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To "celebrate" the US policy change, all EG should be moved to the Odd Stock page for the day on July 4th! ...one can try.
The 7.75 and narrow width complicate things. I'd start with the standard width 40.5 first. It may actually be perfect. If too short, 41 narrow may be the way to go. 41 standard will definitely be too big.
I purchased the PF short sleeve shirt prior to the sale and the fit/fabric/buttons are great. An XL is back in stock along with smaller sizes. Grab it for $100.
Another Gable before thread implodes.   Black Olive  
Leave it to the Epaulet sale page to make me want things I never knew I wanted...Lizard Wallets.
New Edward Green in a great DOAK shade and 82 last (Smoothie could use some better photos). 10D US. About $700 shipped. If I wasn't overloaded on oxfords, they'd be mine.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/490742/edward-green-chelsea-dark-oak-82-last-9-5-10-e  
I'm a little intoxicated just looking at the Brandy and Whiskey shell.
Ordered...although I'm a little concerned about the non-Portuguese clicker.
^ "is anybody interested"   Your inbox and Reszo's email should be bombarded by 41.5s.
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