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Thanks everyone! If I didn't have this pair, it would be much more difficult to resist Skoab's new chestnut St. James...I could still have a weak moment though.
The Navy doesn't come up $95 in the cart.
Mitchell...love the comfort of the faux wingtip. The left was significantly darker than the right when new, but I've darkened the right over time.
New EG Shannon 9.5 E / 10D 202 now $700 shipped. Someone please buy before I find a way to put to use.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/449025/nib-edward-green-shannon-9-5e-drop-6-1-killer-deal  
Thanks...F. Kind of gives them a DG70 Hove look.
Osloer / NST addiction continues.  
Come on? New Vass P2 black scotch grain boots 42 / 9 US with trees...$450 shipped.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/461951/vass-plain-toe-boot-london-p2-last-pebble-grain-size-42-new  
@Epaulet Mike, just to confirm...the standard Individualized XL sleeve length from the back is 34"? The measurements now say 26.5 from the shoulder, and in the Special Order section it is 27. I may add .5 after incorrectly taking .5 off 27 last time.
$69.99 each. Free shipping. All typical large sizes (not Epaulet sizing), with about a 22.5" chest except the Haberdash Gitman which is about 23". The sleeve length on all of them is about 25.5" from the upper shoulder seam to the bottom of the cuff. All are new and unworn/unwashed, but most do not have tags.   1. SOLD New England Seersucker. Blue stripe, thicker material.    2. SOLD New England Grey Brushed Twill. Very soft, solid grey, but some character to it up...
New Posts  All Forums: