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I ordered an M1. Really glad I changed my mind about ordering a Moto back in 2013.
How is the peacoat this season?
How do the loose fit tapered jeans compare to last year's PBJs? Fit and quality-wise.
Damn, I have a 2013 order and I'm way down on that list. So I guess the ones who don't know about the spreasheet are SOL, huh?
Do you guys think thecorner will deliver to a mail forwarding service (I use shipito)? I want a pair of white GATs and I'm in latin america.
Since you guys are about to receive the daredevils, I guess we'll get on with this jacket in the next few days?
Yeah it's just that I have to proxy (not in the USA). But I guess I'll get one of each size next time I get something else and then I'll know.
If I like the way my heattech s/s shirts in size L fit, what size should I get for the supima tees? (whenever they restock)
I have a couple heattech s/s shirts, if I like their fit in L, what size of Supima s/s should I get? I'm not in the USA so I can't just order a few sizes and return the ones I don't like.
It never crossed my mind if my face matched my jackets, but my head is a bit bigger than average and although I'm tall and lean I didn't go for a double rider because I thought the lapels would call too much attention to it and I'd end up looking like a bobble head doll.
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