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$115 for the pair shipped. Tagged and measure 36" waist. The Hertling khaki pair is 100% cotton. The Bespoke 607 is a very light olive chambray cotton material. Both NWOT, never worn, washed or altered. 
Tagged and measures about a 36" waist. About 7 3/4" leg opening. Never worn, washed or altered. Free shipping. 
I can appreciate both. The lighter weight of the Italian linen Rota is also very nice, but the drape and wear of the Irish is unique. 
Another Rota...another favorite. I wore the tan Irish linen for about 12 hours yesterday with minimal wrinkling. If a 52, definitely grab the last pair for $250.     
^ Fast forward a month... Ttown dominating a photography forum with the top of the line camera and a dozen lenses! 
Not the best photo, but you can see how open the lacing is on mine. Not bad, and will close some with more wear.
Thanks. From what I recall, the Carmina 9 instep is slightly lower than the Meccariello 9.5. I have a pretty high instep, but my lacing isn't as open as Swede's. I'll get a photo wearing tomorrow.     
To echo Swede66... My input on RTW sizing. I went with my 9.5E EG/G&G sizing (down .5 from 10D US) and it is perfect. There is no way I could have gone down a full size. I still have about 1/4 - 1/2" open at the top of the lacing, so the instep is not terribly high. Comfortable width and great arch support, leather & construction. Also, a winner for nicest box and bags for a $500 shoe. I would recommend the lasted shoe trees. The ones I have from Skoak that work well with...
As recommended, size up for US half sizes...44. With the flexible sole and elastic, you won't walk out of them. 
I ordered a pair Monday after reading about the construction method, and seeing the great short wing. They took a few days to ship, but with the number of sizes that sold out, he had to be swamped with initial orders. Based on another comment, I went with my 9.5E EG/G&G sizing (10D US). I'll follow up next week with my impressions. 
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