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Thanks guys. Probably just the angle of the shot sleepy... 82 E.
I'm not a polishing expert, but I used Burgol for the first time and liked the ease of working with it and the results. Hard to find in the US, but easy enough to add to Skoak orders.   
Based on all the photos, he's buried alive in cash.
I take 43 with F last shoes, and 43.5 on K and U works fine for me. K is more aggressively styled than F.
The Ice Cube pattern looks much larger than I remember, but looks great with the collar design matching down the buttons.
New, unworn (doesn't come with tags). Per instructions below, definitely size up. This XL chest is more like an EP Large 21.5". Free shipping.  A part of our Epaulet Los Angeles collection, the Buttondown is our basic woven shirt. We start with a long-staple American supima oxford cloth. After the shirt is sewn, it's run through a light enzyme wash and a salt bath. The result is a perfectly softened garment with a natural, un-distressed look. Starting with a quality fabric...
Fast St. Ives delivery from Nick...perfect. My wife, "Those are the same as the ones you have on. Except one has a curved line and one has a straight line." Comparing to a Vass austerity brogue...if only I thought they were all the same.  
Purchased last fall and only worn about five times. A lighter shade Marlow with some streaking on the vamp shell, but still looks great. 9.5D...either TTS with a thick sock or closer to 10D with a thin one. Ideally, best fit is probably for a 9.75D Brannock.    $15 insured, signature required shipping. Includes RL box and bags from another brand (trees not included).
Dark brown on that one.
Not clothing related, but I sell a few collectibles and received this note today from a buyer (after the purchase).   "Hello there, I do like to have some pictures taken pre-shipment/packaging. These pictures will come in handy later if any damages done to the package by the carrier. If you can post-stick around areas with shelf-wear(if any) and take pictures with it will be helpful too. Please package the item carefully especially around the corners, bubble wraps helps...
New Posts  All Forums: