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While I like the styling and fit of Suitsupply's suits (Washington, Lazio), I'm worried about them constantly discontinuing old fabrics in favor of new. I tend to wear pants much quicker than the jacket, so it feels scary to plomp down $500+ knowing that a year from now, the suit will be completely unusable because the pants had worn out. Are there more reliable manufacturers who continue to keep their fabrics on rotation for longer, have slim-fitting suits, and also offer...
  Where can I find a tie bar that looks like that?   Also, does the tie look like a 2" or a 2.5"?   Thanks.
Since AE's website doesn't seem to list them, can someone tell me what last Clifton was on? They fit me well.
This is probably a naive question, but searching (both on the forum and on Google) didn't lead me to the answer. Which are the slimmer cuts among SuitSupply's suits (compared to Napoli which is the only fit I've tried -- not slim at all)? Google just told me Sienna, Lazio and Washington are slimmer cuts, but no conclusive answer on which is the slimmest.   If anyone can arrange the slimmer cuts in the order of slimmest to Napoli, I would hugely appreciate it. I'm 5' 7",...
Or at least good quality long sleeve v-neck t-shirts that can be worn with a jacket.
I'm looking for thick (heavy) v-neck cotton undershirts that don't wrinkle a lot for casual wear with blue jeans and without a shirt (but with a dark jacket/sport coat). Any suggestions for where I can find them? Options that aren't overly expensive are preferred! Thanks!
[img]http://i.imgur.com/zUiodYO.png[/img]   I know it's a woman wearing it in the picture, but ignore that! Basically, slim fitting including in the sleeves, length until mid-thigh, and long-ish (and wide-ish?) lapels. Thanks!
One addendum the though. Based on AE's recommendation for dress call skins, I'm going with leather cleaner/conditioner instead of the leather lotion which they say is for more casual leathers.
After some (much) deliberation, I've decided to go this way as well. Thanks.
Thanks for the welcome, Man of Lint! Nice handle by the way. I've never not used polish on my shoes so this is new to me! Apart from the obvious problem with the lack of protection, wouldn't no polish mean that it will take longer to get the patina?
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