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 Yes, Loafers and Laces as Sleepy mentioned. He had two pair on eBay under the ID "interlockpaving" (I assume his last ones). I'm sure similar make-ups are out there, but I hadn't recalled seeing these before. The dark CXL on my Innsbruck has aged nicely with slight color variations...hope these do the same. 
Found a perfect all weather shoe... CXL NST on commando. With a thin heel I usually avoid barrie, but the heel cup doesn't feel overly large on this one.  
Tempting...I considered it and discussed with Patrik, but decided I had enough short wings and went with Skoak's Shannon pre-order. Maybe later for me.
Shannon XIV ....I've had my eye on that one as well.
82 last UK D width, but a GREAT deal on a 9 US Malvern with trees for $625.    http://axelsltd.com/collections/mens-shoes/products/malvern-in-chestnut-antique
Thanks...and yes, F. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/shoes/antique-cognac-austerity-brogue-oxford.html
I happened to be wearing these through a hospital yesterday. Almost ended up in a bed myself after nearly wiping it on the polished floors. I may have to take a hammer and punch to a few heel nails that seem to protrude slightly...they can be brutal.
Great pic. I actually like both, but the Hove looks like a fit summer body, and the Dover is a winter shot after the holidays.
Interesting...on second look, I guess those could be Trubalance. The photo angle and tight laces make it look pretty sleek.
 That's trubalance though. Yours is barrie.
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