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Only being able to order one, I'd stick with 7.5D (and likely a thin sock). Barrie is not the best last for me, but I've ordered 9.5D and 10D in the same boot before and the 9.5 was still a better fit. And that was even the JCrew boot some say runs small.
^ I thought about it, but at that price I'd still rather order exactly what I want. Doesn't look like a hot seller with pretty much all sizes in stock. A week or two ago they upped the discount on many items to 50%...if those go to $800 with trees there may be one less 10 left.
Not to derail the Skoak thread, but isn't that just checking in the highly polished finish? I had an older "new" pair that looked the same. With age, wear and more polish, I no longer notice. Maybe post it in the St. C thread.
 Also, what size are you? Interlock has a few first quality suede chukkas and a nice shoe on eBay for not much more than second pricing. I'm surprised those were even sold as seconds in that condition. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Shoe-Company-snuff-suede-moc-toe-blucher-/111571872034?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item19fa33a922
 No question...return.
Hmm...grape herringbone has a pattern of money leaving my wallet.
LINEN PLAID BUTTON DOWN SHIRT IN TAN BROWN AND AQUA Unworn, NWT. Very nice linen plaid. Usual New England large measurements with a tapered fit. $129 with free Priority Mail shipping. Chest 22.25Sleeve 25.5Neck 17.25Back Length 30Shoulder 19.25 http://unionmadegoods.com/product/new-england-shirt-company-linen-plaid-button-down-shirt-in-tan-brown-and-aqua-2/
Tame compared to arcades and sunsets, but sold on the blue/grey Ice Cube.
I just bought another brand's "Portuguese flannel"...nice, but it's no Portuguese Flannel.
Thanks @clarinetplayer !   Modest goals for this Friday. One cool Gitman...good luck everyone.
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