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Customer Service complaint must have been rectified...post is gone. 
Do the Stows in dark brown (very dark) go with black jeans?
I do think that the short rise look will go out of style....for men.     Then again, I've been thinking that manhood is set to make a comeback for quite some time now...
DrummingDude,   Maybe its the brand.     The reason I say this is because I am not hard on the jeans....I'm getting older, and all I have done in them is walk...   The Unbranded, besides being too short in the rise, isn't soft.     The 26 oz are moving towards the 'pajama feel' of comfort.  I did a couple of soaks, to get excess indigo out and to let them shrink before hemming (the tailor refused to hem them!), using only cold water and a bit of fabric softener....
thank to the posters who encouraged me to be patient with the Stows.    They're beautiful, but stiff, yet the patience is paying off as the comfort is starting to show itself.  Because I wear shirt and tie each day, (and rotate shoes), I don't have that many opportunities to wear them as I would have with a job that uses jeans, but...   all the same, they are looking nice. 
I am having so much fun "taming the Beast"; the 26 ounce denim I got from Gustin.     It is silly, stupid, non-sensible, and I don't even wear jeans to work (shirt and tie), but I have become so hooked on heavy denim!   I have the Unbranded 21 oz, which is nice, but the rise is too short for me.   (anyone need a 34? I would be in for a trade)   From Gustin, I have their 18 oz, which is remarkably soft; their "Heavy American", which is 16.25 oz Their Black/coal,...
I see the same bargains (The Heavy American at $81!) but, perhaps what you are seeing is a dynamic expansion and offering of new and exciting products and materials.  
After investing 50 hours into breaking in the 26 ounce Beast and loving it, I backed the 23 ounce Heavyweight with gladness!  
I got in on the 16 ounce black jeans; my first pair of black jeans.     Now begins the process of matching shoes....for someone 'old school' as himself, this is a bit of a challenge.    I simply could not resist the weight of the black denim.   I have fallen for substantial feel in denim, and other than summer (which goes by quickly in Maine), I may not wear any below 14 oz.  
 are these still readily available?  I am fascinated by what I have read of Momotaro and would like to learn more.  Having become a Gustin "addict", and due to where I live,  I only have interest in heavier denims.  These look nice and I want to learn more about their quality.  Thanks....
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