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Usual favorite cigar today. Someone should snag @JezeC 's 41.5 cigar oxford (simple and with seamless heel).
I think we are pretty much the same size (usually 42/52R suits...maybe 54 on some Eidos cuts for me). Some of my 42 Inglese still fit ok. It could be the fabric or full hand-sewn vs. partial. This one just seems too snug, but the measurements are accurate. I may have to unload some linen ones as well. 
The MTM Inglese option was too tempting. Planning ahead, I sized up to 43 with 42 sleeves...they'll be my winter rotation  
NWT. It will ship folded in the original Inglese box. Nice gingham print in a year-round weight fabric. $10 insured, signature required shipping.               From NMWA:   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/brown-gingham-check-cotton-shirt-spread-collar.html   SIZE & FIT CM/IN HOW WE MEASURE Size Chest (CM) Sleeve (CM) Neck (CM)         42 117 93 43.5 SIZE & FIT CM/IN HOW WE...
I'm usually not big on sweaters, but like the GRP fit (6). The contrasting pattern of the grey/charcoal is different, and feels like it'll be very warm. I also purchased the wool/mohair Gray (L) and it is extremely soft with a similar fit. The stripe doesn't stand out as much as in the online photos. Undecided on the TSS vest. And if I don't drop a few pounds this spring , I might have to pass along some 42 Inglese.   [[SPOILER]]
A plug for the seller. I sold these to him late last year. It really is a nice boot. $420 shipped for a Vass US 10 or 10.5 F last boot is a great deal. 
Once the website is up, it would be nice to add the option to pay for the other models with credit card. Initially, I had to set up wire transfers in the bank, and now adding additional recipients is an easy online process.     "And bank transfer is the only method of payment for my Argentum hand welted and Aurum shoes.   For orders from my website the credit card is accepted.   Kind regards Antonio Meccariello"
It's a cool shoe. The lining is comfortable too. As a 10D, just a little too big for me.
^If they fit well, good decision. The EG shearling/Ridgeway combo is great.
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