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Updated pic with a few wears on these. I may never need another shell shoe ...at least the rest of this year.  
I'm sure the Alderly will instantly go to $800.
Alden Grant Cap Toe Color 8 Shell Cordovan Boot 10D. Double leather sole, all eyelets. Fits true to size for most. Normal wear (under 20 times)...right cap has minor creasing on inside corner. The shell has lightened in some areas (looks great in the sun). Stored with trees (not included). Includes box and bags. Not an irregular second.   Free signature required CONUS UPS shipping.
Listing here per request...   Alden Indy Boot in vegetable tanned leather. TruBalance 9.5D (fits 10D). Double leather sole, and eyelets with speed hooks. Normal wear (around 20 times). The vegetable tanned leather does show some spots and scuffs, but overall still looks great for a dressier Indy. Stored with trees (not included). Includes box and both Alden bags. Not an irregular second.   Free signature required CONUS UPS shipping
Thanks Mac...nice to hear from a gunboat fan.
Thanks and enjoy yours as well. Your English is fine and your enthusiasm is perfect!
More Kudu. Cleaned up after pic?
They added the description a few months back, but I don't recall anyone commenting on recent orders. They can expect a bunch of returns with the next corporate event if it's still the US size and UK width. 
Has anyone ordered EG from Brooks Brothers since it changed the sizing description online? Are UK sizes really listed now?
 Mike a few weeks ago: "FF Sportcoats should be here in mid-Oct to mid-Nov, as quoted. We have to allow Southwick to deliver at their own pace, that's part of the agreement for that discounted production price. Last year they hit around Oct 20th, so it will probably be around there this time." 
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