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Most take U a half size up from F. 
Thanks...Bloomingdale's. Surprisingly, the NMWA 50 is still in stock.  
Inglese/Bigi (w/blue Rota). Would have preferred NMWA, but Eidos hemp in a different cut.
A broken toe this week calls for 202 and a thin sock to hobble to a meeting today.
Thanks Tukker. Nothing elaborate...soak with a suede cleaner when dirty, use a rubber suede brush when dry and touch up edges. I've been using Burgol neutral suede care lately and it has worked well. Nano protector once a year keeps any major stains off, and makes cleaning easier.
Not much more to give...it is red brown on a single leather sole. Very comfortable and casual on New Peter, but it won't be as light as an unlined Alden on a flex sole. Mid brown will be closest to some shades of snuff.     [[SPOILER]]
Hard for a suede PTB to compete on this page, but another cleaning day. The color is off on the before phone shot. Soaked and scrubbed back to nearly new. Simple P2/red brown combo, but gets a lot of wear.  [[SPOILER]]   
Just did...wasn't aggressive on first wash. Cold delicate with a few minutes in the dryer. No change to measurements.
Before Greg goes crazy...another Inglese photo. Hard to capture the true olive tone, but overall it does seem lighter than the original swatch. There's about an extra 1" - 1.5" in the chest compared to the 42 dress shirt, and it should be perfect after a wash. We'll see about the longer sleeves, but I'll roll up anyway.  
Ha Ha...if only I had Eidos in the 80s. My senior pic was in a shiny grey double breasted suit (with bonus mullet). An extra large version lives forever in my mother's  home for all to see. 
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