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Anyone have any good advice for cleaning and general maintenance of brown 1k's? Cleaned my boots the other day and then applied a coat of Red Wing Shoe Cream (Neutral) and wiped off the excess and buffed with a horse hair brush. Walking around today, the first wear since the cleaning and where the boot creases there is a pastie white film. Did I just not buff the shoe enough after cleaning our is this not a good product for conditioning these boots? Live in Canada and...
Yo thanks. Thought it might be an issue in a while
So I have worn these 1ks for about 10 to 15 times now and I noticed today on both that the is a split by the flexes as I move my foot. Is this anything to worry about?
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Reading through some forums here and generally looking to buy a new pair of boots (up to $400) and I have seen some super nice boots from these two companies, Sagara, and Flutterby shoes. Just wondering if anyone here has a pair of shoes/boots from these companies and how do you like them? Also anyone ordered a pair of these from Canada or north america? 
it is doubled up but on the vamp and seems really bulgy on these. that whole part seems super tight, but my toes and that area of the foot has tons of room. I can rotate my circles easily in the toe area. 
really like the length of the tongue. 
Wow indeed. those are gorgeous. How much you pay for them if you dont mind me asking ? 
I took the laces out of the boot. The spot I am talking about is where you first put the laces at the end of the tongue. Even with out laces and thin socks it is tight. My other pair stretched out but I am wondering how the stitching will stretch. Think I am gonna take it to a cobbler and ask if they can stretch it out, The reason I ask if it will stretch is because they are brand new and unworn, and I got them for $300, so I believe I could easily sell them in Canada...
Yeah but the difference between the tightness between the 10 and the 9.5 is pretty big. The regular 1000 mile don't push on the top of my foot much at all, where the 9.5 Addison is pushing lots to the top of the foot but the but length is better than the 10. This is where the tongue is stitched to the boot, and I am just unsure of that area stretching due to the stitching there. 
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