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Not the best photo, but you can see how open the lacing is on mine. Not bad, and will close some with more wear.
Thanks. From what I recall, the Carmina 9 instep is slightly lower than the Meccariello 9.5. I have a pretty high instep, but my lacing isn't as open as Swede's. I'll get a photo wearing tomorrow.     
To echo Swede66... My input on RTW sizing. I went with my 9.5E EG/G&G sizing (down .5 from 10D US) and it is perfect. There is no way I could have gone down a full size. I still have about 1/4 - 1/2" open at the top of the lacing, so the instep is not terribly high. Comfortable width and great arch support, leather & construction. Also, a winner for nicest box and bags for a $500 shoe. I would recommend the lasted shoe trees. The ones I have from Skoak that work well with...
As recommended, size up for US half sizes...44. With the flexible sole and elastic, you won't walk out of them. 
I ordered a pair Monday after reading about the construction method, and seeing the great short wing. They took a few days to ship, but with the number of sizes that sold out, he had to be swamped with initial orders. Based on another comment, I went with my 9.5E EG/G&G sizing (10D US). I'll follow up next week with my impressions. 
Polished yesterday. Black, but still one of my favorite English shoes. The double/HAF sole on this one has been wet several times without any abnormal wear.
After going back and forth on F last sizing (43 - 43.5), my last two 43s have been perfect.
How about $60 shipped? Anyone?? One last week and off to donation. Sorry, no offers.    Only worn once or twice. Nice shade of light blue. Cold wash, no dryer. Epaulet XL size but with .5" shorter sleeves from standard, so about 33.5. About a 22.5" chest. Free shipping.     Made to Order Shirting Perennial Dress Solids - Egyptian Cotton - Whisper Blue (C71BBO-K) for $170.00 each Epaulet Shirt Size: X-LARGE Collar Type: Fashion Spread (9S) Cuff Syle: Regular Cuff...
NWT, no alterations/unhemmed (a little wrinkled). Nice medium weight wool for fall/winter. Usual slim Rota fit with about a 37.8" waist. Free shipping.
Only worn a few times. This is not a tight MH71. Works comfortably for a 10D US with a higher instep. Nice thick hatch grain leather, and well done vamp stitching. Single leather soles. Includes box, bags and pictured Skoak trees (which fit perfectly). Free shipping.
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