counter Strike, and Maple Story...
If you're interested, Andersen-Andersen has thumb holes as well.
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