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Gotcha. It hits my waist perfectly, but I can understand other body types needing higher.
^Are you sure one was a Walt? It is 12.5"...no way I could do higher than that. 
Cooler day...couldn't resist wearing the Blarney Stone once.
Doesn't seem to be used as much as 82, but it is still pretty common for the more casual all country calf versions with thicker rubber soles.
At $90, the Napoli Blue hopped in my cart and checked itself out!
Some others will have to help you with that. I have white, cognac and mocha (still on sale), and the fit is great. The older white and cognac seem to have just a little more room in the toe box.
White broadcloth Individualized dress shirt 16.5 / 33.5. Number C18WBO-E on EP site under dress solids.   Here's a great deal for someone needing a staple dress shirt. Some of my EP dress shirts from other makers are a little long in the sleeves, so I ordered this one -.5 in sleeve length. Well, an EP XL to Individualized is really a 34 sleeve, so I got 33.5, which is too short for me. The neck is 16.5 and the chest is 22". I cold washed (no dryer) to test the fit, but...
I seem to be in between. I have 43 in F shoes and chukkas, but they can be a little snug at times. 43.5 in shoes are a little too big. 43.5 in a calf oxford boot actually worked fine with medium socks. A 43 shell boot should be perfect. My 43 shell P2 boot is roomy, but I don't think I'd size down. I've had 43 trees for 43.5 P2, U and F, and the fit is solid.  
Nothing new here, but these are still great. I may be too matchy...legs are about the same shade.  
Thanks! I don't have a huge boot rotation, but do try to mix in and limit it to a variety of colors and patterns. Hell, I could end up with a rainbow of calf and shell Osloers alone.  I prefer how everything just flows with the Osloer, but I'd certainly wear a Norweger as well. Don't you have a mixed scotch grain version? stmaier has the nice brown museum one...his burgundy cap toe got me thinking about a similar F version.
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