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Dark brown on that one.
Not clothing related, but I sell a few collectibles and received this note today from a buyer (after the purchase).   "Hello there, I do like to have some pictures taken pre-shipment/packaging. These pictures will come in handy later if any damages done to the package by the carrier. If you can post-stick around areas with shelf-wear(if any) and take pictures with it will be helpful too. Please package the item carefully especially around the corners, bubble wraps helps...
Thanks. I think this is the exact pair you were referencing on eBay. 
I thought that was a Vass shot, but further searching pulls up Justin's blog. Regardless, Vass did a very nice job.   http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2012/10/septieme-largeur-fallwinter-product.html
Thanks again everyone. @hoodog I don't think it is really stock, but I found an older store photo with a similar design and just asked for the OEII side and a few other specifics.  
    Thanks guys! Vass probably does this one in its sleep, but credit to them for OEII always looking great. Single sole on this one Mr. Six.
Vass OEII / Oxblood boot. Even going 43.5 on F, I do get a bit of a lacing gap, but the overall fit is good. This batch of calf is very soft...run and order oxblood if you need a dark shoe.     
Thanks Roger. Nothing too crazy, but regardless, I'll try to swing by and use your stairs for a photo 
All the oxford/bal boot fit talk...I nervously await one tomorrow. I went up a half size from my somewhat snug F last shoe, so it could be a thicker sock fit (or end up on the marketplace). The fit of the EG Shannon I have is about perfect, so it has some stiff competition.    
It said directly in Nick's email to contact for prices on the remaining online stock. My first TG73 is on the way.   "If you see anything currently in stock on my www.bespoke-england.co.ukwebsite but cannot attend this sale please email me direct so we can discuss the sale price and I can reserve these for you prior to the sale. Please only email me regarding current Bespoke-England stock online. The easiest way to do this is to use the “Size” tabs on the left hand side...
New Posts  All Forums: