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Hello. They should all be about 25.5" (with slight variations) from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. I'll update with specific measurements tonight.
NS "GET20" is working on a few Alden styles.  
 Thanks guys! Definitely one of the better "oaks" I've had (Dark, Vintage, etc.).
They at least have the two inches of material to let the waist out if needed. I haven't followed the history of the Rivet, but one of the other canvas pants that came has no extra material to work with, so maybe it's an even older version.
I received some of the original Rivets today. The Lord & Galey twill is very nice, but cut smaller than my other Rivets. Anyone looking for a true 36, please PM.
Wore my Kenneth Cole Gable with a f'ed up hem to my son's graduation today.  
Another very nice black Vass boot. F last 42 / 9 US (9.5 per seller?). Austerity, no hooks, goyser, trees. Can still see JR on the soles. $495 obo   http://www.styleforum.net/t/490138/vass-austerity-brogue-boots-f-last-black-leather-sz-42  
You make entirely too much sense. There is still the minor issue of an army of captoes in my closet...no chestnut though!
Thanks everyone! If I didn't have this pair, it would be much more difficult to resist Skoab's new chestnut St. James...I could still have a weak moment though.
The Navy doesn't come up $95 in the cart.
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