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Awesome Exdeath. Hard to imagine an oxford boot looking more badass than that!
I really like the Cottesbrook. Google a few more images, and of course see that @Leaves already owns it in Nightshade
Probably 42.
For oxfords, why does Vass sometimes put the half circle leather piece where the lacing meets the vamp and other times it's just the stitch? Is it just the technique of the individual making them that day? All models and materials seem to be done both ways (cough...F with just stitch in sig). Does the extra piece allow for more robust stitching, or just cosmetic?
ooh...the shell section. The burgundy three eyelet looks great and the cognac shade of the wingtip next to it is perfect. Must resist email.
The vamp looks wide...P2? 
Light/dark...it all looks good Ironist. Not sure if it matters, but I probably wouldn't apply anything fresh from the factory. It will still lighten with normal care over time.
The Cowes' U cap looks like a perfect match to the 888 shape. 
Vass is cranking out the green this week. Thanks for the S last input Staffer. I may have to pass on trying that one.
Vass F last mid brown suede cap toe. New with box and bags (no trees). Size 43.5 fits 10.5D US. I thought I would try a size up on F, but as a Brannock 10D it is just a little large (especially with the give of suede). Great looking shoe and I'm just returning to Ascot if no interest here.   Free insured, signature required shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: