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Thanks Mac...nice to hear from a gunboat fan.
Thanks and enjoy yours as well. Your English is fine and your enthusiasm is perfect!
More Kudu. Cleaned up after pic?
They added the description a few months back, but I don't recall anyone commenting on recent orders. They can expect a bunch of returns with the next corporate event if it's still the US size and UK width. 
Has anyone ordered EG from Brooks Brothers since it changed the sizing description online? Are UK sizes really listed now?
 Mike a few weeks ago: "FF Sportcoats should be here in mid-Oct to mid-Nov, as quoted. We have to allow Southwick to deliver at their own pace, that's part of the agreement for that discounted production price. Last year they hit around Oct 20th, so it will probably be around there this time." 
Isn't Ansel EG though?
Thanks, and yes, same as my usual P2/F size. With the shell, I can get away with a thicker sock compared to some of the other P2/F calf the same size, but even with a thin sock the laces are not closed all the way...it's perfect, and I wouldn't go down a half on this shoe. 
Thanks NAMOR. F will look great as well...I wanted to keep this one a little more casual for my current mix.On the goyser fit, there may be other variables, but comparing all P2 calf my goyser model has more room. That's with others the same size and even the width compared to a half size up. Of course, it could just be the construction of the one I'm comparing.
Thanks @RogerP . With different fits related to lasts, calf vs. shell, goyser, etc., it is always a relief to put on a perfectly fitting pair.   I have no issues with Ascot's eBay prices. They do have to include VAT and cover eBay fees. Sometimes the sales (and eBay promotions) do make the price very competitive, and there are some unique make-ups to get with a simple click. Sammy is also open to working deals directly via email.   
New Posts  All Forums: