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 thanks! im really happy with how my boots turned out after putting on the Obenaufs..i didnt use the hair dryer or the spoon method, but i did put them out on my patio in the sun...i wouldn't recommend this though bc it might dry out the leather. i think the hair dryer method would be best. i just dont have one in my apartment. i did rub them in quite a bit with my bare hands tho lol.  in terms of the shoe cream and regular maintenance, that is something that i would like...
   here u go. boots are about 1 year old, i think i put maybe 3 coatings on during the first few weeks. haven't really cleaned these boots like i should have. i only wear them maybe once per week    
im jsut too scared that i might break the legs on accident. but i guess i'll just keep onto it. these are way better than my ray ban wayfarers. best glasses ever
i just picked up a pair of the 714sm special edition from solstice, but i see that if i fold the legs it will scratch the the heck am i supposed to fold it? i looked it up on youtube and other people's glasses fold going up/down instead of going from in/out.....   is it normal to only have half the insole like i have here? i just received my pair from STP this week   is this the correct oil to use for the tan boots? thanks in advance
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