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A few good sale items in common sizes posted at Epaulet.
Nice shoes...but coordinating pants with paint splatter is the winning combo.
You're still returning though, correct? Regardless of card, those are a mess and they will take them back. I've had the same issue with seconds. TSM should put a note on the order before the shoe goes out if it's not going to meet its own return guidelines.
Just click profile name and last option is block (on desktop version).
Two clicks...Block Member
^ Yes, navy and/or scotch grain usually wouldn't be my top choices, but I think it looks great on the Coniston...espeically with the storm welt & dainite.
Nice shots Mike. Get yourself a Shoe Mart t-shirt and everyone will just think you're a catalog photographer..."Don't try this at home kids; I am a professional."
I made the rookie mistake of ordering the BB Dover thinking it was 606...should have been clear it was 888 from the photos. I almost kept them, but the tip seemed to go on forever. It was actually only about a 1/4 to 3/8 inch longer than my typical sizes, but maybe the vamp stitching accentuates it even more.   They must have been fresh from the factory because the scent from the box was amazing...an EG weapon to get you to keep them. Even the sales lady today opened the...
Used Alden 9.5D Barrie last Snuff Suede Lined PTB...fits like a 10D. I purchased new for this spring. Great condition (not seconds) and worn less than 5 times. Very comfortable with the Flex Sole, and I'm only selling because the Barrie heel really doesn't work for me. They've already been coated once with Nano Protector. Includes bags and an Alden box from another pair.   PayPal and CONUS only. $15 insured UPS shipping with signature required. Sorry, no returns.
 Thanks Mike.  And yes, I may have sold a few pairs with outdoor shots from there before.
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