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We meet again 64. I've always appreciated the CC/veldt/Ridgeway/shearling combo, so it was nice to get my hands on another pair. Like many have done, I went up a half size from my usual EG (and the 64 pair I tried a couple of years ago). Sizing is now perfect with a medium sock.    [[SPOILER]]
A quick update on this CXL pair. I wore them almost every day over the last month or so with the holiday...definitely a casual favorite. The best feature is the Lactae Havea sole. Extremely soft and comfortable, yet shows minimal wear. Slip resistant as well.  
AM with a little wear.
Meccariello Classic Round RTW. Low light, but it's a nice shade of black (j/k).   AM indoors compared to Vass F. The Vass vamp/toe box is a little lower and wider, with a slightly higher instep. The AM still seems comfortable for my fit with a truly "classic" look. [[SPOILER]]
I have a 52 Ciro coming. If it doesn't work out, I'll be sure to PM you.  
All of the sizing talk...I received the Morgan slub cotton/linen chinos today and the waist/length is perfect. Immediately comfortable, and a durable middle weight. 
42.5 P2 should work fine. Width will be pretty generous like TruBalance, but the height of the Vass toe box will be lower than Alden. 
New Vass feature..."Third Eye Blind Collector's Edition".
Not a great photo, but you can get an idea of how the Classic Round A190 (9.5E) compares to 82 (9.5E) and F (43). Some of the more casual lasts really don't compare to any of AM's current RTW offerings.   
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