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Yes...the fit is very good. Plenty of width and room in the toe box. The instep is pretty high, but with a medium sock, the top of the lacing wasn't all the way closed on me.
A few FF trousers today. All are great, but the Blarney Stone Donegal is the standout (color is a little off). [[SPOILER]]
Cross-post to get Bonafe on the 804 last in here...great shoe.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys. Skoak should put "@wurger approved" on its website to move the rest of them.
I had a few questions on the Kensington...it is MH71. Finally some sun this week. A better shot of the VR... [[SPOILER]]
Hmm...St. C is in the area this month, but at a US shop on the 22nd. Multiple trunk show teams? Bonafe cap toe. 804 almond last may not sound that exciting, but it is still like stepping into a Ferrari.  [[SPOILER]]
 Unfortunately, probably a return (or maybe a discount if you can live with it).
I've had two issues recently (EG and G&G). With Skoak's assistance, both completely remade the boots. Stuff happens...the way they all handled the issues keeps me coming back. 
If someone hasn't actually made it through the checkout process at Epaulet for at least one great item, they don't deserve to be on the email list. I don't need additional potential competition on new items and sales! You all are enough.
$895 Edward Green shell in a common size? Other great EG, G&G, Vass, etc. listed by Steven as well.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/464665/4-2-final-drop-new-edward-green-windermere-cordovan-crup-burgundy-9-5-10-e202
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