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Just to clarify my boots are definitely not too small. I can fit my fingers in behind my heel when I push my foot forwards, and I have quite a lot of heel slip in them without insoles.  It is a close-minded statement to say that "they're made in a way to virtually slip on."  Everyones feet are different, just because that was your experience with them, it does make it an ultimatum. It has been mentioned multiple times in this thread that people have found them tight around...
I have the same issue, I could barely get my foot in at the beginning due to the instep. However now they're kinda lose and floppy all around. I did try a half size down at a store and i couldn't even get my feet into them. If i was to do it again, i would buy the half size down and try to stretch the instep out. You could try the same. A cobbler can do it, or there are many DIY options for stretching that you can google. The other option is to try an insert in the heel or...
Here, Levis 619 http://m.ebay.com/itm/291123172173?nav=SEARCH Leather patch, made in canada, numbering 6xx
Hmmm, I have an old pair that match those requirements (except patch and made in canada tag, those were ripped off). I believe they are 505's. If it helps at all, mine are high rise and a bit slimmer than 501's of that era. They also made orange tab 517 bootcut jeans, which is suspect fill out those requirements as well, but the fit is very different below the knee (much looser). 
Rough and tough is not suede. It is their distressed full grain leather. However they do make suede chukkas, such as the 3144, 3147, and 3149.
I dont think they look dry at all. If you have only been wearing them a few days then they will not need any conditioning.  Its natural for CXL to change colour where it bends as it is a pull up leather. This gives the CXL a certain character that many people love. IMO your boots will look best if you only occasionally condition them, then the CXL leather truly gets a lot of character. Besides it has been tanned with a lot of oils so it takes a long time for it to dry out...
You dont need to match casual wear so perfectly. IMO it looks anal rather than good. Just get a thicker brown casual belt, any brown other than a very dark one would look good. Natural leather is another option. Corter leather goods is a good place to look.
The colour on the bushacres has less depth, and is more bland and greyish. I wouldnt get them for the slightly lighter colour. The only reason to get them over the originals is for the tougher rubber sole. Also the brass eyelets on the beeswax desert boots look way better than the painted ones on the bushacres.
25% of all footwear at urban outfitters. This includes some decent shoes/boots such as red wing, clarks, eastland, sperry, ect.
It looks good, its a classic look.
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