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Thanks. And yes Tommy, J Gilbert. I don't think it's mentioned often, but if you go to the bottom of the main J Gilbert page and sign up for its email, you get $50 off your first purchase (or pre-order). I think some just see the inventory on the AOC site and/or call Yenni directly and may miss it.
Cigar cap toe blucher? Several good options, but to have a shot at "rare" shell (at least for Alden) on a shoe you could put to use would be great. I don't believe the list for an incoming order is all that deep at DC.
Thanks Don, sevenfold, tv...these will be getting some wear asap.
Thanks jhcam...very nice color on yours too.
Plaza WT Boot arrived...  
Thanks sevenfold, tifosi. Sevenfold...you need to spend a day off photographing your collection (or at least one group shot to admire!).  
Thanks...the CC/Ridgeway versions are calling you. 
Thanks everyone!
After the rough winter, Galway cleaning day. I had been sticking with neutral cream & wax on the bronze, but used black on the toe and heel today. A lot of light in the photo...it can appear much darker.  
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