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Fuck no, it's mine, bury me in that.
such a nice sweater too :( 
http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/off-white-wool-cashmere-toggle-shawl-sweater.html   34'' chest here. Is even size small too big? Don't think Greg saw my pm. Never bought anything Inis Mein before.
 It's an excessive gimmick. Those taped seams do not serve any purpose, as those garment's shells are not water proof anyway. They are there just for the hell of having this image of highER quality construction. The same can be said about tech fashion's use of taped seams. It's expensive, and unnecessary.
How is Rais, not a model for Acronym? 
How long has one pair of them lasted for you?
Lane Crawford
PICS!!! Plain flannel black or tweed black? I understand the struggle. I've been going back and fourth on the two colors for over a month now. 
Hmmmmm what to buy, decisions decisions...   Mac coat + Black Stark + Black Fang + Black fishermen + Lemaire Sweater + Inis Mein Knit + John Lobb chelsea boots    OR!   CCP Scarstich
Really smug, don't smile at the camera fashion shoot kinda vibe in this photo. 
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