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@gdl203   Please tell me you guys bought other coats aside from the merino :(  
Care to elaborate on this? With his brands aesthetic aside, is the quality of materials/fabrics, and construction poor for how basic his collections are? or are the seasonal fabrics just very generic. F/W garments to be specific. 
Great read Synthese, great pictures too. Looking forward to seeing more close up shots of clothing. Inis Meain looks great. 
Many of the ones I went to school with are still young adults with little money to be spending time browsing the internet for things to buy, especially when the good art schools cost a fortune compared to your typical four year colleges/universities. They work their ass off during the school year, in class, and out. Fashion week alone for them is exhausting, and many aren't even presenting something. What do you consider major designers? Mainstream? Name dropped in every...
Whatever Christophe Lemaire, and Yang Li, puts out. 
In what kind of real situation would the leather melt off? ._.
No no no no.....
 This is not an opinion, this is a fact from day one they hit stores years, and years ago. Like fashion, people buy it for the aesthetic, and because it's seen in countless hip hop/rap music videos. The difference however, is that the hardware quality is absolutely dreadful, and has never been anything to take seriously. The packaging of those head phones are better than the product it self. Severely cheap to make, expensive yet very appealing to the masses, lots of profit.  
New Posts  All Forums: