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Rain, mud, kids...Indy
The remaining Brooks Brothers' Galways were wiped out at the start of the corporate sale, but a 10D is back online.
Rain gear
* I do not need another trainer * I do not need another trainer * ...oh look, Mocha Mix ordered. Great color combo. 
I'm looking forward to trying the New England shirts with the dartless EP fit. Usually a tapered large New England is a pretty good fit for me, so maybe the new XL EP will be perfect.
All new with tags with no alterations. Price indicated for each one. Tagged 36R waist and the Petrol and UK Canvas measure right about 37". The Tweed is about 36 - 36.5" and all can be taken in or out 1.5" if needed. Plain bottom at 34" and can be let out another inch. Non-smoking home. Free CONUS shipping.     1889 Pima Cotton Petrol Blue $99 (added different photos as it can appear different based on lighting) 1731 Grey Sanded UK Canvas (Cotton) SOLD 2620 Wool...
Very legit
Thanks ThinkDerm...Cigar. I wonder if Vass has had this batch around for awhile. It really is a nice shade.
@hoodog What are the sizes and does the K fit you well? It looks a little smaller than the others.
Thanks ryden, and yes P2, but I think the large medallion and longwing helps to visually slim it down. And thanks hoodog. It was one I ordered, and I found that medallion on an older Vass longwing photo and asked for it.
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