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Since you guys are about to receive the daredevils, I guess we'll get on with this jacket in the next few days?
Yeah it's just that I have to proxy (not in the USA). But I guess I'll get one of each size next time I get something else and then I'll know.
If I like the way my heattech s/s shirts in size L fit, what size should I get for the supima tees? (whenever they restock)
I have a couple heattech s/s shirts, if I like their fit in L, what size of Supima s/s should I get? I'm not in the USA so I can't just order a few sizes and return the ones I don't like.
It never crossed my mind if my face matched my jackets, but my head is a bit bigger than average and although I'm tall and lean I didn't go for a double rider because I thought the lapels would call too much attention to it and I'd end up looking like a bobble head doll.
Aren't DRs and full leather bombers taking just as long? The only products I see moving faster are ToJ02013s and MA-1s.
@Modern Man Thanks! This is the make-up I gave Kyle:   Model: Bounty Hunter Size: 9E Toe vamp leather: distressed smooth Counter leather: distressed smooth Upper (shaft) leather: distressed smooth Celastic toe box: single Height: 6" Midsole: single Heel base: lowered block heel Last: semi dress (bounty hunter) Top: cut top Hardware: all (9) antique eyes Pull loops: leather pull loops - distressed smooth Lace design: plain toe Sole: vibram 430 mini vib Sole trim: close...
I want to try out Uniqlo's jeans. Which are their best at the moment? Should I fork over for their Pure Blue Japans? Also, I am 34 waist, I should go with size 31, right? I can't return them if they don't fit.
I've been thinking about sizing up from my ordered CWU in 48-ish to a stock 50. Because I'd be able to layer more and also I think it would be easier to sell it if I wanted to. The thing is I worry about the shoulders: they're 18.6" for the sz50 and my other jackets are 17.5". Is 0.5" on each shoulder too much? I think it would for a DR but maybe for a bomber it's not so bad. What do you guys think?
Nick's has--or used to have--Mexcel leather available, but I'm pretty sure they also offer Horween's CXL now. I got a pair in Natural and I've seen pics of guys getting pairs in olive CXL, and no mention of it being a different, non-Horween version of CXL. There are different grades (is it the right word?) of CXL--e.g. the one used by Wolverine and the one used by Viberg--but I wouldn't know what grade Nick's uses. Is it better than, say, White's? Beats me.
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