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After the 975 talk, lining up a long mdubs inspired side shot. They may be gunboats, but the heel alone could serve as a weapon.
Quote:   Thanks guys. The office lighting is pretty intense, but the recent batch that went through Haberdash does have a great finish. I keep telling myself these are nice enough I can tell Kathy "no thanks" when the cigar call comes (although my credit card will likely reflect a different response).
Workplace hazard...Alden shell glare.
 Not only feet, but sometimes construction as well. I noticed out of the box the cap on one of my grant boots wasn't quite straight. It was very minor, but just enough for a fold to press into the closer side and crease the cap. And that is with the foot that usually never causes odd creasing.
It's okay...I blame squeaks/whooshes on my shoes too.  Seriously though, it sounds like those may not be the best size/fit for you.
I'm amazed at the number of international inquiries I get on some listings. Many do have US contacts/addresses to send items, or agree to actual global shipping charges (with actual value indicated). With limited availability, exchange rates, etc., it has to be worth it for them. I've had a few kinks with PayPal, but the seller is usually protected with confirmed address, insurance and signature required.   
   Maybe not worth the extra effort, but they could put these on eBay and get more than that!
 And pre-order posted today... http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/02/23/ultimate-indy-pre-order/
Leather Soul
Who's the 12D barrie?? LS now $195.   Alden 4 eyelet PTB, Barrie last, size 12D, color #8shell cordovan.
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