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Thinking about spring with all of the warmer weather...will there be more short sleeve Portuguese Flannel options?
Mocha flannel Walt
That jacket really depends on what you're going to be doing in it. Walking from the car to office with minimal layers...40. Hopping on sleds with kids, snow blowing half of the neighborhood, etc...42. I sized up.   
Pending   Testing the waters with this one. Love the boot, but it hasn't gotten much wear in the rotation (about a half dozen times). 9.5E UK / 10D US on the 82 last with HAF sole. A great shade of Dark Oak with nice burnishing and soft Mocca suede. Probably the most supple EG leather I've had. Includes box, bags and polishing cloth. No trees. $20 insured, signature required shipping. 
Yes. The Skoak order from mid '14. 
Green and green.
Some of it is the angle of your photos, but with the thickness of the sole and the amount the welt sticks out on the 7, it does make the front look smaller. Your top down shot wearing them looks much better though. I got the 9.5 and find the sole pretty flexible, and think it has a little more cushion than Dainite, so I really like it. The subtle texture of the leather is great.
I gambled on sizing for a few items and they didn't work out. All NWT. Firm shipped price per each item   SOLD - Esemplare $80 Black Humphreys reverse seam wool crewneck sweater XXL but sized more like a Medium (?!) - 21.5" chest and 20" through the body. Great fabric and design with the reverse seams. Photos don't do the felted wool justice.       Niche...
Only RTW for me too, but I've been very impressed. Could be promising with your UK7 on the high instep 804, but the 1966 toe box may be more restrictive. You can always do RTW half sizes directly with Bestetti, but obviously not at the great SPIGA sale price. I have the UK9 coming myself. Wholecuts may not be the most in demand model, but at $575, someone will take them on B&S if they don't work out. 
I really like the look of the 72 last over the 64 (and it sounds like my usual size would fit better). If we could only go back what seems like ages ago to early 2015 MTO prices. Maybe a stock 72 shearling model will show up.
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