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Hmm...grape herringbone has a pattern of money leaving my wallet.
LINEN PLAID BUTTON DOWN SHIRT IN TAN BROWN AND AQUA Unworn, NWT. Very nice linen plaid. Usual New England large measurements with a tapered fit. $138 with free Priority Mail shipping. Chest 22.25Sleeve 25.5Neck 17.25Back Length 30Shoulder 19.25 http://unionmadegoods.com/product/new-england-shirt-company-linen-plaid-button-down-shirt-in-tan-brown-and-aqua-2/
Tame compared to arcades and sunsets, but sold on the blue/grey Ice Cube.
I just bought another brand's "Portuguese flannel"...nice, but it's no Portuguese Flannel.
Thanks @clarinetplayer !   Modest goals for this Friday. One cool Gitman...good luck everyone.
Chocolate Check Southwick with an older Chocolate Walt. And chocolate suede is being discussed. If the chocolate addiction continues, I won't fit into EP sizes.
Nice...love oxblood as well and have a similar boot coming. @sacafotos, not sure I'd use it to 100% replace a black wholecut though. 
For non-shell Grant, suede? Anything to mix it up from other exclusive 4060s. Snuff, 270 welt, double leather, all brass eyelets? Chocolate?   [[SPOILER]]
36 waist and 52 Incotex sounds like a 52 Rota might work, but the thighs could be an issue. I don't have the largest thighs, and the 52 is perfect. Maybe try a 54 and take the waist in? Others may have better input. Of course, only listen to the ones recommending 54...I don't need more 52 competition.
It's double leather. Aberdeen, double leather, no hooks or brass would be perfect.
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