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Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I think the Richard jacket looks best when it's a little loose, so I'll probably end up going with the 48.
What seems to be the consensus on sizing the Richard jacket this season? True to size? I generally find myself between a 46 and 48 with Geller (usually either size will fit me fine depending on whether I prefer a slightly looser or something more fitted).   Also, anyone know if any US retailers besides MAAS & Stacks picked up the striped stand collar shirt? I've noticed a few have the shirt with a normal collar, but I think I'd prefer the stand collar if I can find one.
When does the webstore usually do its first price drops? I seem to remember them starting in mid November.
It was actually my first RG purchase as well, and continues my most worn piece of outerwear; I guess I've been lucky in that the zipper has stayed intact, along with the rest of the jacket.
Has anyone bought or tried on the "Officer's Coat" that is for sale at Odin? The only thing I don't like very much about it is the shiny metal buttons and zippers. However the color and cut of the coat look outstanding, and might be enough to make me pull the trigger.   It reminds me very much of one of my favorite ever Geller pieces from (I believe) fall/winter 2008. I think it was called a field coat. That was an amazing season and I wish I had bought more Geller back...
Even more stuff was added to Totokaelo today, including a leather that I haven't seen elsewhere yet.
A couple new main line drops at Ssense. Looking pretty slick.
I bought these five or six years ago; they've rarely been worn and have been kept in good condition. The color is a subtle off-white with a grey distressed effect throughout, which gives the jeans a worn look. The tag on the seat of the pants fell off some time ago. The jeans are tagged size 46/small and fit true to size (I am 5'9'' 155 with a 31 waist and they fit well on me); slim cut. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!   $120 $100 $90
Does anyone know if The Corner will be carrying any Ervell this season? They're always a pretty good place to pick up some discounted pieces at the end of the season.
This is a classic Ervell sweater in a beautiful grey/black color (the darker photos best represent the true color of the sweater). This is from F/W 2012 season, so it is 100% baby alpaca wool. It has been lightly worn, but taken good care of. There is some pilling and one or two pulled threads from a cat (but so small you can't tell unless you're looking for them). Please let me know if you have any questions!   $140 $130 $120 $110
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