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Gitman Bros. Vintage Large Blue Oxford. Shaggy (flannel like) on the inside. New with tags, never worn. Typical Gitman large size with about a 22.5" chest seam to seam. Free CONUS shipping.
Scott & Charters small saddle shoulder crew neck sweater in derby (grey). 64% cashmere and 36% cotton. New with tags, never worn. One corner of brand tag is not attached. Size 42 is a small with a 21" chest per the S&C size chart, but just laying flat, it measures closer to 20". Free CONUS shipping.
Very casual today with another favorite NMWA tie. Ignore shirt...PITA hotel iron.
Plaza TTS is roomier in the toe box for me than Barrie down a half (same width). The heel cup of Barrie is still usually larger though, even down a half. Specific model and materials will have some influence.
Ugh...buy one Doyle and it becomes a sickness wanting them all.
WARNING   Do not buy watches on eBay from "bestdealsever4u". He has had multiple Rolex listings come and go over the last few days, and is not shipping actual watches.   A friend bought one using the mobile app without checking things out first. The photos are from another jeweler, and all previous positive feedback was for low dollar supplements.   Received today...high tech "Rolex" that controls TV:  
After some wear and just adding neutral cream, these darkened a little to look like the usual dark oak. They really soaked up the cream...maybe it was stuck on display or a warehouse for awhile.  
 Thanks Mike, Steve! They were put to immediate use last night.
Well, I received the black, uhh...Cigar cap toe someone returned from the batch earlier this year and regardless of shade, it is a beauty. I was a little concerned it was returned after so much time, but the construction and condition is essentially 100% perfect. For a fun comparison, I added a shot of another recent Cigar purchase. I was hoping the next batch would be lighter, but with others in the rotation, this shade works well. The good news for other 10Ds on the...
It was nearly 80 in my area earlier this week, and now snow on Halloween and lows in the 20s...bring on the tweed!  
New Posts  All Forums: