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Higher cost line with more hand stitching. Worn two or three times. No issues. Delicate cold wash with no dryer. Still measures the typical GI 42 size (around 46" chest). $7 shipping.   The color in my phone camera pics is a little too saturated. True color is more in between these and the NMWA studio shots.    This entirely handmade linen shirt is in a league of its own. It is cut in a luxurious and classic Grandi e Rubinelli linen fabric, and entirely hand-sewn with...
Bigi linen, Inglese chambray. I also received the La Portegna espadrilles, and the fit was perfect TTS (43 = 10). 
Hmm...figured it was dead, but will throw the pics back up and maybe we'll get a few more interested over summer. I'm not the biggest Dainite fan and would prefer to stick with double to single leather on this bal boot.   This boot:     This leather:  
The site's men's sales are now probably higher than women's with the Mom code. Cool day...Galway
No. Only had a couple of "maybes". I'd be open to changing specs a bit (or even model...Lamport?), but I still don't think it will get six. 
Most take U a half size up from F. 
Thanks...Bloomingdale's. Surprisingly, the NMWA 50 is still in stock.  
Inglese/Bigi (w/blue Rota). Would have preferred NMWA, but Eidos hemp in a different cut.
A broken toe this week calls for 202 and a thin sock to hobble to a meeting today.
Thanks Tukker. Nothing elaborate...soak with a suede cleaner when dirty, use a rubber suede brush when dry and touch up edges. I've been using Burgol neutral suede care lately and it has worked well. Nano protector once a year keeps any major stains off, and makes cleaning easier.
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