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Yes, and with plenty of room (at least last batch).
Wow, G...you're safe! Doesn't look that wide from the angle of the photo. Great looking shoe.
I think the amount of burnishing can be requested, but not the actual shade. Even that is probably pretty random though. Whoever got the Beaulieu, please let me know your size and address.  [[SPOILER]]
The recent MTO shades of dark oak look verrry nice!
Perfect combo with that sole Namor!
If truly a 10.5 Brannock, I'd start with 43.5 first. The UK9 Rain must also be snug? Not sure how you fit in a 8.5 CJ. Maybe you're closer to a Brannock 10. 
Epaulet Southwick Harris Tweed Sportcoat. Midnight Check fabric that sold out last fall. Tends to be a little darker than indicated in some of the photos. Only worn two or three times for short periods.  Tagged 43R, but with the Epaulet Weller cut, it's really more like a 42R in other brands. I had the waist taken in just a little, but still wanted it roomy for a Tweed. See the measurements, but I can barely tell the tailor did anything. No adjustments to sleeves. 3 roll...
The new 657 sounds very nice. Any photos out there?
To "celebrate" the US policy change, all EG should be moved to the Odd Stock page for the day on July 4th! ...one can try.
The 7.75 and narrow width complicate things. I'd start with the standard width 40.5 first. It may actually be perfect. If too short, 41 narrow may be the way to go. 41 standard will definitely be too big.
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