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Thanks. Based on that and reading his email again, I'll go a half.
For Argentum orders, has everyone been going a half size down from US (like EG, G&G), or a full size down like most other makes? I've searched around and haven't seen consistent responses on it (even directly from Antonio).
Hey guys...what's the model number of a green Rolex, and can I get one at a discount? j/k, j/k   The other day (and I do enjoy popping in and reading about different brands and topics I wouldn't catch in multiple threads).
A little...especially with my slightly smaller left foot. It's not too bad though. If they don't sell here soon, I'll probably just keep and wear again next fall.
LBM (+ Merola) again. Nice deals with the "extra" code. Someone please buy the 100% navy cashmere.
That one was mine. Great boot, but the fit was a little off, so another lucky member has them now. The leather on the shaft may look a little wrinkled, but it was actually very soft (& better than the leather some of my EGs use). I know others have had different experiences. I wonder if you could offer to pay extra for the same high quality leather used all over.  
$145 shipped for each pair with G&G bags. 9.5E UK. Both less than a year old, so I believe they are the design that fits all lasts. I've used them in MH71 and TG73 with no issues. 
Thanks. I picked up several jars of Pomade from Cultizm with free shipping to the US. I had another item, but I don't think there is a minimum. Not sure about stores here. 
Thanks Roger, and I shouldn't to keep up with your pairs. With the nice weather, ready to put the boots away. 
Is it spring yet? A quick cleaning of this duo. My first time using the Burgol Pomade, and it seems to put a nice gloss on the shoe with minimal work.    [[SPOILER]]
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