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I got a pair of Nick's a few weeks ago. I guess they're Roberts in natural CXL (lined). Here they are next to my White's BH. I wish I had either gone for a cuban heel or a lowered block heel.
How's the prototype coming, Thurston Bros? Will we get to see it in the next couple of weeks?
Leather for sure. Is the toe of your boots unstructured or single celastic? They look great.
From the DR thread:I like it! I'm also glad you went with slimmer shoulders than the Junya models.Are we still a long way off from the prototype? What leather will this jacket be? Z150?
What will be the zipper configuration for the cafe' racer? Or what Vanson model is it based on?
I get the impression you called Kyle (as opposed to emailing him) and I think you got this wrong.He told me he suggests lining for CXL and exotic leathers, and none for thicker leathers like distressed smooth.
Try emailing Baker's again. I gave them my measurements during the weekend and they replied monday morning.
The updated M (21.75 p2p, 18.25 s2s) works better for me.
I sent him an email to change my address 10 days ago (July 27) and he answered me that same day to confirm it.
I thought the Moto was a sure thing! Hopefully it gets sorted out before this order ends. If the Moto is a no go I'd get the DR, then.
New Posts  All Forums: