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Unbelievable how much the 9.5D cigar cap toes were passed around/over. I was one spot out, and the 10Ds were gone immediately. At least I'll be first for the new "black cigar" when it comes around again.     With the cooler weather, I wore the Color 8 today. The right shoe is trying hard to make up for its ugly cap crease with some nice color variation as it ages.  
Alden Plaza Wingtip Color 8 Shell Cordovan Boot 10D on commando sole. Fits true to size. Only worn a few times. Includes box and bags. Not a second.   $20 insured, signature required CONUS UPS shipping. 
Sorry if this has been mentioned in previous Ben Silver US E posts, but someone needs to buy the tan 10E Coniston for $540.   http://www.bensilver.com/The-Coniston-Boot-in-E-width,13168.html#.U8iLTPldXe8
   Skoak already has this one coming if the specs are close to what you wanted... Edward Green Falkirk - 82 last - B1 leather sole (1.5 weight soles) - Edwardian. September  I'm looking forward to seeing the B1 on the Shannon. Should be a good fit for a dressier boot. I get the location/climate considerations and people not wanting leather soles, but I have enough Dainite and commando to handle the bad days in my area. 
That is going to be a very nice boot. Skoak had to take a lot of initial pre-orders, or you would have filled that by now. I'll have a good mix between the bronze/black Galway and the dark oak Shannon. Of course, hoodog's chestnut Nevis is always calling. 
The grain difference is pretty apparent. It doesn't look that bad on the boot...like the contrast was part of the design. However, I think it looks terrible on the longwing. They couldn't use the better grain piece for both the vamp and sides (and avoid a visible seam)? The quality of the scotch grain boot I had from Carmina last year was pretty good, and all sections matched.    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys. The 202 talk is tempting, but then again, about all of the potential make-ups are.   beebs...it's the LeatherSoul Bronze 82 version (with a little black mixed in a few times).
Cloudy day Galway  
Crockett & Jones Coniston 8.5D US Navy Scotch Grain boot. $715 retail. New with box and bags. Not an irregular second. 325 last (true to size for me). Great all weather combo with the 360 storm welt and Dainite sole.    $15 insured, signature required CONUS shipping. No returns so please be comfortable with your C&J sizing.
^ Your understanding is fine. If the J Crew boot was turned a little more, the 270 would be clear.
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