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REDA Wheat Hopsack shipped.  If anyone decides to pass on a 35 or 36 Perfect Grey Walt, please pm. 
Green with blue stripes. Nice mid-weight material. New with tags. A true XL size. 24" across chest. 100% cotton, so it may shrink a little. Made in Portugal. Free shipping.
Not the most exciting shirt in photos, but the New England Wheat Flannel should be an auto-buy under $100. Very light and soft, and the lines of grey are more noticeable in person.
Thanks...G&G Kensington (VR / MH71).
Thanks. No secret around here to jump on every mid weight Barberis Mike and Dylan scrounge up!
Chilly day...navy Barberis.
I'm not sure what is entirely clear, other than I'm pretty sure Vass is working with Namor to figure things out and make him a happy customer.  
Thanks guys! And Justin, I don't know about one upping...you've been on a roll. Love the new Gable as well.
Oh, and pulling a Justin and hitting the pavement immediately. In and out shot.
^Yes, and to clarify from recent conversations with Reszo:   1. Vass only uses Horween Shell Cordovan. 2. Horween and other tanneries do sell horsehide, but Vass has not purchased any. 3. There were issues with recent lighter shades and Vass stopped selling those for now, and stands behind the shoes/boots made with that shell if there are issues. 4. The shell comes in multiple sizes, and the larger ones are required for boots. Latest shipment only had smaller...
New Posts  All Forums: