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New with tags. Tagged and measures a 36" waist, so it seems a little more snug in the waist and seat than a typical 36 Driggs. It came with a 31" finished inseam, but can be let out an inch. A little more olive than the photo indicates (they aren't laying in the dirt in the photo!).    Passing along for the great deal I received with shipping/fees already included.
Thanks guys. I see the third Manolo article is posted...likely to be another feeding frenzy.
Black for tax day.  
I have the XL Southwick Black Tartan going back if someone wants to keep any eye out for it.
^keeper. I haven't been sold on the bomber, but that's a good fit ryden.
Mike...I assume "May or so" for the shoes and bags probably doesn't mean by the 10th? 
When I saw those, I wondered how long it would take. I want to buy them just to harass my wife. Please no demonstration fit pics.
Just to add to the usual field jacket tts or down size, for the thinner fabrics, I tried my usual 52 and a 50 in the linen and the 50 was a much better fit. I won't be wearing over sweaters and sport coats, so I ordered a 50 hopsack...we'll see.
Saw the listing. Those are walnut, not rosewood. Try them on the marketplace for 10% less. 8.5 is known to be slightly/brutally competitive around here.
804 is a sexy beast. I put it next to my EG 82 and it is kind of embarrassing.
New Posts  All Forums: