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Free Amazon shipping on orders over $100 for those with an AmEx: Maybe useful for those wanting to order a few dozen Timexes?
A slightly left of field question: My wife has been offered a job in New York of all places and we're likely to move at the end of the year. We will obviously look to ship various things over including clothes but I was wondering what the forum would pack, clothes-wise, to last a month or more in a cold climate before said shipment arrives given the initial constraint of two suitcases at 30kg a piece...
As a (former) consultant I would say that there's a lot more opportunity to be adventurous when one is working in the office than on a client site and therefore one's work location typically dictates the level of formality (or lack thereof) for the day in most cases.
 Now that Brooks Brothers is in Australia you can grab a pair of AEs for between $250-300 in their quarterly 50% off sales
Pretty sure you can get C&J for RL in the RL store or at least you could 12 months ago (I picked up a pair of Marlows at 60% off during an end of season sale in the Collins St store)
Probably more of a SW&D post but for those in the thread that consider themselves sneaker freshers sneakerboy has a $150 off code in circulation:
+1I've also found the cuffs on the CT shirts are ridiculously big and the TML ones much more proportional.
Great deal, wish they were 10.5
Maybe try the Henley? It's similar to the Craftsman but has a wider toe and tends to fit slightly less snug.
Byard in Navy on for $665: the Regent fit suit is often
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