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I purchased the last LBM grey twill overcoat. It's pretty nice ...someone please buy the last houndstooth before I have a weak moment (ie weekend drink + internet). I'm usually 42R/52 and the 54 is perfect.  
It's just a balmoral boot...you'd never wear it (keep repeating until you feel better ).
[[SPOILER]] It doesn't look that bad in those photos. A little wear and polish and it will even out, or won't be noticeable to anyone but you.
I couldn't decide between cigar and cognac either, so I just went with both. The shade of the cognac in the IG side shot looked a little less red than the store shots (at least on my phone), so that convinced me.    My current EP suede trainers crease right around the first lace, which should keep a nice toe cap on the shell version. With the low toe box and thinner shell, I'm hoping it doesn't amputate my toes at the crease.
If a little more casual is ok, maybe look for one with a goyser welt. My 43 P2 with goyser has more room/width in the toe box than the 43 without it.
I generally take the same size in both (43 as well), but the F toe box has more tapper to it and looks dressier. I can see going up a half for F if the P2 is somewhat tight.
Found a hiking trail today...didn't get far.  
Are they really all gone now except black? Incredible if so.
That's the spirit! Gotta be quick with this crowd and shell. I took cigar.
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