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Anything close to the edge color is good for me...so medium to lighter brown, but I'm not too picky on belts. 
I think my call was more of a fraud check due to two orders basically at the same time. Without some other notice, I'd still count on them.
Speaking of another order...I'll add to the blue Coniston praise (especially for about $400). With my Lindrick sizing and others saying they sized down, I was a little concerned about fit ordering my tts 10D US, but it is perfect.  
I placed a wingtip order right after another one, and Barneys actually called that day to confirm the order. After seeing it go out of stock with no shipping notice, I was a little concerned. I checked today and got "It is currently in the process of getting ready to be shipped to you". 
Relist due to ebay payment issue...   Used Alden 10D Ravello Shell Cordovan Medallion Tip Cap Toe Shoes. Plaza last. Model 4391. Fit true to size for most, but no returns, so please know your Alden sizes. Includes Alden box/bags. Stored with shoe trees (not included). The shoes measure about 4 3/8" wide at the ball of the foot and 12 1/4" long. These are from the latest DC batch a few months ago, so the Ravello is a little darker. There is still some usual variation in...
A few good sale items in common sizes posted at Epaulet.
Nice shoes...but coordinating pants with paint splatter is the winning combo.
You're still returning though, correct? Regardless of card, those are a mess and they will take them back. I've had the same issue with seconds. TSM should put a note on the order before the shoe goes out if it's not going to meet its own return guidelines.
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