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I don't believe these have been mentioned yet...now $635 shipped for new G&G in the great VR color. 9.5F. Someone please buy before I try the wide fitting myself.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/469481/7-13-drop-new-gaziano-girling-westminster-vintage-rioja-size-9-5f-uk-10e-us-dg70  
Thanks again everyone. Look forward to seeing what you come up with @BootSpell. I had originally requested all metal eyelets on these as well, but it was confirmed that was the next level MTO charge. I didn't want to change the last, so it seemed like a waste just to get rid of hooks. These are so dark, they add a little pop anyway.  
Thanks Roger, Budapest! I feel like I'll need a kudu Galway, with a mountain ram shaft and crocodile pull-tab to keep up with this crowd. 
Not as exciting as some of the other recent makeups, but a better shot of the Nightshade Galway. 82 last, B1 leather sole. With complaints about darker DOAK, I like the darker Nightshade...more like an EG version of oxblood. I also appreciate the lower pull-tab design.  
Yes...very nice. I purchased in the Driggs fit last time, and decided Driggs wasn't for me. Just repurchased as a Walt. 
Got the blue hopsack. Any of the grey hopsack still around? May go with the windowpane if not.
I just received an oxblood belt this week.
Good grief...incredible @stevent . What an amazing run of deliveries this thread has had recently.
Recent NMWA custom order. New with tags. I just received an Eidos suit and other orders this month, so letting a few go. 50R in 8/9 oz Navy Hopsack wool. I'll try to get better photos up later (or on eBay). 22" chest and about 18.75" shoulders, so good to go over a sport coat or sweater for a typical 50R. If you are not layering, should be fine for a 52R. $20 insured, signature required UPS shipping.
Camera angles can play tricks, but really, 64 on those??
New Posts  All Forums: