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What can we upgrade for the CWU? Just bemberg and excellas? Also, I would get a peacoat in a heartbeat. The toj0's wool looks great.
Just picked up my toj02013 from the post office. I thought the goat was good--and it is--but the lamb is just on another level. I think I'll leave my A2 for outdoorsy stuff and get a black lamb cwu.
My A2 is brown goat. Glazed, I guess, since I didn't ask for unglazed.
Cool, cyc, I thought that could be it.   @jmaudi: thanks! yeah, I think an extra inch wouldn't have hurted it, but it isn't that bad as it is IMO.
Just picked up my brown goat A-2. How are the lengths, guys?       It also kind of bunches up a bit in the chest when fully zipped and I'm sitting. What did I measure wrong?
My A-2 was shipped by Dan, I got it last week.
I ordered my black/black toj0 on June 11th! No tracking yet, though... Hopefully mine is also on its way.
No, I didn't.
I'm at a different address at the moment but I just received my A-2. I ordered it on May 28th.
I ordered my toj0 the 2nd week of June. I guess they have a 20-week lead time, too.
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