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 Thanks as always for the work and mention razl. Most of the Walts were quickly scarfed up. $50 off the Southwick for the thread to keep things moving.
I was tempted to see if I could squeeze into those. They look very nice.
Epaulet Southwick 42R hopsack sport coat. NWT. $230 + $20 insured, signature required shipping. Originally $650, and now $825 to MTO. I'll add measurements later, but it fits like a TTS 42R. Shoulders 18.5" Chest 22" Sleeve 26" Length (from BOC) 29.5"       
I just received four REDA Hopsack Walts from the last "Ends" round. Tagged 36 and measure about 36.5 with an unfinished seam. Waist can be let out up to an additional 1.5". $195 each shipped. They are usually $285 when stocked, and the REDA fabric is hard to beat.    Bright Blue - SOLD  Champagne  Pearl Grey - SOLD   Medium Grey - SOLD 
If Ttown is a troll, I need to find his bridge. Lots of cash and nice shoes under there.   Back on topic...great "odd stock" selection lately. 
Thanks Jerry. I just tried with my thinnest dress sock, and with the shape of the toe box, I still don't think I'd size down (I am trying at the end of the day though). I'd rather play it safe with a medium sock...especially after the snug Marlow in my Barrie size.
Yes, basically a dressier C&J Marlow. 240 TTS works great for me with a medium/thicker sock. I could never get the 325 Marlow and Lindrick size perfect. Great finish on the shell as well...no dry areas here.  
I'll probably change my mind again with winter coming! Do have a few too many right now though.
Yes...Haberdash. Great selection, and even better in person compared to the lighting of the online photos. Ask for measurements though if ordering. Maybe it was just the silk/wool one I tried.
I tried on the latest Tenero today, and it seems much more snug than last year's version. I usually take a 42, and the 44 was perfect this year (shoulders looked much better as well). All of my other 42/52's still fit fine, so it wasn't too much summer beer. 
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