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Spiga3? A few York and several Maverick still in stock on its website. 
More RTW line. It is one badass black shoe. Fit and finish is perfect. I may have to hit the local trunk show to check out other options. Adam at Spiga3 said Riccardo was proud of the construction improvements on the latest RTW line. I believe this batch was mostly complete before his passing. I did notice the waist is slightly thinner, and the heel is smaller than my original RTW pairs (new one fully lined as well).   [[SPOILER]]
Salted walnut  
 Plenty of before and after photos, but here's mine as well. About two years of daily use and it has held up well. I usually have it packed with a heavy computer, and it has slipped off my luggage many times to where I've held on with one handle. I always fear I'm going to tear the stitching, but there are no signs of issues. The new back strap is a great addition, along with the middle positioning of the thicker shoulder strap. A lot of scuffs on the back that I don't mind. 
[[SPOILER]] And what size are you (9.5 UK?...send to me)? I may have just certified myself as an unofficial AM inspection point. They look great...wear them.
Carmina three piece brown shell cordovan belt. Only worn a few times as it was always a bit large for me, so very good condition. 100 cm / 40 size, so probably best for an actual 38" waist (36" will be on first or second hole). I just polished with neutral Saphire cordovan cream. Free shipping.
Mulch photo was when new a few months ago. Only worn three or four times. Double leather sole tapered to single at waist. Oak hatch grain, GG06 last. 9.5E UK fits US 10D. Includes box, bag and lasted G&G trees. $20 insured signature required shipping. 
Go for it. 50 Shades of Green even makes walking the dog interesting. Admittedly, I was initially hesitant on the green, but still admire it every day (2+ years now). 
Back to selling this one. Worn less than a half dozen times. Pretty generous fitting MH71. Nice thick hatch grain leather, and well done vamp stitching. Single leather soles. Includes box, bags and pictured Skoak trees. $20 insured, signature required shipping.
^ Yep. 100% cashmere Polo coat for about $800?...on the way. One 52 left for a true size 50.   
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