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Favorite EG again. If only there was a way to reduce the toe wear...j/k j/k  
Recently delivered from latest Portugal order. New out of the bag (no tags). Epaulet size XL, but came with sleeves more like a large. 50/50 cotton/linen. Has darts which can be removed if needed. $10 shipping.   44" chest 21" waist  25" sleeve Approx 30" length BOC
Navy printed slub cotton. Light weight for spring/fall. Tempted to keep, but had another outerwear order come through. I wear 52 in Eidos sport coats, and the fit is perfect. $20 insured, signature required shipping.   45" chest 20" shoulder Approx 29.5 - 30" length BOC 25" sleeve from shoulder (doesn't wear short due to shoulders)  Approx 21" waist
Flannel Ciro. Really need to rethink Monday morning meetings after the Super Bowl.
Yes, I'd probably wait to see one done in cordovan, if truly possible (even Vass stopped the shell Norweger). For calf though, the photo is a sample Vass shoe already completed. Unlike Bonafe trying to replicate the method internally, this project uses the same UK specialists working for the major shops. This batch is limited to 10, but other leathers/shoes/boots may be a possibility going forward.   
Well, I'm not in it for a genuine Dover. I'm in it for a genuine hand welted Vass with a perfect apron on a last I like.
Vass with Northampton stitching through Ascot.  Gets the imagination going...Vass-Nevis, Vass-Thorpe.  
Ha...thanks Mike. Although a bit short, 64 is pretty generous in width. With your sizing, if you ever come across a 10.5 D UK, it would probably be a solid fit for you. 
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