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At some point a size 12 will come along and say "WTF?...yes, yes, yes".    If the fit was on, I'd find a way to work these into a rotation. 
Thanks @NAMOR !...yours as well. Fit looks good. I think Vass has nailed it with the slight modification to the shaft design/sizing.
I've seen a few names...burgundy, bordeaux, color 8. Probably all about the same, although some seem lighter at times. I saw Vass post one specifically calling it color 8, so that's what I asked for.
Color 8 shell cordovan Osloer. I mentioned getting one in every color...I'll try to stop at a light and dark one. Perfect finishing and construction from Vass.     [[SPOILER]]
I've seen a few Vass calf shoes and boots with similar stitching issues. Oddly, the aprons on the shell models usually seem to be much more precise. Maybe the more experienced staff handle the shell models. Or, it's the same guy and he does calf on Monday mornings.
Business casual today. Two summers with these, and I think they look better than when new. An all beige veg tanned leather model would be interesting to beat up.    
I like the overall style, but it does make sizing a little easier as well. With one foot slightly larger, it helps to loosen the laces all the way to the toe box.
NMWA has great makeups as well. Instant gratification and no risk of order screw ups. People would be crazy to send everything back. I have two of the models and with the $577 sale price right now, tempted for more.
^ The detour to Charleston is what screwed it up. I once shipped Priority Mail to Oregon and it went through Hawaii . Gotta love the postal service.
I don't believe these have been mentioned yet...now $635 shipped for new G&G in the great VR color. 9.5F. Someone please buy before I try the wide fitting myself.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/469481/7-13-drop-new-gaziano-girling-westminster-vintage-rioja-size-9-5f-uk-10e-us-dg70  
New Posts  All Forums: