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Try emailing Baker's again. I gave them my measurements during the weekend and they replied monday morning.
The updated M (21.75 p2p, 18.25 s2s) works better for me.
I sent him an email to change my address 10 days ago (July 27) and he answered me that same day to confirm it.
I thought the Moto was a sure thing! Hopefully it gets sorted out before this order ends. If the Moto is a no go I'd get the DR, then.
Would you guys go lined or unlined for a casual boot in natural cxl?
Yeah, how about doing this?
I also like the front pocket placement of the junya, no opinion about the bicep pocket, could go either way. I'd prefer no side adjusters, but it isn't a deal breaker.
Great looking jacket, colm. ¡Muy bonita!
I'd be interested in this if I like the design and if the sizing is right for me.
Thanks! I've read Juan Rulfo's Pedro Páramo and some short stories, it's good. I'll look those others up.I'm looking for almost anything good, really. My favorite genre is SF but I don't think there's much in Spanish.I was put off by Perez-Reverte's Queen of the South, it was big here in Mexico for a while and I had a few chances to read a couple pages.I will give Alatriste's series a try, though. At least the first book.
New Posts  All Forums: