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Color 8 / burgundy shell, P2 
Someone say Osloer?
It would probably crash the Skoak website. I'm even more tempted by G&G's hatch grain after my latest pair. Thickest leather I've had (even compared to shell and other grain). There's some variation around the outside, but the tongue/vamp is about 1/8" thick even without the liner...solid shoe.  [[SPOILER]]
I do not need another oxford boot. I do not need another oxford boot.   Good grief. Look at that...  
Massdrop is obviously not taking the typical retailer cut. Pricing has been discussed many times before. I have no problem with a retailer's markup to handle all of the issues, costs, etc. to stock a full line of shoes. Sale prices usually aren't that far off, and we do get some unique designs. I wish there were more retailers (won't be with deals like this), but Vass must be doing well with its current policies.    Comparing to the RTW price sheet, $495 doesn't seem...
The instep and width at the ball of the foot are similar, but P2 has a more rounded roomy/casual shape to the toe box. If you want a dressier cap toe boot, you could try 40 F with the more forgiving suede. Most do take the same size. A lot of P2 vs. F photos around, but here's another.  [[SPOILER]]
40 P2 would be safest for your first one.
Thanks Fred. Yes, that's the one.
The other suede colors are more interesting, but dark brown is easy to wear and would look nice with the added details of the high boot. They need cleaned, but hide dirt and wear better than what it looks on the right one in the photo.   43 P2 should be perfect. With the give of the suede, even another 43 in F might work. I've gone back and forth between 43 and 43.5 on F, but my 43 F suede fits very well.
Generally, I've found the width and instep of TG73 and MH71 to be about the same. The toe box of the TG73 did seem a little restrictive by the end of the day. For cap toes, depending on the length of the cap (and stiffener), I've had a couple with uncomfortable creasing. The MH71 Hove above fits exactly like my MH71 oxford Gables...which are perfect.
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