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@peppercorn78 . There's a few using Google images as well in various lighting. With your wide fitting, probably safer sticking to P2. Maybe an extra wide U a half size up would work.
Used G&G Mitchell in Vintage Chestnut. 9.5E UK, 10D US, MH71 last. Worn less than six times. First quality. Great fit and comfort on these, but haven't worn as much as I thought I would.   Includes box and bags. No shoe trees included, but will add Skoak trees for $80 is desired (essentially fit like lasted). $20 insured, signature required shipping. 
^ I'll go the opposite. I've never had my feet get wet through a double leather sole, and I just prefer the wear and feel over Dainite. Now if you walk miles per day on sometimes wet concrete, it could be a different story. Of all the leathers, it does make more sense with the grained / oiled versions.
Well, the minute I decide to get the Maverick, it is pulled out of my cart as I'm going through PayPal.     edit: n/m. Site glitch...on its way 
Did you happen to try on your usual UK size? If so, what did you think of the fit? The sizing of the customer on the site is a little confusing as everything is basically a UK10 (although EG & GG are listed as wide) with a 9.5 Rain. No half sizes, and they say to size down, but that may be pushing it for me.  Thanks.
Both are P2. An F version was posted not too long ago as well.
Yes, both the Osloer. Quite a few different versions posted over the years if you search the thread (or Google images). On the Vass site it is shown with a single leather sole (Ascot had a good IG photo as well). stmaier has a double leather version that got me hooked on it.
 43 F and 43.5 U is best for me as a 10D. Even though we are both 9 UK Rain, your foot sounds longer and narrower with a lower instep. 43.5 F is probably a safer starting point than trying U initially. 
With your slightly narrow sizes on some of the AE, a 43.5 standard width U might be perfect. 10.5 would usually be 44 U. I'm a 10D on AE 65 and 9 UK Rain. 43 on F can be a little snug some times. Like Bill, you could be one of those that takes the same 43.5 for F and U.
I laugh at the Galway "can't be city" or "no utility in all calf", etc. 82 is pretty damn dressy to begin with. I wouldn't wear with a suit, but throw on in most cities and you're sharper than most out there.
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