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36 waist and 52 Incotex sounds like a 52 Rota might work, but the thighs could be an issue. I don't have the largest thighs, and the 52 is perfect. Maybe try a 54 and take the waist in? Others may have better input. Of course, only listen to the ones recommending 54...I don't need more 52 competition.
It's double leather. Aberdeen, double leather, no hooks or brass would be perfect.
Mike did have a post confirming a run of 18 from Alden with the preorder going up next week.
Wow Zenny...going to be one happy tailor in your area.
Thorpe  [[SPOILER]]
MH71 is perfect for me. Some find the standard width a little narrow. My EG & GG sizing is exactly the same. There is a little more room in the boot over my MH71 shoes. I also had some rogerp style photos on my steps when they were new (I think in the Skoak thread). Overall, they are a little darker than Skoak's indoor lighting photos...no colored polish.
Previously posted shot of mine...   [[SPOILER]]
Yes, mdubs cigar boot is an Aberdeen E. I know it will likely be Barrie, but an alt wien on Grant would be nice (4060 with brogue/medallion).
"I want a black boot. I want a black boot."... Oh, look at that. Burnt Pine / Utah Gold is close enough  
Thanks Mike. Nice addition to your collection. I went down to 9.5 on the Marlow and the fit is very good with a thin sock.  
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