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Thanks Roger. Nothing too crazy, but regardless, I'll try to swing by and use your stairs for a photo 
All the oxford/bal boot fit talk...I nervously await one tomorrow. I went up a half size from my somewhat snug F last shoe, so it could be a thicker sock fit (or end up on the marketplace). The fit of the EG Shannon I have is about perfect, so it has some stiff competition.    
It said directly in Nick's email to contact for prices on the remaining online stock. My first TG73 is on the way.   "If you see anything currently in stock on my www.bespoke-england.co.ukwebsite but cannot attend this sale please email me direct so we can discuss the sale price and I can reserve these for you prior to the sale. Please only email me regarding current Bespoke-England stock online. The easiest way to do this is to use the “Size” tabs on the left hand side...
Correct...double to single at waist.
Just a flesh wound...looks great. "R" is the only indicator, but I've even had them without that.
That's a lot of Es. Basically 10EE Brannock? I'd still go wide or extra wide New Peter on an oxford boot (probably 43). It won't look anything like the standard width U last photo, but would still be nice. I'm sure the vendor you use will give the best advice.    just saw your 9.5EEE Rain...maybe 43.5 wide P2
Limited info, but you threw the Osloer in the mix...go for it if you can use a boot and have other shoes to rotate with the OEII.
Another chamois shot...pretending it is shell in the sun.
Looks perfect. Could rupture around 2055.
You don't wear your leather Galways with your leather pants?? Jokes aside, regardless of US/Leffot price, it seems to quickly move through most of its inventory. Good location/marketing/service/etc.  
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