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Really no need for a cup of coffee after clicking on this thread some mornings.
 Thanks. Mid to lighter blues, greens, etc for me.Yes...I don't think all of last spring's selection benefited from Skoak's increased outdoor photography. It definitely helps.
Difficult to get the color perfect, but this should give you an idea. Mild burnishing on the toe. Nice lighter color, but would be easy to darken a little over time if you wanted to.    [[SPOILER]]
Indoor cell shot, but I wanted to give a close-up of the color on the EG Cardiff. I was going to darken the shoe if it was as light as the Almond Baby Food color in Skoak's shop photo (sorry guys), but figured it was just the lighting. Supple country calf and built like a tank on 202 with double leather. Quite a few odd stock sizes left.  
Inglese twill and Calabrese cashmere...comfortable combo. The stripes make the light brown look grey in some lighting and photos, but it is very nice (and a great deal under $100).  
If you look back a week or so ago, one was posted with updated prices.
 Thanks as always for the work and mention razl. Most of the Walts were quickly scarfed up. $50 off the Southwick for the thread to keep things moving.
I was tempted to see if I could squeeze into those. They look very nice.
Epaulet Southwick 42R hopsack sport coat. NWT. $230 + $20 insured, signature required shipping. Originally $650, and now $825 to MTO. I'll add measurements later, but it fits like a TTS 42R. Shoulders 18.5" Chest 22" Sleeve 26" Length (from BOC) 29.5"       
I just received four REDA Hopsack Walts from the last "Ends" round. Tagged 36 and measure about 36.5 with an unfinished seam. Waist can be let out up to an additional 1.5". $195 each shipped. They are usually $285 when stocked, and the REDA fabric is hard to beat.    Bright Blue - SOLD  Champagne  Pearl Grey - SOLD   Medium Grey - SOLD 
New Posts  All Forums: