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Not a great photo, but you can get an idea of how the Classic Round A190 (9.5E) compares to 82 (9.5E) and F (43). Some of the more casual lasts really don't compare to any of AM's current RTW offerings.   
New natty CXL Truman from another member. They could become a casual favorite. Great CXL color/quality. The Lactae-Hevea Country sole is extremely comfortable, and freakishly slip resistant on ice. I have an inexpensive pair of boots with the new Vibram Arctic Grip sole for snow blower duty, and these could be on par for ice traction.  
Time for the heavier LBM. Fits well over a sport coat a size up. My other LBM is a little more snug.
Those are great. Full size only killed it for me. Had the 10 in my cart, but 2030 really is perfect at 9.5, so decided to pass. 
  Close...walnut museum.
Vass boot today
I have a new 10 that could be on someone's feet next week for pics.   V V V
Thanks. I'd say anything above 50 would be pushing it. It's pretty warm, so 40 and below is probably best. I get warm anyway, and had to take it off in a crowded room this morning.
20 degrees = new GRP.  
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