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Alden Black Shell Cordovan Tanker Boot 9.5D on commando sole. Size down a half from Brannock. Basically new...only tried on in the home so there is very faint creasing. Includes box and bags. Not a second. Non-smoker.   The outdoor shot shows the black finish before trying on...very well done on this one.   $20 insured, signature required CONUS UPS shipping. 
Alden Leffot Plaza Snuff Suede WT Boot 10D on flex sole. Fits true to size. Nearly new from latest run. Small scuff/impression on back of right heel. Includes box and bags. Not a second. Non-smoker. $20 insured, signature required CONUS UPS shipping. 
Ha Ha...yes, I've had enough seconds to obviously not expect perfect. And I should step back from accusing them of selling a restored shoe. A cap toe bal won't go for that much, but all it takes is a drunk bidder or two on a holiday weekend.
Mystery 9073 Color 4 seconds. Too good to be true?? As usual...yep. There has to be a story behind these.   Obviously not the more recent cigar 9073. It's probably the old ravello reglazed with the newer dark version (it is much darker indoors). The vamp and heels are creased, the tongues are really faded and the insole is imprinted with wear. However, the sole and heel pads look 100% new. They don't say "restoration", but they sure look it (welt seems to stick out more...
I picked up a U last from the recent Ascot sale and was able to wear for a bit today. Ideally, I think I'm between 43 and 43.5 for F and P2. I was a little worried trying U, but 43.5 seems perfect.   Great service from Sammy. USPS rant...They made it in the expected week and a half or so, but it was amusing to see them make it to Chicago in a day or two (I'm a few hours away) and then ship to the Miami processing center and back to the Midwest over the next week...keep...
^ They have a nice 9.5E UK dark oak / suede Shannon (82). About $1k US with the exchange rate.
It's just the Foot Balance heel more common on the ortho lasts. Some of them seem to really curve and extend under the arch for additional support.
There is a 7 year old Ask Andy thread with Leathersoul involved in the discussion about a 9073 that is definitely not Cigar. Apparently Alden NY would get a limited run of 12 each year (#4, Mahogany, Ravello or whatever it was). Maybe the Shoe Mart system pulled the description from the old Alden NY version.
 With the two tone brown and antique edge trim, I thought it really stood out in person...in a good way. Someone said "pimp", but I think it is more conservative than that. It seems to be selling pretty well.
  Both are awesome. The suede looks like it could walk away on its own!
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