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Alden brown CXL Innsbruck Indy for Epaulet. 9.5D TruBalance fits 10D. Used two seasons (with more wear the first). Some scuffs/minor impressions on the toes. Usual CXL creasing on shaft, but not bad compared to some. Plenty of life left on the commando sole and heel (nothing loose). I have the original box with some torn corners, and new Alden boot bags. Free insured, signature required shipping. 
Chisel is about 1/8" wider than Classic...at least on the two 9Fs I have. I think many still take the same size in both, but it just didn't work for me on this pair.
I've found some EG 82 Galways to be a little loose in the heel due to the way it is designed. I do not have the same issue with 82 last shoes (or the Shannon). Comparing an MH71 shoe to an EG 82 shoe, the instep seems about the same to me (and mine is somewhat high).
Stitching examples...   Crup Perth   Calf Arnham
I'm sure it would be a little better, but going 9F Chisel and 9.5F Classic is probably best for me. 
Saint Crispin's MOD 522 on the Classic last. CRU 606 material/color. First quality. Basically "like new" with only minimal carpeted shop / try on wear (no creasing in the cap area). UK 9F which typically corresponds to a US 10D for St.C. I found them a little snug in the toe box, so they would probably be better for someone in between 9.5D and 10D US Brannock. No returns, so be sure you know your Classic last size, or are comfortable giving these a shot. Includes box and...
Thanks bleu. Unfortunately, I'll probably have them on the Marketplace shortly. 
Yes, I know. Should have just left it at a very snug toe box.
I picked up the 522, CRU 606 from LS. I like the shape of the Classic last, but it is very snug in the toe box. My Chisel last in the same 9F has significantly more room. The sole length measures about 11 7/8", which seems more like a US 9.5D than 10D.   
I held out for a day, but finally caved. The Ironside is one of the best looking Indy makeups I've seen.
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