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Are they really all gone now except black? Incredible if so.
That's the spirit! Gotta be quick with this crowd and shell. I took cigar.
Good grief! Someone buy these.
^ Only 50 of each at $295??...you may want to make it a short nap.
On customs, I had one go through in what looks like 4 minutes today. At this point they have been bombarded by Skoak taped boxes into the US, and just toss them through.   My wife saw a nice blue envelope on my desk the other day and opened it thinking it was an invitation. I heard my full name yelled and "please tell me you didn't buy a $5,000 shoe!". Not that I'm hiding anything, but future envelopes may go straight to the trash.
Ha ha...thanks. I'm finally sitting at #1 for 10D. Maybe the lists will clear a little with the Ravello coming as well. 
Over a dozen on 10D.
With all the $400 Horween leather New Balance showing up, can't wait to see the shell sneaker here. The NB will make it seem like a bargain...and I won't comment on any of the NB designs.
Yes @ThinkDerm, trees included. Clarified on eBay. Thanks
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