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Thanks Dino. A lot of great info and inspiration on here...makes it difficult choosing just one. Love the BLNR RFX. I was considering it as well until a friend bought it before me (not that we can't have the same watches).
I bought a watch to match my gloves...j/k. 116610LV for a big anniversary. It will likely be my only Rolex. If my wife sees additional watches come in, I may not make it to the next milestone.  [[SPOILER]]
Nice. The Norweger works well as a goyser chukka.
Thanks Mike. With all my dark brown shoes, I have looked at these and imagined them as a whiskey Skye. Not sure I can bring myself to sell them though...and I'm beyond "keep/buy them all." I'll keep an eye on the GMTO.
I tried to avoid another Lindrick photo, but they make it difficult.
Good input...thanks.
Awesome Exdeath. Hard to imagine an oxford boot looking more badass than that!
I really like the Cottesbrook. Google a few more images, and of course see that @Leaves already owns it in Nightshade
Probably 42.
For oxfords, why does Vass sometimes put the half circle leather piece where the lacing meets the vamp and other times it's just the stitch? Is it just the technique of the individual making them that day? All models and materials seem to be done both ways (cough...F with just stitch in sig). Does the extra piece allow for more robust stitching, or just cosmetic?
New Posts  All Forums: