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How old were you at the time? I remember being introduced to DMX, in the 4th grade. I never heard so much swearing in the first 15 seconds of a song, ever. 
PC Master race 
Bought two packs of the supima/premium cotton undershirts. Much slimmer, and soft than the regular t-shirts that get sold separately. The v-neck is a lot deeper, and shoulder sleeves are shorter. Things to maybe consider if anyone ever plans on wearing this as a base layer.
LaGarconne's website said they had the Lemaire Kaftan at their Tribeca boutique. Went and none of their mens stuff was there :(
Seeing how there is no official thread for Lemaire, I thought I'd put this interview with him, and Sarah-Linh, here for anyone interested. I absolutely love that the two of them kept it real in the interview, respect.    http://bon.se/article/guardians-of-the-garments/
It's about time the official jawnz song got a music video.  
Please tell me you took a picture.
I'm pretty sure that cropped shirt was meant for women....
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