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It's just the Foot Balance heel more common on the ortho lasts. Some of them seem to really curve and extend under the arch for additional support.
There is a 7 year old Ask Andy thread with Leathersoul involved in the discussion about a 9073 that is definitely not Cigar. Apparently Alden NY would get a limited run of 12 each year (#4, Mahogany, Ravello or whatever it was). Maybe the Shoe Mart system pulled the description from the old Alden NY version.
 With the two tone brown and antique edge trim, I thought it really stood out in person...in a good way. Someone said "pimp", but I think it is more conservative than that. It seems to be selling pretty well.
  Both are awesome. The suede looks like it could walk away on its own!
Very nice. That photo looks a little dark, but in store next to Unionmade's Color 8 WT and cap toe, that is the lightest and best (IMO) shade currently stocked. 
 Very nice Mike. That narrow, it could almost pass as a European brand.
Alden SF received a restock... I'm sure if they did some advertising they'd be gone already.  http://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=157&ParentID=94&PageID=&Action=
^ Speaking of a black Indy...how about one with a little toe character?   Barrie Tanker gets the love, but a black shell Trubalance one with Commando and hooks means business in a different way.  
Austerity Brogue (NMWA )  
FYI, Saks downtown San Fran has 7 pairs of blue scotch grain/dainite 202 Ullswater 50% off...various sizes US 8 - 12. $1,370 retail...only sale style at that store.
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