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Maybe 42.5 on U?
Cigar. It's pretty dark (similar to recent Alden batches), but has some nice color variation. The cigar shoe I have is much lighter. 
Some office Vass...remove one letter and could be an HR issue.
Back to selling these. I have several in the same color now, and have decided to sell this pair.   Used Vass Old English II Oxford Boot. 43.5 / 10.5 US F last. Single leather sole. I have only worn it out once. The last two photos show the current condition, which is basically the same as the others with try on wear. No cap creasing. Could also work for a 10D with a thicker sock. This batch of oxblood is very soft...even better than another more expensive brand's calf I...
^ Very nice. A wing tip on TG73 wouldn't be my first choice, but it looks great from the top down.
Unworn, NWT. Usual Gitman large measurements (about 22.5" chest) Contiguous US only. Free shipping.
1. Yes2. Probably3. Yes4. Old English II 5. Good luck Nikola6. Take lots of cash...you might want to go crazy7. Post pics
@DonRaphael I've mentioned this before as well. I think it does come down to the technique of the maker (name is on the inside correct?...trying to see if I can determine a pattern). On my last oxford boot, I specifically asked for just the stitch with no leather piece, and it came as requested. 
Saint Crispin's MOD 104 on the Chiseled last. CRU 611 material/color (darker polish has been used). UK 9F which corresponds to a US 10D for St.C. Worn about a dozen times with a few scuffs/scratches. Normal creasing and checking in the highly polished finish.    Includes box, bags and St. C trees. $20 insured, signature required shipping.
@OzzyJones Staffer S input.
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