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Yes, I know. Should have just left it at a very snug toe box.
I picked up the 522, CRU 606 from LS. I like the shape of the Classic last, but it is very snug in the toe box. My Chisel last in the same 9F has significantly more room. The sole length measures about 11 7/8", which seems more like a US 9.5D than 10D.   
I held out for a day, but finally caved. The Ironside is one of the best looking Indy makeups I've seen.
It pained me a little to crease this Vassterpiece, but it has gotten a lot of wear. The rolls aren't too bad for a plain toe shell chukka. 
New England Shirt Company for UNIONMADE.Brushed Twill Button Down Shirt in Navy Brown and GreyUnworn, NWT. Great colors. Usual New England large measurements with a tapered fit. Contiguous US only. Free shipping. Standard measurements from Unionmade (could vary by a quarter inch from shirt to shirt).Chest 22.25Sleeve 25.5Neck 17.25Back Length 30Shoulder 19.25
Forget shell...now we have BullShitKickers.
Ha Ha...I'm coming along on green. I imagine it's pretty popular in europrep's area.
I probably would have passed over stock photos of a tie with green in it, but give credit to europrep for the sale! 
Very nice @luc13 . Is that a recent order (it looks darker)? I have something similar on the way...we'll see what shade I get.
New pics added... Great Barney's make up with suede, pebble grain leather and Dainite. I only tried them on around the house for a few minutes, so they truly are "like new". US 10D, 335 last. There's a little extra room with a thin sock, but I wouldn't size down. Includes box and bags. $15 insured, signature required shipping.
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