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I debate 270 vs 360 every time. For the Osloer, I do like how the 270 ties directly to the design on the side.
Sounds great, but based on Namor's visit last week, Vass has stopped attempting to make shell oxford boots.
Next to the others on the table, it looks a little red, but I think that is the cigar example they use. My last dark cigar boot is 100% brown.
Self inflicted torture. Last week I ordered a calf belt and just asked for it to be shipped with my next order. The very next day, the Osloer was ready.  So I think it is shipping today with a belt. Speaking of belts, when restocked, the Farnese Cognac belt is a nearly perfect match to Vass' Antique Cognac.  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/belts/cognac-brown-soft-calf-tubo-tubular-dress-belt.html
Gotcha. It hits my waist perfectly, but I can understand other body types needing higher.
^Are you sure one was a Walt? It is 12.5"...no way I could do higher than that. 
Cooler day...couldn't resist wearing the Blarney Stone once.
Doesn't seem to be used as much as 82, but it is still pretty common for the more casual all country calf versions with thicker rubber soles.
At $90, the Napoli Blue hopped in my cart and checked itself out!
Some others will have to help you with that. I have white, cognac and mocha (still on sale), and the fit is great. The older white and cognac seem to have just a little more room in the toe box.
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