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38393+15= 38408
+15 = 38206 #frailboyz
it was odd to see spain play such a pedestrian game. brazil is very young -- too young, but it should make for an interesting match on sunday
These are the two best sodas in my opinion,even Virgil's diet rootbeer still tastes amazing
I personally did not, there are those who will vouch for it though. I just didn't think it was Kazuo's best work.   McCarthy, on the other hand, never disappoints.
This game had me hooked, to the point where I would get anxious if I wasn't playing it, I wanted to progress the story more and more, finally beat it yesterday and I was extremely pleased with the game overall. Haven't been this into a game since my early teen years probably
I was recommended Never Let Me Go by a friend who claimed it was their favorite book. I like Kazuo but hated this book honestly. Extremely slow to develop with almost no climax and a weak ending. Pretty disappointed.    Currently reading: 
Really into this series, the games have had me on edge. Looking forward to tonight
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