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Maybe try the Henley? It's similar to the Craftsman but has a wider toe and tends to fit slightly less snug.
Byard in Navy on davidjones.com for $665:http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/m20/en/davidjones/wool-mohair-suitNote the Regent fit suit is often
 Oli - you can regularly get half-canvassed suits on sale from DJs at or near $500-$600.For instance, the Paul Smith London suits are always available at sale time for as much as 50-60% off RRP (in fact, you can buy them online right now for this price on the DJs website). LIkewise, the Gieves & Hawke and Canali suiting is also often discounted during sale to $600 or so.
I'm just saying people *want* to be James Bond ... Totally agree that donning a TF suit will not transform the typical Joe Schmo into Daniel Craig (Coxie being the obvious exception of course...)
007 cred obviously (see also: C&J islays)
...unless they're a black captoe oxford.
I saw the Loakes on gilt and was curious to know if they were potentially worth the $220 they were asking for them.Those particular Lobbs have been up on SF before and I was tempted to pull the trigger previously as I am a Paul Smith tragic but Coxie is right that a grand for a pair of green shoes is an awful lotEdit: and yes I thought this was the local chapter of #menswear anonymous - or am I in the wrong place?
Can someone please talk me out of getting these... http://www.styleforum.net/t/400603/megadrop-bnib-john-lob-limited-edition-oxfords
Anyone have any experience with the Loake Evolution series?
Any reason you wouldn't pick a pair up via SF? You can easily get a pair of AEs for sub $200 on B&S
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