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The square is probably a little more pronounced with the shorter cap of the U wing. Definitely give an 888 Asquith a shot. 
 Thanks. The overall fit is similar (which it is supposed to be), but some of the 82s just feel a quarter size or so large.
Cowes after a lot of wear this summer. Thought I'd grab it occasionally, but it became all the time. This 888 fits me much better than some recent 82 shoes.
Speaking of balthazar, all of the extra Bloomingdale's promotions are hard to pass up. The blue windowpane has a few common sizes left, and is much nicer than in the harsh light of the online photos.|BOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26spc%3D41%26rsid%3Dundefined%26cm_kws%3Deidos%20%26pn%3D1|0|3|41
Another Bigi 36oz/Inglese. Looking forward to the GI MTM/preorders from earlier this year (due this month ?).
Only worn once or twice. From a previous EFF round. A soft darker brown herringbone moleskin. No alterations. Tagged 36 and measures 37" waist with an inseam closer to 33". Original version where the waist can be altered. About 8.25" leg opening. Free shipping.
$115 for the pair shipped. Tagged and measure 36" waist. The Hertling khaki pair is 100% cotton. The Bespoke 607 is a very light olive chambray cotton material. Both NWOT, never worn, washed or altered. 
Tagged and measures about a 36" waist. About 7 3/4" leg opening. Never worn, washed or altered. Free shipping. 
I can appreciate both. The lighter weight of the Italian linen Rota is also very nice, but the drape and wear of the Irish is unique. 
Another Rota...another favorite. I wore the tan Irish linen for about 12 hours yesterday with minimal wrinkling. If a 52, definitely grab the last pair for $250.     
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