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Have you guys ever gone a year without buying any new clothes (shoes included)? 
I'd pay for four digits to get a collared motto with a few changes easily tweaked here, and there......
Maybe they shouldn't have announced a cut off to begin with. 
Lil sis snagged a black heat tech turtle neck in small for me at the soho store. $1.90! 
My quest for the perfect leather jacket will never end. I pray that the fashion peoples come out with something decent this upcoming f/w 14-15
I would take your regular size. Funny thing is, this model is wearing a size small (46) in that jacket, where as with pretty much everything else he's worn for the site, was a size medium (48). It also really doesn't look like he can comfortably even zip that jacket up, idk what SSENSE was thinking sizing down on him for this piece.
The mark ups aren't that bad. No hassle, free returns though. The stuff on the Japanese retail sites sell out really quick too. Always good to have a backup. 
 Not in my experience, no. I have one and they're just regular grey t-shirts. If you don't live near a Uniqlo, just know that the lighting on Uniqlo's eshop pics do not represent what the garment's color really looks like. 
Lane Crawford carries Attachment, and hopefully will continue to.    @brad-t Perhaps you should edit that into the front page for international shops.
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