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Cowes first wear. I don't have too many dressier derbys, so this GF combo was hard to pass up.
I'd say similar width and toe box room (888 a half size down from US, Rain full size down). 888 has a lower instep.  
Cowes in different lighting. Great choice by Steve on the burgundy with no medallion. The U-wing is perfect for 888.    
Yes, usual GI shirt size. Seems to be a little more forgiving in the shoulders/chest. 
Midwest...usually two days ground from east coast.  Some of the colors are being stocked as well, aren't they?
My only regret about the Inglese Polo...I didn't preorder more colors. The fit is perfect and the olive is very nice.  
--- everyone instantly double checking grc's size ---
  VIII ...but there are about a half dozen with the dip (XII happens to be one too).
Thanks again everyone! Definitely one of my favorite boots. Yeah Ironist, I lucked out on the shade of this one, but even the dark one is very nice. I still regret not getting the wingtip version as well when policies were more favorable. 
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