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Epaulet Southwick Super 130s Wool Cashmere Blend Sportcoat. There were only a few of the Chocolate Checks made last fall, and I believe Mike said this fabric was typically used for a $1,300 jacket. Only worn two or three times for short periods.  Tagged 43R, but with the Epaulet Weller cut, it's really more like a 42R in other brands. I had the waist taken in a bit. See the measurements. No adjustments to sleeves. 3 roll 2. Free shipping. Latest wool Southwick MTO...
UK 11 would usually also be a 45, but both of those are tight (+ an initially snug loafer a half size up). A derby boot should be more forgiving, but New Peter won't be as roomy as Peter or Budapest. Maybe 45.5 (especially if shell), but 46 is also a possibility. I'd confirm your measurements with Reszo or a vendor before ordering.   
Washed out shot, but I do like the dark navy of this suit and how the chalk pattern shows in direct lighting.
Nice pic and very cool combo.
Poor photo, but the PF canvas shirt/jacket. I'm sure they will disappear quickly with cooler weather. I usually take an XL in the other PF shirts (one of those was even a little snug). This is a large over a dress shirt & t shirt...plenty of room.   [[SPOILER]]
Yes. Go down one full size. If in between sizes, SPIGA still recommends sizing down, so some could be down 1.5 from US. That probably won't work for some. I have the RTW Maverick and Boston Derby now. As a 10D, the 9UK is a very good fit in both. There is plenty of room in the instep, but if I had to go down 1.5 the toe box would likely be too tight. I really like the 1967 last and have asked Bestetti about a tall boot using it. I may have misinterpreted, but with...
Hello...these sold.
Thanks Rule. It's La Portegna (Fat Carter just fits my 15" laptop). A Glaser would be great.
Blue REDA hopsack Walt...great color (I'll have an extra 36 soon if anyone is interested).
Not to turn it into a customs bitch thread, but I sent a used pair of St. C to Canada through the USPS and the buyer was still hit for 60% of the declared value. I've had other horror stories too. Seems like they have been told to be aggressive and see how many actually dispute it. 
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