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I probably would have passed over stock photos of a tie with green in it, but give credit to europrep for the sale! 
Very nice @luc13 . Is that a recent order (it looks darker)? I have something similar on the way...we'll see what shade I get.
Great Barney's make up with suede, pebble grain leather and Dainite. I only tried them on around the house for a few minutes, so they truly are "like new". US 10D, 335 last. There's a little extra room with a thin sock, but I wouldn't size down. Includes box and bags. Free insured, signature required shipping.
To me, both E = standard US D. I'd stick with 8E, but confirm with Skoak. The boot seems to have a little more room than MH71 shoes.
Same here, but thought I'd try the bronze as well. Someone please buy my Driggs so I can get another one.
Well, I'm sure someone will be along to clear it up shortly. With so few Galways without speed hooks, I thought it seemed correct since most wouldn't go to Level 2 / Advanced just for that.
I was told "no"...at least on the Galway.
Hmm...speed hooks will be standard on the Nevis? If you like no hooks, all the more reason to get it now. Lower prices and you'd have to go to an Advanced MTO in the future just to delete the hooks.
I like the grey wool flannel, but may have to wait for more cotton choices. The 36 Rivet takes quite the jump up in the thigh (13.5) and knee (9.5). At least I can shrink the cotton a little.
Yeah...I don't think I could pull that off in an oxford. The shaft of a Thorpe or Arran though...yes. Even full Arran.
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