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This pair was pretty dry, but I used VSC a month or two ago and it still has quite the shine. The color is all over the place, but I like it.
Not to prolong another plastic/leather stiffener debate, but I never gave it much thought until recently. I had a non-Vass boot where the heel stiffener on one side was cut nearly a half inch higher than the other three sides. It was just enough to constantly push into my leg/ankle bone and cause numbness after wearing all day. I tried to bend it, heat and push down with a hair dryer, etc., but it didn't help. The manufacturer agreed to take a look and decided to repair...
I received the dark mocha Barberis flannel Walt today and the color is great. The weight and feel of this flannel is perfect. A little heavier than the chocolate check Driggs, so a good combo.   I do appreciate that Epaulet combines shipments when it can as my wife sent a threatening text today..."What can I do about canceling your access to epaulet? You got another package today."     
Yes, the listed US size should be close to Brannock for most. I'm a Brannock 10D and the 10/43 was perfect with a little wear.
It comes out if you have something else to use. They seemed a little narrow at first, but broke in nicely. I thought they were great with shorts...a little tan doesn't hurt.
Four sizes of quality snuff trainers left at $150? Those should be gone asap.
If I recall, switching the PayPal conversion option on the mobile version is nearly impossible. It is more obvious where to click and change on the desktop. With all of the no transaction fee cards using good exchange rates, the savings can add up. Of course buying every great Skoak model and deal will eventually result in no savings!
It's the Brooks Brothers "dark oak" version from last year's batch. It was very light, but has darkened a little with conditioning.
I thought about that as well. I'm sure some will be showing up.  
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