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Why does it matter? Yes, $75 +$10 UM shipping and I'm selling for $99 free shipping + other fees...I'll be rich. 
One "boaring" glove purchase for me
^   Awesome joshua
Yes...he's been in some of the LS photos (online and IG). He's worn Alden boots on some of the live shows and other events.  
On a special LS 10 yr shoe, I don't have a problem with them rewarding their loyal customers over the years, especially on what was probably a small run. One of the staff told me about it in March and I asked to be on a list or called if there was a shot, but didn't expect anything. I can't compete with the top customers and celebrities like Steven Yuen...hope he's not my size.
Wow...After your two recent shell boots, you have three more coming? And in your size, they'll run out of shell shortly.
Posting mostly to get Vass back on page 1 of my subscriptions.   I've been considering another chukka. It seems like most photos are either P2 or U. I've seen other F plain toe shoes/boots, but asked for an F last chukka photo anyway. If I go for dressier, I'll do F with no goyser, but a casual shell P2 full goyser is calling me more right now.  
I'd trust your memory over mine...I was too sad sending my pair back. I think another member in Chicago ended up with it. It was also a 9.5E like the listing, but without the Horween stamp.
It was a recent run likely meant for an overseas retailer. Something happened and DC sold it instead. About a dozen pair and all E width. Nice example of why Alden needs more Aberdeen boots.
^ Wife comments are classic. I picked up a red/green/blue Gitman plaid shirt and mine said it looks like a basic Crayola mix. It's kind of true, but I like the fit and it annoys her, so it's a keeper for fun.
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