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Poor photo, but the PF canvas shirt/jacket. I'm sure they will disappear quickly with cooler weather. I usually take an XL in the other PF shirts (one of those was even a little snug). This is a large over a dress shirt & t shirt...plenty of room.   [[SPOILER]]
Yes. Go down one full size. If in between sizes, SPIGA still recommends sizing down, so some could be down 1.5 from US. That probably won't work for some. I have the RTW Maverick and Boston Derby now. As a 10D, the 9UK is a very good fit in both. There is plenty of room in the instep, but if I had to go down 1.5 the toe box would likely be too tight. I really like the 1967 last and have asked Bestetti about a tall boot using it. I may have misinterpreted, but with...
Hello...these sold.
Thanks Rule. It's La Portegna (Fat Carter just fits my 15" laptop). A Glaser would be great.
Blue REDA hopsack Walt...great color (I'll have an extra 36 soon if anyone is interested).
Not to turn it into a customs bitch thread, but I sent a used pair of St. C to Canada through the USPS and the buyer was still hit for 60% of the declared value. I've had other horror stories too. Seems like they have been told to be aggressive and see how many actually dispute it. 
I had a replacement Thorpe earlier this year with the same change in color. Had Rustic Arran and it came back with the dark brown Highland look. I thought it was just a mix up by G&G. I guess not with the latest photos. I understand shade variances by batch, but when it completely changes the look and style of the product, it needs a different name. 
You'd be crazy to order 5150. n/m...joke, all look great. I've asked about the 5100 (second pic without heel counter) and Vass said at the time they were sold out and should make more. Seems like a classic derby to stock. Simple change if you want more brouging like the EG. 
A comment about the RTW sizing. As a 10D US, the 9 UK is perfect (I fixed droopy lacing). Going a full size down in some other brands has been painfully tight. I do have a higher instep and arch, and could even go with a slightly thicker sock when these are completely broken in.   I'd hate for the Bestetti RTW line to get too popular, because my size will be impossible to get! Based on this latest run though, probably too late. Hand welted with overall great construction...
I think I have grabbed about every linen or cotton/linen Inglese this year. Not sure how I survived previous summers without them.    
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