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Those look even better on your feet NAMOR. The instep seemed pretty steep in the shop photo. Still a good fit in your usual size? 
Sure makes the remaining $6xx shell offerings look like a bargain. Nice looking boots though. I'm sure Leffot will sell most of them before Christmas.
$595 Greenwich...Leffot should just add $5 to have the first $600 Alden calf boot (unless I missed something else recently). 
Thanks Nikola. I have a few other photos where they are a little lighter and I may eventually get some shots in the sun this week, but this Rosewood is pretty dark and reddish (which I really like for this boot). The toe burnishing still shows though. Skoak's photos show in the brighter indoor light: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/edward-green/products/edward-green-veldt-galway
Don't worry about it Steven...$360     edit...well, n/m anyway
Edward Green Galway 9.5E UK / 10D US 64 Last. Great cold climate makeup: Veldt construction, Ridgeway sole, Rosewood Country Calf, Shearling lined shaft. See more detail on Skoak's website. Includes EG box and bags. I just purchased it new, and only tried it on for a few hours indoors. As a Brannock 10D (with one foot a little larger), it is very snug for me with a thin sock. Some size up on the 64 last, so if you are borderline 10D or closer to 9.5D US, these would likely...
 Thanks Ryden, Farhad. Like yours Farhad, these also have shearling, so I didn't really want to use a thicker sock. Even with a thin one, they were very snug yesterday but are a little better today. Maybe I was just swolen and retaining beer     
So for those that have gone with their Brannock size on the 64 last and it was snug, how have the shoes/boots broken in? I know the leather will stretch a little and footbed will compress, but do you still wish you went up a half size? I'm trying to decide on a Galway I just received.
Thanks everyone. And yes @Dieg0 , I'll post another shot next week.
I don't think I've ever been this excited getting a black shoe. Whatever order spec was off made them perfect for me. Thanks for listing Skoak!   Hello
New Posts  All Forums: