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That would be tempting if Bonafe was comfortable giving it a shot. Exdeath in the Vass thread had a shell oxford boot pull apart during the lasting process (although, I've seen calf split as well from others).
Thanks Zapa. Quite a few on here have this model. P2 from NMWA. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/oxblood-u-cap-budapester-derby.html
My poor U-cap took a beating this week. Two torrential downpours and I had to walk through inches of standing water after parking by a drain that backed up. Even with the goyser and double leather, I was surprised my feet remained dry. Before and after some care... Bick 4 conditioner, Saphir bordeaux cream and Burgol neutral and black wax (forgot edge trim).  [[SPOILER]]
With the finished inseam, is the usual inch or two available to let out?
The heel counter is one piece wrapping around the back and covering the seam up to the tab that folds to the inside. You can see it in the top photo. Sure! Is that a photo from the new stock?
Yes...the fit is very good. Plenty of width and room in the toe box. The instep is pretty high, but with a medium sock, the top of the lacing wasn't all the way closed on me.
A few FF trousers today. All are great, but the Blarney Stone Donegal is the standout (color is a little off). [[SPOILER]]
Cross-post to get Bonafe on the 804 last in here...great shoe.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys. Skoak should put "@wurger approved" on its website to move the rest of them.
I had a few questions on the Kensington...it is MH71. Finally some sun this week. A better shot of the VR... [[SPOILER]]
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