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Which was?
@Distorbiant What exactly did you say? to get banned from just two post 
I'm not blacklisted, at least I don't think I am, or see any reason why I would, never asked for a refund or complained about anything; things just went smoothly.For those who are having a bad experience, I don't see why they would ever give him another chance. I would think this whole thing with delays, outrage over on forums, one vague response from Drew, after another, would leave a sour taste in people's mouth. 
Does it really matter at this point? or ever at all? I don't know why anyone would still consider giving a brand money after getting treated poorly. 
 It's always been this way, no? FB, and Instagram, ESPECIALLY Instagram, are used quite often for self promotion, is it not? There will always be ways of being pretentious, this is just a fairly new channel of communication for it.  As for spending, I limit myself to about 4k for anything considered a want, annually. I'd say not really, kind of the opposite actually.  I'm a lot more picky, but informed about my purchases, post menswear forums, than I was pre menswear...
It rained all day today here in nyc. All I could think about as I looked out the window was how I didn't have any Acronym...   [[SPOILER]]
@RegisDB9 That actually looks quite decent. Show us your oversized footlocker t-shirt and baggy jean days :D
Thanks :D 
That shawl collar Lemaire shirt is the best   I'm hoping he does it again in the future.
Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolate bits Peir Wu, hidden placket, power mesh shirt with zipper cuff fastening Andersen-Andersen Off white, and black wool crewneck, and turtleneck Not sure how to enlarge photos when uploading via iphone *smh*
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