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That's the reason I went with black goat for my CWU. The lamb isn't THAT fragile, but I tend to baby it a lot.
There are a couple small holes/punctures on my APC NS, behind the knee. They're 5mo and have no washes yet. I imagine it will end up getting bigger (right?).   Is there a way to slow that down? Maybe giving them a wash now?   I also suspect they're at risk of a crotch blow out, just the way the denim feels/looks in a specific point in that area, but I think my phone cam doesn't really show it. A wash can help with that, too, right? Or what else can I do?  
I settled for black lamb 4zip silver zips moto and black cwu. I think mdr collar + my big head wouldn't look good. Not sure if lamb cwu, if not lamb would you guys rather go black glazed or black unglazed goat?
^ If I get what you're saying right then I have a similar problem with my A-2. Charly said I should take it to a tailor and get the stretch nylon that holds the arms in place in respect with the gussets shortened a bit. I'm just guessing the A-2 & A-1 are similarly constructed. Your best bet would be e-mailing Charly. I haven't fixed mine because in my case it's a really minor thing and there are no tailors in my small town.
I was torn between a cwu and an mdr. I might end up getting two--either cwu & mdr or moto & mdr. Are the pockets of the cwu as hard to reach into & as small as the ones on the a2? I barely use the a2's, but use the toj0's a lot--way easier to reach into & roomier.
I just sold some calves so I might as well get that calf mdr now. It's the circle of calf.
Yeah, I think so. I wear 32 in 511 and my NS are tagged 30. I could barely button the top button at first, but now they fit great.
After getting my toj0 I wanted a full leather in black lamb but I've been babying my varsity a lot--perhaps unnecessarily. Anyway, I probably will get an MDR in black calf. Should I go for 3-zip or 4-zip? Gunmetal or silver? What do you guys think?
What can we upgrade for the CWU? Just bemberg and excellas? Also, I would get a peacoat in a heartbeat. The toj0's wool looks great.
Just picked up my toj02013 from the post office. I thought the goat was good--and it is--but the lamb is just on another level. I think I'll leave my A2 for outdoorsy stuff and get a black lamb cwu.
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