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Hmm...St. C is in the area this month, but at a US shop on the 22nd. Multiple trunk show teams? Bonafe cap toe. 804 almond last may not sound that exciting, but it is still like stepping into a Ferrari.  [[SPOILER]]
 Unfortunately, probably a return (or maybe a discount if you can live with it).
I've had two issues recently (EG and G&G). With Skoak's assistance, both completely remade the boots. Stuff happens...the way they all handled the issues keeps me coming back. 
If someone hasn't actually made it through the checkout process at Epaulet for at least one great item, they don't deserve to be on the email list. I don't need additional potential competition on new items and sales! You all are enough.
$895 Edward Green shell in a common size? Other great EG, G&G, Vass, etc. listed by Steven as well.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/464665/4-2-final-drop-new-edward-green-windermere-cordovan-crup-burgundy-9-5-10-e202
BRG will be impressive justin. mcl911, nothing boring about the black Gable...it forces me to wear black more often. 
Kensington (Nick) and Gable (Skoak). Low light photo, but as most around here know, the Vintage Rioja is striking when wearing. And the Gable...the conservative shoe with 222 stitches of flair.   
I had a similar transaction recently. New account and verified address (apartment). Even though it was below $250, I sent as signature required for extra protection. Sure enough, days later, a credit card chargeback case. With the delivery proof I provided, PayPal covered and I had funds back the same day.
Thanks. Looks like a good fit on your OEII.
A little suede before NANO. F last deep brown chukka. P2 red brown London PTB.  
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