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Hi I am looking sat the Plal specials for Cheaney shoes. Where does Cheaney rank compared to Loakes. I have some Loakes but have found their leather to be stiff and plastic aside from the Chukkas which I really like. My shoe wardrobe is mainly Crockett & Jones (hand and bench) and a couple of Loakes. So comparisons to these would help me get some idea of the Cheaneys. Thanks in advance Regards Chris
Hi I recently had an ivory Garbadine suit made by them which I am also delighted with. I have had a slew of complements everytime I have worn it. The pants in particular are gorgeuos, I also needed some minor adjustments from my local tailor. The pants were slightly large and the jacket was a tad blousy in the chest. Some of this probably has to do with my self measuring. The guy there is very responsive, however you need ask for exactly what you want. I...
Hi Don't buy shoes in Australia is my view. I haven't bought a shoe locally ( I am close to Sydney) for the last four years. When I walk into Henry Bucks and see C&J Benchgrades for 950.00 I am thinking two (yes two) Handgrades from Plal is currently about 1040.00. Damn near the same price adn the Aussie dollars just keeps getting better. Find one of the online measuring charts and measure up your feet. Get a couple of other people to do it also and take the...
Hi A phone call definitely helps. Well at least it lead to an email (my first). Still no shirts though but then that was only two weeks ago. Regards
I think this depends on the knot you use with the tie. A full windsor knot gives some bulk at the neck and balances out the spread. Probably looks a little better with a two inch rather than a 3 inch collar. Regards
These look good value. All their cotton is 100/120 2 ply Egyptian cotton. This is better than many of the MTM shirtmakers in Sydney.
Hi I have recently found a site in Singapore that sells fabric online. See I am thinking of ordering some linen for a suit but I have no idea if the prices are good value are not. The linen is Italian. In general is it better value buying your own fabric and taking it to your tailor to be made up.
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