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  They have a store front in LA, a warehouse elsewhere, and sell through e-bay using several different accounts.  Some are seconds/flawed, but they disclose as such when applicable -- otherwise, they are new w/o tags.  In addition to RRL, they used to have access to Rising Sun jeans at a steep discount.  The store front has mostly mall brands.
 An 8 oz leather jacket is not "thick" . . . it is a suit of armor.  There are lighter uncorrected leathers that are much more wearable.
 "Best in their class" does not equal "best leather" as defined by the leather industry.  Thin, corrected leather is less expensive to purchase as compared to more robust, uncorrected leathers.  Thus, regardless of which is "better" than the other, the cost of materials are less for a thin, corrected leather. 
 Exactly! Moreover, the more robust (e.g., 2oz+) uncorrected leathers are more expensive to purchase, as compared to a thin, corrected leather.  
I have a pending order for a MB AMG GTS.  It will not be built for a couple of months, so I can back out without a hiccup.   Last week, I was presented the opportunity to purchase the new Acura NSX for MSRP (all dealers are asking for considerable premiums).   What do you guys think?  GTS or NSX?
^ Stellar!
ML, I would definitely choose the Vicenza over the tumbled cordovan.  The Vicenza is a great hide!
^ Why no Lone Wolfs larger than 9.5?   I gotta stop by and check our your PFFs
 The Canuck in that photo is HH. Himel's Shinki HH jackets are $2,250 - $2,450.  Himel's new Steerhide jackets are $1,350 - $1,650. The new Steerhide is nice.  That said, I prefer the Shinki HH. 
 I have owned Michelin Pilot Sport Cups.  The ride is not terrible.  The much bigger problem is that, because they are so soft and sticky, they pick up everything on the road.  I had countless punctured tires.
New Posts  All Forums: