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The NMWA Norweger is not the typical "original / old" Peter last design on double leather. With the F last and tapering sole, it can easily be worn with wool trousers. It would be my pick.   
Yes, and with the current NMWA EURO20 sale, Vass at $600 is very tempting...especially if you aren't 100% sure on sizing. If you're another 43/43.5, you probably should wait until fall though .
I keep repeating "I don't need more grey pants", but the merino windowpane will likely end up in my cart.
With the NMWA sale, I couldn't resist trying another 52 in a different cut. The shoulders seem a little better from multiple angles and positions, and at about $500 for the awesome wool / cashmere material...I'll live with it. Someone please buy the last dark green plaid 52 before Friday drinks start! 
I have a slightly different version, but recommend it. Plain toe F can make a pretty sleek chukka. Nice HAF sole and rear design on NMWA version.  [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks everyone. CASE, the others are correct about this being an Old English II boot on F (Vass MTO). Zapas, I thought about HAF, but wanted this one as sleek as possible (not that my others really aren't), so I just went with single. This was the pair I had for sale, but decided to keep. I can only have a new pair of Vass sitting around for so long before they make it onto my feet. I swapped the thicker unwaxed laces Vass uses (also in NAMOR's photo) for thin waxed...
There Will Be oxBlood
Thanks guys. Maybe I'll grab a smaller size in a different fabric. I liked the windowpane the best at Haberdash, but the boxcheck could be a good substitute. 
Poor pics (& not with this shirt), but is this too large? It doesn't seem that bad from the front, but with arms straight from the side, it is a little off in the shoulders. Can't believe I have to ask, but I've gone back and forth on whether to return (smaller size isn't available). Maybe it will relax a little over time. [[SPOILER]]
On the Plaza boot, it depends what you're after, but I always thought Plaza wingtips looked better with a 270 welt (like the Leffot version above). Shell version with 360 commando...   [[SPOILER]]
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