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Just grabbed another Rota. Can't believe nearly all sizes are still available...great subtle pattern. 
Yes, if you are not 100%, sell them now as new. I love having one pair with shearling, but it does compress pretty quickly with use and wears some at the top...not the best look to sell as used.
A little ddd foreshadowing..."I love Rosewood."
-25 wind = Midnight Tweed
"Ends" Barberis chocolate check flannel Driggs. Love the material, and looking forward to the dark mocha Walt version.
Rota/Vass. I may have to buy another one...or two, or three.
 Actually a complete mix...the high boot, chukka and shoe. Even more credit to Vass for the same fit on all three. I guess some variation is always expected with the hand welting, but after adjusting for the slightly larger shell fit, sizing has been pretty consistent for me. I do have some calf shoes though where some variances are more obvious. I always thought my first 43 P2 purchase seemed small, and it threw off some of my other initial purchases. On my latest 43 P2,...
 FWIW, I can say at least with my latest three pairs, one with goyser and two without, the fit is exactly the same. Consistent last, size and shell material.
Just the label. It's actually the Cardigan 4...so this is the fourth iteration?? I think someone posted the shell version awhile back. http://crockettandjones.com/product/cardiogan-4-darkbrown-cordovan
 8.5 US Cardigan back in stock. Highly recommend... http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503395781&cgid=BARNEYS&index=3
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