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It is required that after 20 pages with a Dover or Galway pic, the dark oak discussion must ensue. 50 pages for $500 recraft bitching.
[[SPOILER]] Interesting...didn't realize your Dover was that old. Looks great. I'm sure batches vary over the years for all sorts of reasons. Nightshade also seems to be darker lately. I have an order in and really don't care which "shade" shows up...darker is probably better for my uses.
Exhibit A. Old / New DOAK. I love them equally, and like having both, but someone could be in for a surprise placing an order expecting the lighter version. [[SPOILER]]
After initially getting my sizing wrong, I had success with Inglese. Nice thing about sizing up, the chambray was in stock. We'll see how many days I make it before ordering the linen.Poor out of the box bathroom shot. [[SPOILER]]
A buddy of mine is having a casino birthday outing next week. He was born in Hawaii. He will be wearing this. The bird will intimidate the table.   [[SPOILER]]
Maybe 42.5 on U?
Cigar. It's pretty dark (similar to recent Alden batches), but has some nice color variation. The cigar shoe I have is much lighter. 
Some office Vass...remove one letter and could be an HR issue.
Vass Old English II Oxford Boot. I have only tried it on for a short time on carpet (single leather sole looks new). This batch of oxblood calf is very nice. It's a 43.5 on the F last, and as a 10D, it is comfortable in the toe box with thicker socks. I have a higher instep though, so the lacing is pretty open in the middle. Ideally, probably better for a 10.5D with an average or lower instep. For me, it creases nicely across the vamp with nothing in the cap...
^ Very nice. A wing tip on TG73 wouldn't be my first choice, but it looks great from the top down.
New Posts  All Forums: