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There Will Be oxBlood
Thanks guys. Maybe I'll grab a smaller size in a different fabric. I liked the windowpane the best at Haberdash, but the boxcheck could be a good substitute. 
Poor pics (& not with this shirt), but is this too large? It doesn't seem that bad from the front, but with arms straight from the side, it is a little off in the shoulders. Can't believe I have to ask, but I've gone back and forth on whether to return (smaller size isn't available). Maybe it will relax a little over time. [[SPOILER]]
On the Plaza boot, it depends what you're after, but I always thought Plaza wingtips looked better with a 270 welt (like the Leffot version above). Shell version with 360 commando...   [[SPOILER]]
New with tags 36 Driggs from the latest Factory Finds. A very nice "Antique Grey Cross-Hatch Tropical Wool" material for three season (or even year round) use. Waist measures 37" with an unfinished bottom.   Free shipping. 
270 or 360 welt?
50 shades of green. I don't think I'll ever tire of this watch...and to think I was hesitant about green initially. I'm debating stopping at the Reis Nichols watch event today. Thanks to this thread, I find myself gazing more into the AP case. My wallet will stay home as an extra precaution.  
Thanks Sammy, grc. I posted one to IG this week, but with just a few family and friends following, I can't let them on to all of my addictions!
Walking the line on a Friday.
My two promo Individualized shirts arrived today. A simple white broadcloth and the Egyptian Whisper Blue...which seems slightly green to me, but I'm a terrible blue/green judge. Some of my previous XL Epaulet dress shirts with a 27.5" sleeve were too long, so I asked for 27" and it's a little too short . The rest of the fit is great though, so I'll stick to the standard measurements for future orders.  [[SPOILER]]
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