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You could stick with Neutral or VSC to cover all. 37 or 10 are probably good for most cognac. Not on this list, but there is a burgundy or bordeaux (08) you could use on the other two.   [[SPOILER]]
Correct...F (from NMWA)
Regular dark brown calf.
Thanks. I picked that one up from Ascot. Not sure on the medallion, but I think it works pretty well on U. I don't see it on any other listings right now, so maybe it is an odd one.
A few after a quick cleaning this morning (yes, the right got it too).  
I like those as well, but after someone said that medallion looked like a monkey, I just see animals...I'm on to a fat owl. They just need to go back to the female anatomy for inspiration. I want lady parts on my $2k boot, not animals.
After having my hands on the cigar Aberdeen cap toe, I really would like to have an Aberdeen boot, but I don't think it is the last for brass, commando, and antique edge. The Shoe Mart NST version seems perfect for Aberdeen. Having said that, if Epaulet lists the preorder, it will probably be gone within hours.
^ Just...wow.   Nice chukka as well.
Thanks. And yes, car interior (Acura "umber").
Wore this tie for the first time today and already had a stranger compliment before 9.
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