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They'll do a cap toe with the raised stitching, but I'm not sure about the heel & shaft. You could always send an email with a photo and ask. 
At the rate of EG price increases, stock non-shell boots will be $2k+ by the time the boot is shipped...it'll seem like a bargain. 
Typically yes Justin, and even more so with shell. With the hand lasting, there will occasionally be variances though. I've had five pairs of Vass P2 shell, and this is the smallest fitting pair. The height of the vamp and width of the toe box is a little less than the others. Still very comfortable for a 10D with a medium/thin sock. I wear my thickest socks with the others.
Hell, take an F last Budapester short wing like on this page in any color with or w/o goyser...perfect casual shoe (or Alt Wien?).
^Very nice. I've had my eye on those.
Worn about 10 times. P2, 270 goyser, double leather sole. I already have a darker Osloer, and tend to wear a lighter shell chukka more for casual uses. These will fit a 10D with thinner socks, and maybe a 9.5 with thicker socks. Includes lasted trees, box and bags.   Full disclosure: These were from the last batch of Horween whiskey shell cordovan that Vass decided to stop using. In the vamp rolls you can see some fine lines/creasing up close, but it never bothered me....
Color 8 / burgundy shell, P2 
Someone say Osloer?
It would probably crash the Skoak website. I'm even more tempted by G&G's hatch grain after my latest pair. Thickest leather I've had (even compared to shell and other grain). There's some variation around the outside, but the tongue/vamp is about 1/8" thick even without the liner...solid shoe.  [[SPOILER]]
I do not need another oxford boot. I do not need another oxford boot.   Good grief. Look at that...  
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