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Oh yes. I wasn't being critical of it...exactly what I wanted and like about shell.   Thanks NAMOR. After your "mud flap" experience this summer, I was very clear about no shell pull tabs. I've seen the boots with and without the counters, and thought they helped balance the design with no tabs.
Thanks @FrankCowperwood, @RogerP. A lot of good inspiration around here for the austerity designs. 
Yes. Guess I meant more color variation will show through in natural light. The toe caps and a few other areas looked a little lighter. 
P2 Cigar. It looks like it will probably be lighter than what the indoor shots indicate.   [[SPOILER]]
No, they are 64. I didn't size up, but a thin sock with the shearling will be fine. Thanks Ironist. Yes, I think you've had a few of the same models before me as well...we may end up with matching rotations. Rosewood and Arran Grain makes for a good all weather combo.
Nice change. I've been considering several different watches, and every time I put the 39 mm Explore on, it just feels right.
Thanks Frank!
Thanks...yes, shearling and Rosewood (Skoak's version). I can usually do without shearling or fur, but it doesn't seem uncomfortably warm for indoors. I think it really helps that the tongue is not lined. 
Not Zug, but after some 64 last indecision, I decided to continue breaking these in. Different, but a nice combo to mix things up a bit.    
Wow, a change of heart from Seven on the Thorpe ...just don't mention it on the EG thread! I don't know if it is the thickness of the leather used, or just the fit of the Thorpe on me, but it is one of my warmer wearing boots (even compared to shell). 
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