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Any reason you wouldn't pick a pair up via SF? You can easily get a pair of AEs for sub $200 on B&S
A bit random but I just saw a Cole Haan DB khaki 3/4 trench on gilt.com for $159... looks quite nice for the price.
Rocking a pair of new snuff suede Alden captoes on casual Friday...
Shame about the 70 euro shipping
I bought the original RX100 a couple of years back and similarly was struck by upgrade-itis when I started reading the A7 reviews. I got the stock kit lens but suspect I'll be ponying up for one of the zeiss lenses sooner rather than later...
I just bought the A7 and waiting for it to be delivered. How do you find it?
 If you're not after an old school "gold watch" style timepiece you could try Mondaine or Braun too.
 I find East Dane (Sale section) and Gilt can be good for socks. I've gotten Pantherella ones from both, Corgi from East Dane, and Punto fron Gilt.A quick look at East Dane has Pantherella socks from $12...
Might be worthwhile specifying whether 9.5 US or UK
Yes, at DMTrying to figure out if I can justify the indulgence...
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