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Don't get me wrong - I own a stack of TM Lewin shirts *and* a King furniture sofa... I just find the marketing approach of both very bemusing.
Some recent purchases: - 4x Paul Smith business shirts - Paul Smith Regent suit in French Blue - 2x Paul Smith cuff links - 2x Corgi socks - Michael Bastian for Gant cords - Loake 1880 for Charles Tyrwhitt brown suede captoes - Canali black leather captoes with a vibram storm welt sole
King Furniture is the TM Lewin of furniture retailing they are *always* "on sale"
Now part of the global LVMH luxury empire if I'm not mistaken...
 Just remember: frauds always get found out in the end.
Hey mate you might want to put the size in the title and/or description.
If you're on the smaller side is consider this suit: http://www.mjbale.com/on-sale/mens-suits/atlas-grey-suit-14199 (Otherwise, I'd probably head to Uniqlo or H&M if you're just after a decent disposable suit. Bear in mind though that the longevity of anything you get from a fashion brand will typically be much less than that of a more traditional menswear brand.Edit: don't discount heading to DFO either if you have one nearby, often many bargains to be had.
Thoughts on the MJ Bale Atlas suit? http://www.mjbale.com/on-sale/mens-suits/atlas-navy-suit-14180 I'm not a huge fan but for sub-$300 I was thinking it could be a good 'spare' suit to have at the back of the wardrobe...
 I have a brand new pair of AE black Strands in 10.5B if you want them. Far too narrow for me...
MJ Bale with a 2 suits for $799 sale as part of Click Frenzy (finishes 7pm Wed 18 June) http://www.mjbale.com/on-sale/2-for-799
New Posts  All Forums: