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kickstart - simply keep the cuff folded as it is normally worn, then lay the sleeve flat out on a table and measure it as per the guide. Measure it to the end of the sleeve. Do NOT unfold the french cuff to measure. Then select whatever kind of cuff you want when you order.
Got my trial blue shirt the other day. I used actual shirt measurements. The shirt is pretty much spot on. Fits very close to my shirt I used for measurements. I like it. I 'll try another shirt from them sometime soon I think.
By chance I also just measured my new BB sport shirts today. Medium Slim Fit (short sleeve): neck 15.5, p2p 22.5, half waist 21-21.5 Medium Extra Slim Fit: neck 15.5, p2p 21.5, half waist 20.0, sleeve 34. I'm 6'1.5", 185 lbs and the Med Slim Fits are roomy on me. I don't know your height or chest but in Slim Fit I think you should go Small size. The neck is too small for me, I need a 16 but I won't button the collar on the sport shirts so they work because Large would...
For your budget, if you make sure you measure very accurately, exactly following the guidelines, I'd say Indochino could work out well for you.
So here's an update: Wow, very impressed with BB customer service! I had let them politely know what happened and asked if they offer USPS shipping. They told me that they use FedEx exclusively, but since it was my first time ordering from them and they wanted my experience to be positive, they refunded their $21 shipping charge to help offset the sticker shock. So it still came out more expensive than I had anticipated, but that sure eased the blow a bit and really...
Just click on the 'sale" tab on the homepage. I chose some sport shirts.
It was shipped FedEx Express Air from BB paid $21The paperwork indicates something like 20% import duty on the shirts, then 12% tax on the shirt value + duty combined, then $10 FedEx "ROD fee", then 12% tax on that ROD fee. Total over $40.$61 on top of the shirt cost :-(Ridonculous I say!
So I thought I'd try some shirts from Brooks Brothers for the first time. Went to their website and picked out three shirts that were on sale. Subtotal for 3 shirts about $94. Add $11 for shipping + $10 extra to Canada, still not bad $21 for Fed Ex to Canada. Total $115. Package arrives a few days later, I wasn't avail to receive it personally so someone received it for me. Later, I go to grab to box and they tell me they had to pay $40 to FedEx for duties, taxes, and...
I ordered the trial shirt with the Cutaway Medium collar. It indicates 7 cm points not 8 cm as you mentioned though.
Looks like way more than 0.5" too big in the shoulders. I really think you measured your shoulders in the wrong place..
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