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I'm about to soak my NS for the first time after about 6 months of wear. I want to avoid as much inseam shrinkage as possible and don't mine fading so I'll soak them in cold water, no woolite black. I've also read stretching the inseam after soaking them can help reduce the shrinking. Is this worth it? Do I need to just pull them a little while they're drying?
That's the reason I went with black goat for my CWU. The lamb isn't THAT fragile, but I tend to baby it a lot.
There are a couple small holes/punctures on my APC NS, behind the knee. They're 5mo and have no washes yet. I imagine it will end up getting bigger (right?).   Is there a way to slow that down? Maybe giving them a wash now?   I also suspect they're at risk of a crotch blow out, just the way the denim feels/looks in a specific point in that area, but I think my phone cam doesn't really show it. A wash can help with that, too, right? Or what else can I do?  
I settled for black lamb 4zip silver zips moto and black cwu. I think mdr collar + my big head wouldn't look good. Not sure if lamb cwu, if not lamb would you guys rather go black glazed or black unglazed goat?
^ If I get what you're saying right then I have a similar problem with my A-2. Charly said I should take it to a tailor and get the stretch nylon that holds the arms in place in respect with the gussets shortened a bit. I'm just guessing the A-2 & A-1 are similarly constructed. Your best bet would be e-mailing Charly. I haven't fixed mine because in my case it's a really minor thing and there are no tailors in my small town.
I was torn between a cwu and an mdr. I might end up getting two--either cwu & mdr or moto & mdr. Are the pockets of the cwu as hard to reach into & as small as the ones on the a2? I barely use the a2's, but use the toj0's a lot--way easier to reach into & roomier.
I just sold some calves so I might as well get that calf mdr now. It's the circle of calf.
Yeah, I think so. I wear 32 in 511 and my NS are tagged 30. I could barely button the top button at first, but now they fit great.
After getting my toj0 I wanted a full leather in black lamb but I've been babying my varsity a lot--perhaps unnecessarily. Anyway, I probably will get an MDR in black calf. Should I go for 3-zip or 4-zip? Gunmetal or silver? What do you guys think?
What can we upgrade for the CWU? Just bemberg and excellas? Also, I would get a peacoat in a heartbeat. The toj0's wool looks great.
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