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J.M. Weston Men's shoes. SIZE MISMATCH. Left shoe is 9.5D UK and right is 9E. However, both are about 4 1/4 to 4 3/8 inches wide at the ball of the foot and both are about 12 1/4 long heel to sole tip. Overall, they should work for an average US 10D. No returns, so be sure you want to try these. New without box/bags (Saks tag on bottom). French made, goodyear welted and getting difficult to find in the US. Minor store wear, but the burnished/antiqued leather helps hide any...
I hadn't given much thought to the chukka at Brooks Brothers, but I tried them in store and the fit is perfect. The vamp/toe box seem lower than some 888 shoes (Asquith).  Very comfortable...more to consider when the next discount hits. [[SPOILER]]
Understand. With a clear photo and description, eBay has been very protective of sellers to get them to use the program (removing negative feedback, taking 100% responsibility for any Global issues/damages). It's actually kind of surprising because everything else is geared completely toward the buyer. Then again, if you're going to get nearly $2k (or over?) in the US, why mess with it. Many have US proxy addresses anyway.
At these prices on #4, it will be interesting to see how many others are all of a sudden listed. jkater, if you still can, add the Global Shipping option and you may hit another level of crazy...you just ship to eBay in KY and it handles the rest. 
^ If I could only pick one...Marlow all the way, but it really does depend on your own fit and style (and you already have the Lindrick).
Gotcha...yes, sell and try something different.
 Yours are actually too small? Mine are almost too roomy compared to other plaza models. Thankfully, they crease perfectly. I've had some larger shell shoes where the creases can be torture (especially on the pinky toe before the cap).
 Who needs shell with calf like that?
Speaking of trim...   So a couple weeks ago I had the Chocolate Suede Indy with the different shaded soles. Not that big of a deal, but even the edging was different. One was antique and the other was medium like other recent Unionmade boots. I don't need the shoes to be perfect (and I could have darkened one myself), but there's something about letting an obvious difference go on a $500+ shoe...so I returned.   Unionmade was perfectly fine offering an exchange or...
New Posts  All Forums: