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Usual Vass Sunday.  
Changing out the wooden lasts was discussed awhile back. With new and old 82 lasted boots, I haven't noticed enough of a difference that would require taking a different size. I would be curious to try a new resin lasted D width from Axel's though. 
Not necessarily. I have a very good fit on the 804, and the wear and creasing is perfectly normal so far for me. I'll see how they look in a year or two. 
I'm sure it varies with different batches, but EB calf does seem slightly thinner than others. Part of the difference is the interior leather lining...it is obviously thinner and adds to that perception. With the overall construction and fit/style (804), I'm willing to overlook it though.
ha ha ...and it was worse without the (footwear). Nothing like vASS PORN to get blocked and/or an HR visit.   The thread and Vass deserves more attention. Even the VW debacle is predicted to hit Hungarian GDP by 1.5%...buy more Vass shoes!
I was a little worried a cashmere blend Inglese would show up to tempt me.   Shit, a wool/cashmere Rota.  
Only worn two or three times. Horween Earth Chamois. 9.5D Trubalance last fits 10D. Includes Alden box and plain white boot bags. $20 insured, signature required shipping.   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-for-epaulet-ironside-indy-boot-in-earth-chamois
P2. Really depends on how casual you want the boot and which last works for you. There were some great photos of the F last version posted on IG (before and after Niklas' polishing). I do like that Vass is going with the actual cap and a higher V to the back for the Sarek. I don't get the heel slip on these that I do on some Galways. 
Vass Shoegazing "Sarek" boot. Like a tall slipper with the very supple veg tanned leather and single Dainite.    
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