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Just because you're an ass and no one responds doesn't mean everything is always perfect. You could at least take the time to review posts in the last week. In b4 too lazy. 
Not much help on your question, but I really like the Ridgeway sole. I have asked other makers that use Dainite to use their Ridgeway, and they won't. The minimums and cost must be much higher over other commando / Vibram options. 
From the direct top view down, the welt is not that bad (it could be a little tighter on the outside where it curves). It is such a solidly constructed shoe though. The toe welt could also be a little different, but that goes with his design. It is not overly elongated, so it does look great from many angles. The inside heel seem design is a nice touch. For EB $, it is a steal to try out. 
My 1966 wholecut from SPIGA showed up. It had some shop wear creasing and the finish was a little dull, but I polished it back to life. The fit is just like the 1967, and the heel cup / arch support is amazing as usual. I just have to decide if the chisel is for me.   [[SPOILER]]
Drinking already?
Thinking about spring with all of the warmer weather...will there be more short sleeve Portuguese Flannel options?
Mocha flannel Walt
That jacket really depends on what you're going to be doing in it. Walking from the car to office with minimal layers...40. Hopping on sleds with kids, snow blowing half of the neighborhood, etc...42. I sized up.   
Pending   Testing the waters with this one. Love the boot, but it hasn't gotten much wear in the rotation (about a half dozen times). 9.5E UK / 10D US on the 82 last with HAF sole. A great shade of Dark Oak with nice burnishing and soft Mocca suede. Probably the most supple EG leather I've had. Includes box, bags and polishing cloth. No trees. $20 insured, signature required shipping. 
Yes. The Skoak order from mid '14. 
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