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Thanks! I don't have a huge boot rotation, but do try to mix in and limit it to a variety of colors and patterns. Hell, I could end up with a rainbow of calf and shell Osloers alone.  I prefer how everything just flows with the Osloer, but I'd certainly wear a Norweger as well. Don't you have a mixed scotch grain version? stmaier has the nice brown museum one...his burgundy cap toe got me thinking about a similar F version.
Ha ha...yes. I really wanted to stick with oxblood calf for the dressier OEII boot, and I'll have a Nightshade Galway, so I thought they were close enough for me. I almost went black shell, but the color 8 photo with dark goyser was too convincing. I also really liked the color of the Vass burgundy shell shoe I had that ended up being too large. 
Phew...happy to get one of the last from this batch. Yes, the F will be a boot. 43.25 would probably be perfect for me on F calf, so 43 shell should work out well. I have no Color 8 (), and one of the Vass IG photos pushed me over the edge. I may look at the chisel for a calf shoe once I recover from these. 
I'm sure they can make two!  And thanks guys. Whiskey, P2. The side shot and vamp stitching makes it difficult to tell the last. I do have an F cap toe coming later. I just asked for the goyser and edge color to be a good match to the current batch of shell, so more natural. I usually ask for no pull tab, but these look fine being small and low.
Tease for next week...Osloer.    
Thanks Fred. Nice pickup on that Chukka...I was tempted as well.
I'm sure everyone's Thorpes will be killer. All the MTOs must have slowed up the new stock models.
Pics of an upcoming G&G boot would be welcome Leaves .
Red brown on this one. It just doesn't have the decorative wheeled marks around the welt. I've never really paid attention, but it may be specific to the more casual P2. 
A little suede.
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