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New with tags 36 Driggs from the latest Factory Finds. A very nice "Antique Grey Cross-Hatch Tropical Wool" material for three season (or even year round) use. Waist measures 37" with an unfinished bottom.   Free shipping. 
270 or 360 welt?
50 shades of green. I don't think I'll ever tire of this watch...and to think I was hesitant about green initially. I'm debating stopping at the Reis Nichols watch event today. Thanks to this thread, I find myself gazing more into the AP case. My wallet will stay home as an extra precaution.  
Thanks Sammy, grc. I posted one to IG this week, but with just a few family and friends following, I can't let them on to all of my addictions!
Walking the line on a Friday.
My two promo Individualized shirts arrived today. A simple white broadcloth and the Egyptian Whisper Blue...which seems slightly green to me, but I'm a terrible blue/green judge. Some of my previous XL Epaulet dress shirts with a 27.5" sleeve were too long, so I asked for 27" and it's a little too short . The rest of the fit is great though, so I'll stick to the standard measurements for future orders.  [[SPOILER]]
Like new Alden Chocolate Suede Tankers shipped for $390! Not sure how an 8.5D has gone unsold for two days around here.     http://www.styleforum.net/t/476564/alden-x-leather-soul-choco-tankers-nst-boots-8-5-d
Thanks guys. Shearling lined may be a tough sell in the spring, but people can plan ahead!
^ I know. I've had my eye on the St. James, but the right combo/deal hasn't hit yet...I know it's lurking though. The more I look at the espresso Strand on Leffot's site, the more I like it. Just not $1500 "like".   On another note, I never understood people having sizing issues with the MH71. Mine were always perfect. Along comes the Kensington though, and it is noticeably more snug than my other 9.5Es. The VR is so nice, I'll probably still just try to break it in.  
 Thanks again guys! I really will try to refrain from buying another oxford 
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