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@nahneun   Edison, at Hair Lounge.   http://www.yelp.com/biz/and-hair-lounge-new-york-5 
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 My hairdresser wears head to toe Rick Owens, and I'm not even talking about that basic shit like the t-shirts and leathers, he wearing that off the runway stuff you expect to see a boutique like LN-CC to carry. 
Daaaaaamn, I just had the best customer service chat with an online retailer. A JAPANESE online retailer. That is not something I expect being a westerner. These guys measured the item I wanted on the spot, WITH photos. 
Lets not forget the service, and complimentary items along with the orders.
"Uniqlo" "You used to shop at Gap, H&M, or Lands End. Now you're so much better than that."   "MMM" "You heard "What's that jacket, Margiela?" in that one Kanye West song, Googled it, and eventually went out and bought a pair of high tops because everyone on the internet was gushing over them."   "Burberry" "I'm not a label-whore like those guys running around with the Louis Vuitton belts. Logos on clothes are just tacky. Quick, check out all the tartan accents on...
Or just ignore it, and continue scrolling. I'm sure you ignore stupid comments in real life other than giving people snarky remarks or putting ear plugs on within their presence, so why isn't this any different? if not easier to deal with. I don't understand why some of you are so annoyed...
Well, you do have six pairs, so you know....
  @gdl203Yall give garment bags along with coats? shit  
Arc'teryx, not Acronym. He just meant, a long with Acronym, this seasons offerings from Arc'teryx aren't that great either.   I don't have a problem with them making things overseas either, quality wise. I just don't want want to see price jumps...
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