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I tried Burgol Piz on a calf boot on the Skoak thread and it worked well at repelling water. With the more natural finish to Vass shell, I've had bad water spots from unexpected rain (especially the lighter shell chukka), so I applied to it as well. I let the water sit a few minutes and only wiped with a cloth. I won't purposely wear in a downpour, but they should be easier to keep spotless.       [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys. Yes, Zapas, NMWA P2 version. I'm not the biggest U cap fan, but this pair is a great combo and I grab it all the time.
You could also go double leather if you don't want wheeled edges (or ask to exclude on single).   Little waves of beer for me shortly.
Beneficial for winter and those with bad aim. 
I don't think the Burgol Piz Skoak is carrying has been mentioned yet. I applied it to a soft grain leather Dainite boot that will take some abuse this winter. It didn't darken the leather at all, and water just beads up and rolls off. I'll try shell later.  
Perfect Roger. Great way around "no shell oxford boots".
The usual for me.
Cigar shell, but a lighter batch from awhile back.
July EFF top secret maker. There were three linen shirts.  [[SPOILER]]
Sandy Sunrise from the last EFF. Now I wish I had purchased all of the Canclini linens.  
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