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I know it comes up a lot on here, but I had one that did and another that didn't (cough...sig), but even the one that did was perfectly comfortable to wear. I've had other brands with longer caps that feel like they are entirely reinforced with steel. That led to extra unnatural vamp crease on the sides and the feeling of my pinky toe slowly being amputated.
On the subject of soles, I do like the support of the Vass "HAF". My EG can feel a little spongy at times...probably telling me to drop a few pounds.
It is required that after 20 pages with a Dover or Galway pic, the dark oak discussion must ensue. 50 pages for $500 recraft bitching.
[[SPOILER]] Interesting...didn't realize your Dover was that old. Looks great. I'm sure batches vary over the years for all sorts of reasons. Nightshade also seems to be darker lately. I have an order in and really don't care which "shade" shows up...darker is probably better for my uses.
Exhibit A. Old / New DOAK. I love them equally, and like having both, but someone could be in for a surprise placing an order expecting the lighter version. [[SPOILER]]
After initially getting my sizing wrong, I had success with Inglese. Nice thing about sizing up, the chambray was in stock. We'll see how many days I make it before ordering the linen.
A buddy of mine is having a casino birthday outing next week. He was born in Hawaii. He will be wearing this. The bird will intimidate the table.   [[SPOILER]]
Maybe 42.5 on U?
Cigar. It's pretty dark (similar to recent Alden batches), but has some nice color variation. The cigar shoe I have is much lighter. 
Some office Vass...remove one letter and could be an HR issue.
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