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Thanks Dan. 2030. Can't post that in the Viberg thread though without inciting outrage at its overuse and "poor shape". 
Waxed flesh for heavy duty jobs...like kids and dogs at the park.  
Cool...that'll put a hop in your step.
I wouldn't classify 804 as chiseled, but definitely a more aggressive almond shape than the rounder 74945. The latest model still sounds perfect for you though. 
My mullet  and I saw that exact tour. Mid 80's metal was so cheesy, but so fun.  
I saw a WWI photo of my great grandfather today. I'm sure he would find me wearing a field jacket to the office amusing.  [[SPOILER]]  
With you...
          All cashmere options to risk/entice office groping.   Bottle green hopsack Formosa Wine and black herringbone Tie Your Tie Brown micro waffle texture Rota Navy pure cash LBM overcoat
This Driggs is from an Ends round early this year. Tagged 36. I only wore it once or twice and just prefer the Walt fit for me. Excellent condition. Plain bottom alteration at around 32 to 33 inch inseam (room to let out if needed). No alterations to waist/seat and measures about 37". Great Barberis mid to lighter weight dark mocha flannel. $85 shipped. 
A retailer that sells a few hand welted RTW models. They have a preorder going for the next restock of the Maverick. You can click to exclude VAT and price in US dollar at the top of the site. Deliveries come via USPS, so less chance of additional fees. http://www.spiga3.com
New Posts  All Forums: