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This would be helpful for me too. Now i'm concerned about how much is right to pay for a decent shirt there...
Hi guys, hoping someone can help with a few questions I have. I am going to be in Seoul for 5 1/2 days.    1. Is it realistic to have a MTM shirt made within 4-5 days? 2. I am looking at Hamilton in Itaewon. Prices I've seen start around 35K KRW (any issues anyone has with Hamilton overall?) I know I am not paying for a $200 shirt and I am not expecting that. 3. Are there other affordable options in Seoul that anyone would recommend?  4. Any other tips I should...
not from SJ but the SAUCEEEEEEE
If you respond, make sure NOT to seem snarky at all. I would respond and be very clear and concise with reason as to why you are not accepting a return. He already opened a case, ensure to be cordial, clear and consistent regarding the situation. Then I suggest requesting that eBay review the case to help settle the dispute as you have provided numerous clear examples as to why this is a case of buyers remorse. There are many examples of evidence showing that you have...
   So from my experience, this is going to go to eBay to be reviewed more than likely. Since your post was comprehensive it seems (I didn't look at the entire listing) but you did specify the final sale, and returns are not offered this may go to buyers remorse is my guess. "No returns" from what I learned don't mean much on eBay. They are just combinations of letters and words that don't hold much value to be honest. 
sadly too large for me :( all yours dazed!
recall the size on selvedge?
besides being selvedge, is civialianaire a thing?
reading this makes me upset.
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