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I'm sure everyone's Thorpes will be killer. All the MTOs must have slowed up the new stock models.
Pics of an upcoming G&G boot would be welcome Leaves .
Red brown on this one. It just doesn't have the decorative wheeled marks around the welt. I've never really paid attention, but it may be specific to the more casual P2. 
A little suede.
The NMWA Norweger is not the typical "original / old" Peter last design on double leather. With the F last and tapering sole, it can easily be worn with wool trousers. It would be my pick.   
Yes, and with the current NMWA EURO20 sale, Vass at $600 is very tempting...especially if you aren't 100% sure on sizing. If you're another 43/43.5, you probably should wait until fall though .
I keep repeating "I don't need more grey pants", but the merino windowpane will likely end up in my cart.
With the NMWA sale, I couldn't resist trying another 52 in a different cut. The shoulders seem a little better from multiple angles and positions, and at about $500 for the awesome wool / cashmere material...I'll live with it. Someone please buy the last dark green plaid 52 before Friday drinks start! 
I have a slightly different version, but recommend it. Plain toe F can make a pretty sleek chukka. Nice HAF sole and rear design on NMWA version.  [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks everyone. CASE, the others are correct about this being an Old English II boot on F (Vass MTO). Zapas, I thought about HAF, but wanted this one as sleek as possible (not that my others really aren't), so I just went with single. This was the pair I had for sale, but decided to keep. I can only have a new pair of Vass sitting around for so long before they make it onto my feet. I swapped the thicker unwaxed laces Vass uses (also in NAMOR's photo) for thin waxed...
New Posts  All Forums: