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A little evening espresso (AC)...    
^ DC is a dangerous call to make. I ended up on two more lists just asking about previous ones.
Limited edition Anthony Cleverley Branagh 9E UK. $2,200 retail. Number 39 of 100 in Horween brown shell cordovan. Extremely well made from the Cleverley "semi-bespoke" line. Goodyear welted, made in England. New with lasted trees, bags and box.   Retailers recommend one size down from your US size for AC. I'm a 10D US and it was tighter than I like. If you're in between 9.5D US - 10D US (or even a 9.5D) these will likely be better for you. Sorry, no returns, so be...
^ I don't think I've seen an Alderley photo from the back before (or I haven't paid attention), but now I just want it more. That belongs in the Great Back Door thread 
Look at Don L's photos. I didn't ask how long once production starts. With the size of this order, maybe a month or two.??
One person on the DC plaza medallion cap toe shoe in my size hasn't called in yet, so there's hope for me yet. Kathy also said the cigar grant cap toe boot has gone into production and she's getting more pairs than expected...again, hope for me there too. 
Nice...January as projected. I'm a couple down on the list so my chances are slim. Some photos from the previous run have been posted if you search. I imagine these will be much darker.
I was in a small local store today and found these poor guys on clearance. They had some shop wear and looked like they had been around awhile (along with a tassel loafer). I never wear 10.5D, but the Hampton fit great with thick socks. Another price drop and I may consider giving them some proper TLC.
Nice...with the good NS sales, I've been watching a few models. With the bad weather this month, I could have used more cxl.
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