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NWT. Dark navy (maybe slight purple tint to it). Nice 100% cotton seersucker fabric. Buttons are thick enough to have "Portuguese Flannel" etched on edges. Similar to last year's white dobby shirt, but with raised larger circles as well. XL with approx 23.5" chest. Free shipping.
Thought about that as well...doubt Vass would commit to making something it couldn't do perfectly. Does appear to be the newer higher cut V in the back though. I'm sure there will be an explanation on Ascot's site when listed.  
Thanks, and yes Notre & 2030 (wear a lot with grey Wilshire).
^ Interesting. At least with shoes, 202 has a noticeably lower instep than 82 for me.
Vass is doing shell bal boots again? I think I'd stick with calf without the reinforcement. And a new batch of saddle/whiskey?   
Love the bison. I had a bad scrape on one, but with polish and the texture, it doesn't really show.  
Awesome @rnguy001. Good to hear they worked for you, and you're hooked! The 43.5 was just a little too large for me. The suede 43 is already one of my favorites, so I'll need to reorder a Valway.
I just received two F last boots in different sizes and decided the 43 works best for my 10D foot. This 43.5 is better for a 10.5D. Italian polished oxblood with the black scotch grain shaft. 270 goyser with Vibram lug sole. Worn once. Free shipping with two Vass boxes, lasted shoe trees and bags.
Letting another Inglese go. Great green soft brushed cotton. Only worn once or twice, but a little too small for me. Tagged 42, but it has a 45" chest closer to the 41 size.   No stains, non-smoker. All of my Inglese are cold washed delicate, and never hit the dryer. $125 shipped.     http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/green-check-brushed-cotton-shirt-spread-collar.html
 Thanks, and very nice on yours as well.I've worn both of my new boots once each, and have decided it is best for me to stick with 43. May pass along the 43.5 Valway and reorder.
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