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 It's one of G&G's new models they have been promoting this week (Cotswold, DG70). And yes, several Vass lasts would work. Plain toe F is very nice as well.   [[SPOILER]]
Let's not discuss international pricing too much, or EG will make all retailers develop web stores for every major currency.   
I noticed @NYDRH 's Vibergs have been listed for awhile (and I don't believe posted on the thread). Common size around here (US 8). The pit tanned bison really is a great material. Go to the Viberg blog link for glamour shots.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/513136/viberg-natural-bison-service-boot-1035-last-size-7-5   http://viberg.com/blogs/journal/51589956-service-boot-in-natural-bison  
If you search Google images for Vass double monk boot, there are several out there where the buckles wrap higher like the C&J. I'd just show Reszo what you really want and he probably has something similar, or can make a modification.
Maybe ask for their single buckle designs as well? Something with a higher strap across the ankle (like the G&G) might be more comfortable and usable in more situations.   [[SPOILER]]
I get XL in all regular PF shirts, but went with the L for the CPO. I know some went with the same size. The XL in this flannel does seem larger than usual (sleeve length & chest), but I haven't washed it yet.
Great deals on the 50% off PF. The black & white glen plaid is a little washed out in the stock photos, but much sharper in person.  
Yes, all three are P2. I think it works well for the long wing design and boots. 
Here's a little closer and more of a side shot (a few in the Vass thread over the last year as well).  [[SPOILER]]
My little Vass shell family. Thankfully (for my wallet) these three pretty much cover the shell angle for me.  
New Posts  All Forums: