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Oh, and pulling a Justin and hitting the pavement immediately. In and out shot.
^Yes, and to clarify from recent conversations with Reszo:   1. Vass only uses Horween Shell Cordovan. 2. Horween and other tanneries do sell horsehide, but Vass has not purchased any. 3. There were issues with recent lighter shades and Vass stopped selling those for now, and stands behind the shoes/boots made with that shell if there are issues. 4. The shell comes in multiple sizes, and the larger ones are required for boots. Latest shipment only had smaller...
Osloer. This batch of whiskey is pretty similar to the saddle I have, but I love the color and finishing. P2 in my usual size, and it is one of my better fitting shell boots/shoes. I can actually get by with  a thin sock. The stitching on the vamp does help to give it a more F like appearance. Now I just need to prevent myself from ordering one in every color.   [[SPOILER]]
I can understand shell issues (Ascot said Vass even had to return some to Horween), but there's no way Vass would risk its reputation on anything other than shell. It would just say "No"...like it mostly does now. Why deal with horseshit when you've got great calf.
OE II design, F last, Oxblood, blind eyelets, single leather sole, non-requested f'd up cap punching hazwana pointed out that I'll now notice forever.
Love the comparison photos. No package until Monday, so wearing these today. And I'll add a few F vs 82 shots. F really accentuates the pigeon toed aspect of the EG lasts.      [[SPOILER]]
With the construction and materials, they would be hard to beat for regular wear in the rain and snow.
Yes, I know the lowest fabric price of the entire grouping is in the title. It's just that the three Montalto 100 x 100s are different. Not that big of a deal.
 Mike...No particular reason (I want the green stripe dammit), but usually all fabrics under one style or name are the same price. The first Montalto is $175 and the next two are $190, which is the same as the Prisma group under it. Are the prices correct?
With limited amounts of shell to go around, I can see why Vass doesn't want to risk it on oxford boots. I've even had new EG calf bal boots split at the same point (and a recent factory sale had several others with the same issue). Hard to notice, but I do appreciate how all Vass calf oxfords have an extra row of reinforcement stitching where the quarters meet the vamp.  
New Posts  All Forums: