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I would have been extremely unimpressed if I had something like the big cuts in the toe or upper part, especially since it would not be possible to return them. My pair though I really cannot fault, the minor blemishes would have occured after a few wears anyway and after using the KIWI Dubbin the boot has come up great. They do kind of seem more like the Rust colour than brown to me though. Kinda dissapointing the way STP just stuff them in a generic box with no...
I think STP was surprised by the success of the sale and are now getting a bit money hungry. I used that 35% off coupon and free shipping through the app, cost me about $141AUD (plus international transaction fee) for the shoes + $40 shipping to Australia through Comgateway. I would not pay anymore than that. They are very nice, but for seconds $150 or so is about the absolute most I would pay.
I just got my 1000 Mile from STP today. Perfect fit and love the brown colour, only has a few minor scuffs and extra glue residue. Anyway, it is rainy day today, so I am not going to wear them out yet. From reading this thread it seems they need to have Obenauf LP applied to them. I cannot get that product in Australia, so I have just treated them with KIWI Dubbin Neutral. Hope that is okay. Looking forward to wearing them tomorrow.
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