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It seems like everyone says how great The Halal Guys are in comparison to the other vendors simply because of proportions while ignoring the fact that all the meat is precooked waiting in a bin. I've only ever eaten chicken over rice at any other halal food cart, and they all use the carry out styrofoam container. 
Do the Halal guys with the food cart midtown outside the Hilton hotel actually give more food? I feel like there isn't really a difference. Rather, because the container isn't wide, the foods just bunched up to look like there's more. Never waited in line for it.  
Gotta take a fit pic whenever you can. Not enough kaftan fits on SF. 
@LA Guy Women's style appreciation would be more fitting for this threads title. 
Only a matter of days now....
How old were you at the time? I remember being introduced to DMX, in the 4th grade. I never heard so much swearing in the first 15 seconds of a song, ever. 
PC Master race 
Bought two packs of the supima/premium cotton undershirts. Much slimmer, and soft than the regular t-shirts that get sold separately. The v-neck is a lot deeper, and shoulder sleeves are shorter. Things to maybe consider if anyone ever plans on wearing this as a base layer.
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