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I see the same bargains (The Heavy American at $81!) but, perhaps what you are seeing is a dynamic expansion and offering of new and exciting products and materials.  
After investing 50 hours into breaking in the 26 ounce Beast and loving it, I backed the 23 ounce Heavyweight with gladness!  
I got in on the 16 ounce black jeans; my first pair of black jeans.     Now begins the process of matching shoes....for someone 'old school' as himself, this is a bit of a challenge.    I simply could not resist the weight of the black denim.   I have fallen for substantial feel in denim, and other than summer (which goes by quickly in Maine), I may not wear any below 14 oz.  
 are these still readily available?  I am fascinated by what I have read of Momotaro and would like to learn more.  Having become a Gustin "addict", and due to where I live,  I only have interest in heavier denims.  These look nice and I want to learn more about their quality.  Thanks....
My wife got in her Supple 16's this morning and loves them.  The color is rich, dark and woven in a way that is very soft, yet I do not think the Maine winter winds will blow through them.  She has the Heavy Americans coming as her "boyfriend jeans", and has the Unbranded 21 ounce, so she understands break in, and is glad to have something this soft.     These appear a bit dressy, which is nice.  16 ounces without the stiffness is special.  Another solid offering from...
Ben,   welcome to the addiction.     I can quit anytime I want to.  Really.  I could. I just choose not to.  Maybe I will cut down first, you know, taper off.  But I am not an addict.  I am not an addict.  I am not an addict. 
What I have found to be true through my own experience:   1.  Washing the jeans NOT inside out will leave lots of fade marks from the washing machine that don't look great.     2.  Wearing my Gustins damp, in the beginning, has helped mold them nicely to my body shape.     3.  Being able to, even with herculean effort, get that top button closed on the Gustins means that in a day or so, the fit will be good.   4.  Measuring my jeans the way the Gustin website says...
Thanks, Bernie.  I don't want to take risks with The Twenty Six.  For me, they are the holy grail of jeans and I am glad to have them.  I can risk a different pair, like the Unbranded 21 oz. but not these.  I also won't mess with The Zimbabwe (my dressier jeans).  The Unbranded are going to be shoveling snow, working outdoors in the cold jeans.   I continue to learn.  There are just so many myths on raw denim.  The single most widely spread one about not washing jeans has...
Anyone address the issue of using white vinegar in helping soften denim?   Also, with something is deep as The Beast or 23 ounce, how does one stop the denim bleed?
Thank you for taking the time to clarify. 
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