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Wore my Kenneth Cole Gable with a f'ed up hem to my son's graduation today.  
Another very nice black Vass boot. F last 42 / 9 US (9.5 per seller?). Austerity, no hooks, goyser, trees. Can still see JR on the soles. $495 obo   http://www.styleforum.net/t/490138/vass-austerity-brogue-boots-f-last-black-leather-sz-42  
You make entirely too much sense. There is still the minor issue of an army of captoes in my closet...no chestnut though!
Thanks everyone! If I didn't have this pair, it would be much more difficult to resist Skoab's new chestnut St. James...I could still have a weak moment though.
The Navy doesn't come up $95 in the cart.
Mitchell...love the comfort of the faux wingtip. The left was significantly darker than the right when new, but I've darkened the right over time.
New EG Shannon 9.5 E / 10D 202 now $700 shipped. Someone please buy before I find a way to put to use.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/449025/nib-edward-green-shannon-9-5e-drop-6-1-killer-deal  
Thanks...F. Kind of gives them a DG70 Hove look.
Osloer / NST addiction continues.  
Come on? New Vass P2 black scotch grain boots 42 / 9 US with trees...$450 shipped.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/461951/vass-plain-toe-boot-london-p2-last-pebble-grain-size-42-new  
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