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Yes, more of a neutral charcoal. I'll just go with a black belt unless I find something better. I want that Galway version as well, but Skoak's Shannon is also calling me with a deadline next week.
Thanks...and yes, Brooks Brothers.
 Seems like there are a lot of questions on the width of the Asquith (or all 888?). I noticed the Inverness is an E, so maybe Skoak figures it has everyone covered. I also picked up the Cloud Antique Asquith, or as BB creatively calls it...Grey Captoe. Of course, I ordered the wrong size and have another incoming. Even trying the smaller size, I don't think I'd want to go F. Some greys are too light, but this one is nice and dark in normal light. 
I think some go down a half size on Tremont. Seemed like too much room with a high cut around the ankle when I went TTS. 
Thanks, and yes 80201. Better shots... http://www.gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/carmina-quarter-brogue-cap-toe-in-dark-brown-calf
Yes. I also have the Rain single monk. I was a little worried about potential heel slip when ordering that one, but it fits perfectly as well.
Thanks Roger, Budapest. It's actually a shoe...just the camera angle accentuating the somewhat high instep. Mine too aren't that wide either, but it gets tricky going down a half or full size on some brands/lasts and Rain down a full size just consistently seems perfect for me.
Nothing too crazy compared to the shell boots going around, but I just received the captoe bal from Steve. The dark brown almost has a slight bronze tint and looks great. And once again, I love the Rain last...it's like Carmina used my foot as the mold.
Hot damn...not quite my thing, but the sun shots do bring a smile.
If anyone is interested in a $300 10D G&G RL Percival, let me know. I could get them to you at my cost (+tax, ship, etc). These are a UK D, so more like a US 10C (maybe even 9.5C). DSW stores do not take phone orders directly. Sold
New Posts  All Forums: