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P2 Cigar shell lwb. The combo of Vass, New Peter and longwing doesn't sound all that sleek, but compared to others...very nice.       
I'm a sucker for the extra side design of the Isham. I'd be in if I didn't have the Thorpe and coming lighter Dover (agree on no storm welt for the shoe). 
Thanks Patrik...and no problem using for Instagram.
Thanks everyone on the Thorpe. It definitely has more of a dark oak look to it than indicated with the indoor web shots.
Thorpe. The color is even better in person.    [[SPOILER]]
I purchased the last LBM grey twill overcoat. It's pretty nice ...someone please buy the last houndstooth before I have a weak moment (ie weekend drink + internet). I'm usually 42R/52 and the 54 is perfect.  
It's just a balmoral boot...you'd never wear it (keep repeating until you feel better ).
[[SPOILER]] It doesn't look that bad in those photos. A little wear and polish and it will even out, or won't be noticeable to anyone but you.
I couldn't decide between cigar and cognac either, so I just went with both. The shade of the cognac in the IG side shot looked a little less red than the store shots (at least on my phone), so that convinced me.    My current EP suede trainers crease right around the first lace, which should keep a nice toe cap on the shell version. With the low toe box and thinner shell, I'm hoping it doesn't amputate my toes at the crease.
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