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Walnut museum. I'll get natural light photos next week.     
Sold mostly to others around here. Just found myself preferring other materials. 
I don't have much shell left, but the shade of this Vass remains a favorite.  
Here's a Breiner. Considering both it and the CPO as shirt-jackets, the soft Breiner feels more "shirt", and the canvas CPO more "jacket". I have both in large, and while the cut is similar, the CPO chest is 2" larger. CPO is last year's stock though, and it appears PF sizing has changed slightly...would be an XL based on this year's measurements. 
Edit: $99 shipped. $145 each shipped, or $270 for both. Worn two or three times. No issues. Delicate cold wash with no dryer. The chambray still measures the typical GI 42 size (46" chest), and the cotton/linen is closer to 45". Edit: Chambray sold
MTM Inglese from earlier this year. I kept it simple with the white and blue end-on-end cotton in size 43 with 42 arms. Some of my 42s are snug in the neck and chest. These are perfect with room to spare if they shrink a bit. 
@q1445, I'd say those are either an 11 or 11.5. The insoles of my 10 are about 10 5/8". A 10.5 wouldn't jump all the way to an 11.5" insole.   Couldn't pass up the stock black waxed flesh. 
The rust Bigi today.  
I just received this Optio wingtip in August and have decided to pass it along. If you're an exact 10D (or sightly smaller) these will work fine. The toe box is not working for my one slightly larger 10.25 foot. Worn under a half dozen times.   Classic round last in antiqued dark oak calf. No trees. I have the box, and have already misplaced the bags. I'll update the listing if I find them, but I may have to ship with another brand's. $20 insured, signature required...
Thanks. Maybe I'll catch you on something else in the future! 
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