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Alden 404 "Kudu" Indy boot with Vibram soles and speed hooks. Perfect Indy for winter. 9.5D TruBalance fits 10D. First quality. The left boot had some try on creasing from the shop, but soles are 100% unworn. Includes Alden box and bags. Retails for $522 US. $370 + $20 insured signature required shipping.
Even in @NAMOR size, that looks very well proportioned. 
Not bespoke, but this thread hasn't had a post in a couple of months, so here's another RTW hand welted 1967 model.     
The moleskin looks a little more snug in the photos compared to the other Walts. Curious to hear how they fit others. Good price compared to some others out there around $50 higher.   @Epaulet ... The salt and pepper donegal Walt has a 39 listed in the drop down. I'm sure most assume it's a 36.
^ That's quite the derby selection, but the fit looks good and the utah could be worn more casually (and handle some weather). 
All of the new boots are great. Hard to differentiate black, but the calf on my black G&G shoe is very well done. I'll probably stare into the metal eyelets of the black Canterbury until it ends up in my cart one of these days.
Thanks. The photo is a little dark, but yes, the Eidos from last year.
New Bigi cashmere. Another great deal.
Skoak Cardiff with a little wear.  
New Posts  All Forums: