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Great...took the last flannel.   I took tweed and flannel Walts from last year in to Nordstrom today for the "free" alterations. The lady said variations of "Oh, those are nice" three or four times. 
Nice...I'll be in the store tomorrow. The lug chukkas are tempting.
Finally...got in on the dark mocha flannel 
I think that Brixton is a great color, and probably the best calf you'll find on an Alden. You can always hit it with black to mix in a little character.
Someone needs to work a deal on these with Sammy. Size 42. The "London" stitching looks great on P2, and the quality/shade of that Oxblood seems perfect.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/R32-New-Peter-Last-Laszlo-VASS-London-Upper-Eu-42-UK-8-Oxblood-/400810168065?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item5d5225cf01  
I was considering the same one. I think @Farhad19620 picked it up at one of the factory sales last year.
Wow...Santa delivered early on the Brandy Willow Calf 202 Dover (Skoak photo).
Love the Merola. I have 20 yo+ cheap pairs all over the house, but somehow I'll lose one of these in the first season.
Why does it matter? Yes, $75 +$10 UM shipping and I'm selling for $99 free shipping + other fees...I'll be rich. 
One "boaring" glove purchase for me
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