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My HH...I like the color as is. Outside of a little sun, dirt and dog slobber, I don't plan on doing much to them.   
That's actually my 804 pair. Bonafe's standard F width is pretty generous on this last. I'd say a little more so than G&G and EG's standard E width. These should still work up to a borderline US D / E.
We are the same size, and my foot is also pretty wide for a D. With a thin sock or barefoot, definitely go 42. Suede and calf will both stretch a little (canvas won't as much). I would walk out of a 43.
I still prefer darker laces on the Ironside, but to mix it up a little...  
BB NWT medium weight grey 100% wool cargo dress pants. The side pockets are very subtle. Tagged and measures a 36" waist. 32" inseam. Both can be let out a little if needed. 13" thigh and rise. 8" leg opening. $80 shipped.
I had both and it is definitely lighter in person, but I'd wear with similar combos. I decided to pass on champagne more due to having too many other lighter hopsack / wool options. Worth getting an extra REDA though if your rotation is limited or different.
Yes, 804 and it is perfect for a high instep. The other is Bestetti, and it also works well with a high instep. 1967 is my favorite last (and value) right now, but you can check that discussion out in that brand's thread.
I don't need another flannel or tweed, but the Abraham Moon options are calling.
Thanks. Here are a few poor closet comparison shots to some common lasts. The overall leather thickness from the internal lining to the external leather is thinner than some other brands. I think that's why the creasing of a poor fitting Bonafe can look so bad. The 804 shape and instep works very well for me though. And even next to the 82 and MH71, it really is a great design. You also get the hand welting some of the others don't offer.  [[SPOILER]]
Those are mine. I thought I had an outdoor photo wearing, but here is an old indoor one. Harsh lighting adding to the shine. Maybe I'll wear tomorrow for an updated shot. They really don't show much creasing.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: