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Thanks Kayhill, Ill pop in and check it out anyhow, I have a feeling our proportions would be similar, Im 179 and 73 kgs so it might work. The RJ jacket looks great by the way.
Jump on the PJ Tumblr. Im waiting on an PJ Roma suit but its probably about 2 weeks off. Better yet, go and speak to Rob in person.
Going to be in Tokyo and seriously considering a sports coat from RJ. I have a large drop (8-10) and am wondering if the RJ cut will be suitable.
The pricing for their Australian trunk shows are mighty tempting. Do you know perchance how they structure payments? All up front? Only asking as I am needing to pay for another suit I will be picking up just before June and wondering if I can squeeze one in with BnT Also are you aware of what their pricing might be for a sports coat? Thanks in advance for any insights you might have
 Thanks Foxy and Oli, I might try Kamakura, I wish their sizing was a bit less convoluted though!
Recommendations for button downs to be worn untucked / with denim? 
Not so much on whether you would buy it or not. Just interested to hear what peoples thoughts are on the way they are pricing. I was hoping with the effort they have gone to in rejuvenating the brand they would have attempted to provide the product at a reasonable price. If it was 10-15 percent more, I might be more inclined to support a local business.
Two models of Carmina just popped up on Henry Bucks' website. At $695 I'd rather buy direct though, considering they go for ~$500 direct.   Thoughts?
+1 for Porteno, the set menus also make it easy to order for bigger groups. Not overly noisy either.
Yeah me too, awesome to meet everyone today, hopefully the first of many meetups!
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