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I hope to see NMWA carry that black coat...
@gettoasty    http://www.mrporter.com/Shop/Designers/Guidi/All   Was not expecting this....
@Lionheart Biker  Interesting read. That's all I can say for now about that discussion. 
http://www.peirwu.com/aw-1415-lookbook/ The coat worn by the model with black hair, 2nd picture down from the left, and the flight jacket worn at the bottom are both really nice.   Really looking forward to purchasing some of her outerwear, and of course those glorious pants. 
@noob  That sounds so good.....I should be going to sleep but now.....
In a few months it'll be June. Imagine they'll still be taking orders after a year from the announcement. 
How many of you actually "need" coffee in the morning, or halfway through your day? 
@The3rdConch0rd  +1 Second picture is clean, real clean. 
I suggest looking in boutiques such as New York City, San Francisco, Houston Texas, Onotario Canada, and many more. Google, or Wikipedia should have a full list of retailers. It should be noted that the ones made outside of far eastern parts of Asia are more likely not to fight over the bill. The made in asia ones are your best bet, but almost unobtainable without a cantonese/mandarin fluency promo code. 
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