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Is it a huge deal? Or would it still be okay to wear? I'm not sure I can return it. It is tailored
It could be. I just bought it and I regret not looking for issues at the beginning. Is there anyway it can be fixed?
I just obtained my suit from tip top the other day and I noticed this area on the lapel where it seemed like fabric was loose and frayed. It looks a little worse in real life. You can see some sort of white dot. it looks as if a small portion of the fabric was yanked out. Idk what to do. It's quite bothersome for me. Am i maybe just making to big of a deal out of it or is there anyway I can fix it? Your suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
Thanks for all the tips! I really appreciate it. And i live in Edmonton, AB. Not the greatest stores here to choose from. And yeah, i'm definitely a short size. I'm only 5'5''. Thanks for your time guys. This is all very helpful
Thank you, that's some really great advice! Really helps me narrow down what to choose
Thanks becnal! That really helps me a lot. what is your opinion on grey suits, or black? Is it okay to have a wool blend suit? What would be an acceptable budget for me being in this age group?
Just to wear to formal events and the like. I really love wearing suits but have yet to find an affordable one that is decent quality.
Sorry about that. But I've read on other threads that one's weight would not help others determine their suit size.
I weigh 150 lbs. Why do you ask?
It's time for a new suit. The few that I have fit poorly and are terribly constructed. Suits in my size don't usually come along often. I'm approximately a 34s-36s with a 30 inch waist. My budget is about $400 including tailoring. I know that's not a lot to work with but I'm wondering if I can get anything around that price of fairly decent quality. At tip top in Canada, there was a Calvin Klein suit made in Canada with 100% wool. The total cost was about 470 including...
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