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^ A $2k BIN with best offer will likely result in a much different actual selling price.
Thanks Roger! Now if I could just get four more in the same day like medtech.
Thanks, and it is CRU611. LS photo...   Thanks Gianni.
I finally received the shipping notice this afternoon. Figures, another Thursday shipment getting to a closed office on Saturday and waiting until next Tuesday. I need to pay better attention to who uses FedEx Home and actually use a home address.
I should have done a before and after in the same light, but I mixed in black on these and it made a nice subtle change.   
Very cool. Leffot had an Instagram photo of its cloud/midnight version that was much better than its dark website photo. Not sure how much I would wear it, but some photos can be very convincing. 
Anything close to the edge color is good for me...so medium to lighter brown, but I'm not too picky on belts. 
I think my call was more of a fraud check due to two orders basically at the same time. Without some other notice, I'd still count on them.
Speaking of another order...I'll add to the blue Coniston praise (especially for about $400). With my Lindrick sizing and others saying they sized down, I was a little concerned about fit ordering my tts 10D US, but it is perfect.  
I placed a wingtip order right after another one, and Barneys actually called that day to confirm the order. After seeing it go out of stock with no shipping notice, I was a little concerned. I checked today and got "It is currently in the process of getting ready to be shipped to you". 
New Posts  All Forums: