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If you're usually an 8 UK you'd want to size up on the U last anyway...buy'em all!
Nice inventory. Maybe I missed it, but no derbies/bluchers? Other boots/chukkas? Suede?
No, it feels pretty much identical everywhere else. I was a little concerned the instep would be different, but even that is the same.
A few Shannon vs. Galway thoughts after wearing this weekend:   1. I completely understand bal boots not being for everyone. I at least had to have one though, and it can easily work in my rotation.   2. Comparing both on 82, I think the true cap of the Shannon better balances the pigeon toed aspect of the 82.     3. With a thinner heel, the Shannon's heel cup is a much better fit for me than the Galway's. I know others have also mentioned a loose heel on the...
Yes, I go back and forth. The clean lines of the austerity look great in lighter colors. I have a dark shell longwing shoe coming, so I'm waiting to see if my P2 shell size is dialed in at 43. Going forward, I think I can also safely stick to 43 for F/P2 shell boots and only size up to 43.5 on calf boots. 
No...the samples weren't my size, but a shell version has been high on my list.
If you haven't done so, check the Epaulet thread for Vass samples. The austerity boot will be mine some day.
Partial mocha shot from this morning...looking forward to a lot of fall wear.
I sent a message to eddie, but whoever purchased the 9.5 penny is probably getting my 9.5 wingtip (I opened the penny). Just PM eddie and myself to do a swap.
Thanks. It doesn't stand out, but the 1.5 thick leather sole is a perfect match for this boot...good call @Leaves. It would be nice to see it on more boots (and shoes).
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