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Thanks @NAMOR . I think that's enough darker brown shell for me. I still want one black shell boot, and your Valway may be a good candidate for that next year.
A few Vass and C&J/RL shades of cigar shell (and one that is not supposed to be in this thread).  
[[SPOILER]] Thanks Cleav, Nikola, RTP!
I picked up the Barney's Cardigan. Wasn't sure what I would think about it, but it is a great shoe (especially for $270!). With the Dainite, pebble grain and some Nano, it should be good for some light weather. My usual US 10D was fine on the 335, but a little on the roomy side if I was only using thin socks.  
My willpower decreases as the number of NAMOR's Valways increase.
I guess this tie doesn't get much love since it has been on sale forever, but it really is so much better than the "navy with beige and brown rings" description sounds. I'm also late to the Forest Green Rota party, but somehow my size was still available. And like everyone else said...Wow, those are soft.  
Well, we know this is going well over $1k, so...   $1,100
Definitely left.
Very nice on both Frank. Museum, U cap, arch design...people on the street will be asking about those. Of course half will end up on the Bass website and be extremely disappointed. 
Thanks NAMOR. I'm sure your wallet is pleased there is a style you avoid! After a few austerity boots/shoes, I need to stop...not really austerity.   DJJD...cigar shell.
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