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This should go in the Ebay tips and tricks thread.
I picked up one of their discontinued products earlier this year. The bag is canvas and leather. The construction is very nice and the bag feels very sturdy. I read great things regarding their warranty as well but haven't had any reason to use it.  Overall i think they sell a great product at least from the one I purchased. 
if theres anyone that could give me a bb0 proxy in navy i'd be grateful :)
i'm down.
i feel like theres a lot of competition and little supply for smaller guys :( i'm in the same boat.
was watching this too!
hey guys, partially on and off topic but since i spend most of my time here i thought i'd ask you fellas.   found a nice navy blue windowpane (lighter blue accent) wool double breasted suit with peak lapels. it's dated 1970 on the inner tag and what i thought i saw as a union tag (just seems kind of cool). it fits well in the shoulders and the length. i would need the sleeves taken in and the sides taken in, but are double breasted suits hard to take in? apologize the...
Classic Michelsons Check Plaid Bronze Black Stripe Men Silk Tie England   $12.99 0 bids $24.99 Buy It Now   13h left (Wednesday, 8AM) Thick Luxury CHURCH's Mens Gold Yellow 100% Silk Neck Tie Gorgeous Floral Circle   $12.99 0 bids $29.99 Buy It Now   13h left (Wednesday, 8AM) ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Mens Yellow Red Blue DIAMOND 100% Silk Made Italy Neck Tie EUC   $24.99 0...
O.O my goodness. awesome haul.  tangent. this guy was posted before in this thread, looks like he hit a jackpot. sadly he can't pronounce 90% of the labels.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYkQ_jza-U4&list=UUjtwD5tZo8qFfi8v_bn2LGA
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