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Awesome @rnguy001. Good to hear they worked for you, and you're hooked! The 43.5 was just a little too large for me. The suede 43 is already one of my favorites, so I'll need to reorder a Valway.
I just received two F last boots in different sizes and decided the 43 works best for my 10D foot. This 43.5 is better for a 10.5D. Italian polished oxblood with the black scotch grain shaft. 270 goyser with Vibram lug sole. Worn once. Free shipping with two Vass boxes, lasted shoe trees and bags.
Letting another Inglese go. Great green soft brushed cotton. Only worn once or twice, but a little too small for me. Tagged 42, but it has a 45" chest closer to the 41 size.   No stains, non-smoker. All of my Inglese are cold washed delicate, and never hit the dryer. $125 shipped.     http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/green-check-brushed-cotton-shirt-spread-collar.html
 Thanks, and very nice on yours as well.I've worn both of my new boots once each, and have decided it is best for me to stick with 43. May pass along the 43.5 Valway and reorder.
New Anthony Cleverley Tavistock. A conservative dark blue that will work well with brown trousers. They appear much darker indoors, but you could darken further if desired.    AC RTW is made by Edward Green (with more attention to detail). This model does have the size window similar to EG.   Cleverly says the 9E UK is equivalent to a 10D US. Should also work for someone in between 9.5 and 10. My right foot is closer to 10.5 and these are a bit snug.   Includes...
 Thanks everyone. Hard to go wrong with the color combo. I continue to experiment with F last sizing. The suede 43 is snug, but still comfortable with thin socks. The leather 43.5 is a little long, but fine with medium. I really am a 43.25 for F. The goyser didn't make a noticeable sizing difference on either of these.  
Next winter has to be worse? Both F last. Polished Oxblood/Black Grain 43.5. The quality and finishing of the Oxblood  Dark brown suede 43 (looks lighter on mulch). Similar to Massdrop run, but Vassed up a notch.   [[SPOILER]]
Worn twice. Tagged 42 but had a 45" chest more like the 41. $10 shipping.   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/light-blue-striped-linen-shirt-buttoned-collar.html
NWT. Tagged 36 x 34. NMWA measurements 37.8" W, 11.6" rise, 35.4" length (sanforized). $10 shipping   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/regular-straight-cut-jeans-12-oz-raw-denim-911.html
NWT. Nice sweater, but XL is a little too large for me. 26.8" length and 46.1" chest. $10 shipping.   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-bull-wool-gansey-crewneck-sweater.html
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