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I'd be interested in this if I like the design and if the sizing is right for me.
Thanks! I've read Juan Rulfo's Pedro Páramo and some short stories, it's good. I'll look those others up.I'm looking for almost anything good, really. My favorite genre is SF but I don't think there's much in Spanish.I was put off by Perez-Reverte's Queen of the South, it was big here in Mexico for a while and I had a few chances to read a couple pages.I will give Alatriste's series a try, though. At least the first book.
This is a great thread. I just read all of it, maybe next year I'll join you. I generally read 20-30 a year, though. Anyway, I wonder if you guys can give me some recommendations. Spanish is my first language, but I haven't really read anything in my language since I was in high school, 10 years ago. Can you recommend me some Hispanic authors? I have gotten a couple I'll try out of this thread--Javier Cercas, Javier Marias, maybe Juan Gabriel Vásquez. I've already read...
Yeah, what about the Oxfords, Drew? If a wool coat/parka is a no go I could get an OCBD or two.
My first choice was a peacoat but I would join a stock-sized parka group buy for sure.
I'd get a couple oxfords for sure. Also, a peacoat and/or a fishtail.
I'm not sure if changing measurements sends you to the back, I changed my toj0's sleeve length ~two weeks before I received it.
I machine washed my pair of NS yesterday. The fading looks great but unfortunately the inseam shrinked 1 1/2", so I guess we had a good 6-months run.
I'm about to soak my NS for the first time after about 6 months of wear. I want to avoid as much inseam shrinkage as possible and don't mine fading so I'll soak them in cold water, no woolite black. I've also read stretching the inseam after soaking them can help reduce the shrinking. Is this worth it? Do I need to just pull them a little while they're drying?
That's the reason I went with black goat for my CWU. The lamb isn't THAT fragile, but I tend to baby it a lot.
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