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Both pairs I have are a 10, and the waxed flesh is noticeably roomier than the navy janus. Thinking about passing along if anyone is interested (janus probably more suitable for a true 9.5). 
Thanks again everyone...great work by Vass! F last @Turbal
So sad. I just had emails with him last week and he was discussing November work. He was always a pleasure to deal with.
$160 each shipped. Will knock a little off for combined shipping if you take both. I wore the Donegal once and the Windowpane three or four times. Hemmed to about a plain 32-33" length...no other alterations. Plenty of fabric remains if you decide to cuff. Both 100% wool, and a medium weight.    Edit: Donegal sold
Many wear a half size up in U from F, but others are the same. It sounds like you could potentially be the same size...and the suede chukka above should be forgiving. 
Any chance the Inis Meain linen overshirt makes it online before 10/31?
  Thanks guys! Looking forward to checking this leather out.
Walnut museum. I'll get natural light photos next week.     
Sold mostly to others around here. Just found myself preferring other materials. 
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