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That is pretty much it, except: denim washed inside out. And... some of us wear them damp while in the break in phase, for a few hours, which seems to help mold the denim nicely.  My Gustin Okayama were unwearable upon arrival!  I could not button all the buttons.  Within hours, it was fine, but the damp wear really made them feel as if tailored for me. 
 I think there must be a way to clean it.  The internet's searches should find something.  The non-alcohol baby wipe is worth a try.   Good luck!    It's a nice bag.  
Well put.  
  The Heavy American may be the best deal at $81. It's back.  
 Agreed. When I see the great fades on torn jeans, I also think..."No washing?  Ewwwwww!" I like my clothes clean.  The dedication to fades can take precedence over nice look and hygiene.  Not for me.   Gustins and their fans do not seem 'trendy' so much, as they appear interested in quality.  
First, I agree with others; a lot of Gustin fans have enough jeans to rotate and not seek out fading, as an end to itself.   Secondly, I am not sure fading, in and of itself, is the be all and end all of quality.    When I see a picture of someone's jeans after "6 months and no washings!" all full of holes, I think, "What a waste!"     I like the way fades look, and how they are unique, but I don't want to own a pair of jeans that fall apart, either.     Posters...
Any others with the Twenty Six wish to opine?   Its interesting reading, especially from those who are "sweating it out" to break theirs in!
I think the tighter weave means less air flow, better for cold winter winds.  
Thanks, Andy.   The pictures help.    The tighter weave on the 23 ounce will likely be more resistant to cold wind, as well as the brush that you pointed out.  
New Posts  All Forums: