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I sent a message to eddie, but whoever purchased the 9.5 penny is probably getting my 9.5 wingtip (I opened the penny). Just PM eddie and myself to do a swap.
Thanks. It doesn't stand out, but the 1.5 thick leather sole is a perfect match for this boot...good call @Leaves. It would be nice to see it on more boots (and shoes).
Shannon VIII
Ha ha Mike...I almost put, whoever got the 10E (which was open when I took these), PM me and figured it was you. It's a keeper if the sizing works. I was going to hop off the cigar Grant list if these fit, but oh well.   The model is 39860H and there were only 10 sizes all in E. I'm sure they've been wiped out. @Epaulet is looking to run Color 8 Aberdeen boots and this would be a great companion to the Alt Wein.
Close, but no cigar. The Aberdeen medallion cap toe boot is a beauty, but the 9.5E doesn't quite work for me. With some room in 10D Aberdeen shoes, I thought there was a chance. More Aberdeen boots Alden!   
I don't really like double monks.I don't really like double monks.I don't really like double monks.Oh shit...Where can I get those! Congrats and VERY nice on both Mike!
 Here's a 12E Aberdeen captoe boot listing from a few years ago. In the large size and E width, it doesn't really look Aberdeen. There were only 10 in this latest batch.  http://www.styleforum.net/t/178504/sold-alden-12e-medallion-tip-8-shell-cordovan-boots-sold
Castaner Pablo Ecru Espadrille 43 10D. New in box. Handmade in Spain. Fits true to size. $8 CONUS shipping.
Crockett & Jones Coniston 10D US Navy Scotch Grain boot. Only worn three times. 325 last (true to size for me). Great all weather combo with the 360 storm welt and Dainite sole.  $20 insured, signature required CONUS shipping.
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