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I know it is a minor detail, but I really like the Gustin button over, with its old school look where it fastens.  The chinos appear versatile and could work with shirt and tie as well as polo, or sweater.   Anyone else plan on wearing the Gustin chino with shirt and tie?
I'm going offer you a job as an investigator! 
BenThese will be perfect for three seasons. They are a value from Gustin and will feel substantial. I own them and just backed a pair for my wife. You're going to love them. Old school quality denim.
 Keep us updated on the break in!  
How did you make out with the Duffle Bag?  Clean?   I thought about it recently and wondered if the Nafta's brown soap would work...
I just backed a pair of Heavy American, in 30 Straight, for my wife to have "boyfriend jeans" of her own.  She currently steals our 12 year old's, 30 straight.    She has a 29 slim from Gustin that is fitted, but the 30 straight, with shrink in the dryer, has a comfy, loose fit for her.    I think that for $81, there is no better deal than 16.25 ounces of the Heavy American.      She is always cold, so even in summer, she will wear 16 oz. 
That is pretty much it, except: denim washed inside out. And... some of us wear them damp while in the break in phase, for a few hours, which seems to help mold the denim nicely.  My Gustin Okayama were unwearable upon arrival!  I could not button all the buttons.  Within hours, it was fine, but the damp wear really made them feel as if tailored for me. 
 I think there must be a way to clean it.  The internet's searches should find something.  The non-alcohol baby wipe is worth a try.   Good luck!    It's a nice bag.  
Well put.  
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