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I don't have any experience with durability, but Vass can do it.  And yes, before end times, midlife goth crisis, zombies, etc., I'm putting in one last order for a Vass black goyser boot.  
If your green is an XL, the color probably doesn't look nearly as good on you as you think...should just return I got the blue and immediately went back for green.
Classic @dddrees. I can wear some pretty unique shoes around the office with zero comments. A few weeks ago I had those on and a coworker said "Nice shoes!"...Really? The black captoe is what gets a compliment??
Retails for $120 (see AE site). This was tagged as altered, but only the inner tag was cut. Nothing was altered with length, holes, etc. Small impression on one edge area. $50 CONUS shipped.
Regarding cigar, I don't mind it darker, but nearly black is a bit much. With ravello getting lighter again, maybe there is hope. Other brands still have the more traditional looking cigar (and other lighter colors), although quantities are usually even more limited than Alden.
^Dang...I come here for shoes like that. Non-spoilered quoting of a certain wall of lasts photo has nothing to do with it 
Used Edward Green Antique Bronze / Black Country Calf Galway. 9.5E UK / 10D US, 82 Last, Dainite sole. Good condition with under 20 wears on them. More of the bronze shows through as light increases. Stored with trees (not included). Includes box and bags.    Free insured, signature required CONUS shipping. 
The plain blue one for me...the herringbone was also in my cart at one point.
I had two items show up today. I'm with ryden, the Portuguese Flannel is very nice and soft (also perfect in an XL for me). The large Gansey though is a little more snug than I like. I'll try it again tonight, but keep an eye on the inventory if a large.   
^ Received mine as well. Nice alternative for those that missed out on the cigar shell trainer.
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