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Can anyone shed some light on how the Atlas suit from MJ Bale fits?
@blahman Lucky they're always on sale!
fxh - can you please convince me that I need these even though I have a pair of RL Marlow cordovan loafers that are almost exact dupes? TYIA zach
Hi - is the Peal & Co Brown Punch Cap Balmoral in 10D still available? Zach
@Commissioner 33 ideally, though 32/34 would work I've seen them online in Navy but that's the one color I already own and I was keen to get some other shades.
FYI, Barbour jackets currently 1/2 off at DJs online.
If you're planning to visit doublemonk I'd suggest wandering a little further down Smith St and grabbing a Pattie Smash burger from Rockwell & Son - the best 'dude food' in Melbourne imho.
Most won't by default but if you PM them in advance of the auction closing many will happily agree to ship internationally provided you cover postage costs.
Checkout http://www.bancrofts.com.au - it's in South Yarra though so possibly not the most convenient for you
Interested here. Let me know if $75 shipped to Australia is possible. Cheers... Zach
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