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Good advice. I'd just add...How was the instep in the chukka? If you have a high instep and the facings were wide open, you might consider a half size up. A tight oxford boot would drive me crazy. 
I went back and checked, and the EG tree is shorter than these but the instep is a little more snug than what I just did. Probably acceptable to anyone checking, but I was a little gun shy after having an issue with another Shannon (EG quickly addressed, and these have been perfect).     
Speaking of trees, even my older lasted pair has issues fitting an oxford boot. I've seen others mention similar issues with oxfords & chelsea. The Skoak trees are close to lasted, but for some shoes, I will go with the unfinished travel version from now on. I probably could have gone down a size, but beer and power tools helped to create my own lasted tree.   Before and after. I can't even cram the left in (9 for a 9.5E UK). Skoak would have caught if I had ordered at...
Yes, it can vary some by batch, but G&G's leather seems to be consistently softer and shows creases less than EG. They are shoes though, and I wouldn't let a crease stop me from getting a specific style I wanted.  
Used Woodlore trees. 7 pairs. Two tagged as Allen Edmonds and the rest as Jos A Bank. Size medium fits 9 - 10D US (or 8.5E to 9.5E). Free shipping.
Hot damn   http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2015/08/vass-patinad-up-by-dsc.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
I've experimented around. Some do take the same size (Roger). I have two calf 43 F shoes that are a bit snug. 43.5 U fits great. I went up to 43.5 F on a suede shoe and there was too much give to the material (went back to 43 and it works). 43.5 F on a calf oxford boot fits well with a medium sock. For the usual roomy shell fit, 43 F would probably be perfect.
Based on your other brand sizes, 43.5 F would have seemed correct, but going up to a 44.5 U, maybe 44 F would be better. I'm kind of in between on F as well...depending on the style, I'll take my U size in it.
70s today = Galway
Wait. WTH. Put it outside and take a photo...it won't crawl away now. 
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