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 Speaking of nice suede, Axels does have a lot to choose from (and the 10% off with email is enticing). I don't think I can do UK D on 82, but the suede 606 Dover would probably work (also a 202 chukka). 
Congrats and very cool...landlocked counties can produce gunboats! I have one coming at some point, but without the goyser (although, the 360 welt compliments longwings perfectly). 
Thanks.  And yes, I like the suede combos as well, but they seem a little more formal on a bal boot than what I really need. All calf and the side design seem to take it down a notch...if that's possible. Now the suede on the Galway, I'm still after that one.
Not to steal Skoak's thunder, but...   And great service as usual...already shipped with tracking this morning.  
No one picked it up, or it wasn't posted anywhere today?? I was sent a lo-res photo this morning and even that looked great...love the side design. The DOAK looks pretty dark like the recent Westminster.
Vass Theresianer Cognac Scotchgrain cap toe. Size 43.5 / 10.5D on the New Peter last. New with box and bags. This scotchgrain is supple and well done all over.    $399 + $15 insured, signature required UPS shipping
Skoak will be posting a photo shortly...don't look!
I received the Epaulet scotch grain shoes today. I went up a half size when one popped in stock, and it should work fine. It's the third Vass I have that seems like the outside of the right shoe is ratcheted down tighter than the left. I understand variances with hand made, but I swear one of the lasting guys looks like:
I know some have issues with suede oxfords and/or blue...not me though. I'll wear these all the time with chinos and a dress shirt. Hampton + flex sole = comfort win.   These are difficult to photograph. To the eye in some lighting, they are dark enough to almost appear black. In other lighting, a more grayish blue. They don't seem to be the vibrant navy that comes off in the Epaulet photo (which is even better for me). In short, if you can put these to use, they are a...
I'd say this pair is pretty true to size for a 10.5. It would probably be too snug for a size 11.
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