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And the guy put down 50% at Top Drawer prices and just walked away? Stuff happens, but I'm thinking something really bad happened to Mr. AH.
Speaking of Shannon...Christmas in July for a US 9 thanks to "AH"!   http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/sale/shannon-slate-smoke-suede-9e.html
[[SPOILER]]  I've seen a 1" variance on the Walts depending on material and was told it was normal...the site could probably have more accurate measurements depending on makeup. I don't need more guilt to lose an inch.   
 For the original order coming in September, it has the speed hooks on the top four.
I may have a problem as I occasionally yell back at the Rosetta Stone commercial. "Will buying another pair of shoes make you a better person?"... YES!
P2 Oxblood Chukka.
May need to Nano for child duty.  
 They are on their way to a good home. I mentioned the Ask Andy thread from years ago, and the 9073 in it seems to have a similar base color. 
Priced $299 + $15 insured, signature required CONUS UPS shipping. Trees not included. Normal vamp creasing...nothing in the cap area. Carmina Rain 9 UK 10D US dark brown leather cap toe bal. Only worn a few times. Includes box and bags.
New Posts  All Forums: