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Once the website is up, it would be nice to add the option to pay for the other models with credit card. Initially, I had to set up wire transfers in the bank, and now adding additional recipients is an easy online process.     "And bank transfer is the only method of payment for my Argentum hand welted and Aurum shoes.   For orders from my website the credit card is accepted.   Kind regards Antonio Meccariello"
It's a cool shoe. The lining is comfortable too. As a 10D, just a little too big for me.
^If they fit well, good decision. The EG shearling/Ridgeway combo is great.
The regular trees fit true to size, but the travel version is larger. I sanded them down to fit my shoes. I think Skoak catches it when they ship shoes with the trees, but the online sizing or description should probably be updated.  
^ I like them even more in low natural light. Sinister.
Just to confirm...the long sleeve Merz linen henley fits a size smaller than the short sleeve linen?
$417 retail. A great tan suede for spring/summer. Leather lined. NIB with CP shoe bag. Know your CP size. Size 42, which would likely fit a US 9 with socks, or 9.5 with thin socks/barefoot. Free shipping.
NIB. Unique Stan Smith in Horween vegetable tanned leather...will look great with age and wear. Also includes leather laces. True to size 10.5 US. Free shipping.  
Thanks (and I'll still keep a few!).  
Edit: Trees and bags pictured are not included. I'll include another brand's bags instead. I can add Skoak's store trees (essentially fit like lasted) for an extra $75 if interested.   I love the Gable, but I have too many brown shoes and I'm making room for something else. The Vintage Oak leather is very soft. The sole edge trim on this one is a little lighter than other batches of VOak (easily darkened if you prefer more formal). I've had some G&G MH71 that were a...
New Posts  All Forums: