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What will be the zipper configuration for the cafe' racer? Or what Vanson model is it based on?
I get the impression you called Kyle (as opposed to emailing him) and I think you got this wrong.He told me he suggests lining for CXL and exotic leathers, and none for thicker leathers like distressed smooth.
Try emailing Baker's again. I gave them my measurements during the weekend and they replied monday morning.
The updated M (21.75 p2p, 18.25 s2s) works better for me.
I sent him an email to change my address 10 days ago (July 27) and he answered me that same day to confirm it.
I thought the Moto was a sure thing! Hopefully it gets sorted out before this order ends. If the Moto is a no go I'd get the DR, then.
Would you guys go lined or unlined for a casual boot in natural cxl?
Yeah, how about doing this?
I also like the front pocket placement of the junya, no opinion about the bicep pocket, could go either way. I'd prefer no side adjusters, but it isn't a deal breaker.
Great looking jacket, colm. ¬°Muy bonita!
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