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Hi all I would love to hear your opinion on choosing a blazer. I need to buy my first proper navy blazer and i am not sure if this is (still) considered a nice blazer that can be used on semi formal occasions. I know that there are better brands or even "better" labels for Ralph Lauren but this reduced price is almost half of the black label one, or the other high end brands like Zegna What do you suggest Many thanks for always being helpful Regards, Bane
Well then, I guess i'll pass. Thanks guys, this forum and the help i get on it is pure gold    I dont know maybe i will squeeze and get one Zegna blazer with gold buttons i found (bit lighter blue) for 800 euros (after discount!!)   What makes me curious is that how come the only blazer like this i can find is on RL US page (only US) and its close to $1200 I mean isn't that too much?? Can i find it somewhere else??
Hi guys   What do you think about this one   http://www.styleforum.net/t/354625/what-do-you-say-about-this-polo-rl-blazer#post_6467271   Thank you
Damn.. Do you really think it is not genuine I took pictures of the details and two things made me wonder.Please note that i do not know how to spot fake. It is from what i read on this forum   First, on the sleeve where the buttons are, on the inside you can see stitches from the buttons (Picture 6) Second is the label. It is a bit longer on the left side, stitching is straight line as opposed to zig-zag (like on the pictures above) and there is not much space...
Thx for commenting I have been checking around ebay for some time and there is not much choice for navy gold button blazer I kinda disagree a bit that it is outdated. I think this is classic navy suit that is timeless I've been having second thoughts on the size only anyone else has some opinion to offer? RDiaz ?
I feel it on me normal but comparing to my best fitting suit the shoulder is 1cm less (0.39 inches less) and the sleeve 3cm but it still looks good. (when i bend my hand to look at the watch i can see the watch half out) Maybe i am biased as i really wanna get this
ok here we go
That might be because i wear jeans and some casual shirt. I will go home (in 6 hours) and put a proper trousers and normal shirt and snap few more I really liked how i feel in it. I think 150 even 200 euro is good price don't you?
Lately i am looking  buy Polo RL blazer with gold buttons. As i am not ready right now to buy new i was looking around Ebay and other eshops   I come today at work and a colleague of mine (that knows that i am looking to buy) told me that "a friend of his somehow got a exact blazer as he already has ". My friend offered him to see if he can sell the blazer.   He comes today tells me the story, i try the blazer take 5-6 pictures and here i am.   The ultimate...
Hi folks   What do you think for the below offer. How does the blazer look like? I really like it and considering that i wont be able to buy new soon as i have othe priority purchases i was thinking to try used one. Is it worth it for the money?   I know that this kind of piece is almost a must in mans wardrobe   Polo Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Navy Blue Men Jacket...
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