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Solid rust Bigi. From "enough ties" to "juuust one more". Different Bigi yesterday...  
Purchased new last season (Notre model) and wore under a dozen times. Minimal wear on Dainite sole. 9.5 2030 last typically fits 10D US (fit was perfect for me). Some scuffs and areas starting to lighten on the waxed flesh. Includes Viberg box and bags. Free shipping.
I'd say a little deeper navy in most situations. Here's the other extreme (indoors, low light, phone camera), but even there you can see lighter areas depending on the direction of the nap.  
"Janus Butt" ox hide suede boot. Quite impressed with the material and Truman construction.   
Solid 1.5, no tapering. 
Blue raincoat. I ordered my usual Eidos size and there is plenty of room to fit over a suit. The arms are lined. The online model has to be wearing a size or two down.     http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-raincoat?ID=1605003&CategoryID=#fn=ppp%3D180%26spp%3D1%26sp%3D1%26rid%3D111|BOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26spc%3D2%26rsid%3Dundefined%26cm_kws%3Deidos%20raincoat%20%26pn%3D1|0|1|2
Any chance we could see Greg in that XL? Not sure about the narrow shoulder look.
The square is probably a little more pronounced with the shorter cap of the U wing. Definitely give an 888 Asquith a shot. 
 Thanks. The overall fit is similar (which it is supposed to be), but some of the 82s just feel a quarter size or so large.
Cowes after a lot of wear this summer. Thought I'd grab it occasionally, but it became all the time. This 888 fits me much better than some recent 82 shoes.
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