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 Could not agree more.  I drove 30 minutes to get there and was told that the outside line was approx 45 minutes (I was not told of the inside check-out line).  I seriously contemplated leaving right then, but reluctantly decided to wait the 45 minutes.  At first, the outside line moved at a reasonable pace and I was cautiously optimistic.  Then, as the interior check-out line backed up, the outside line slowed to a snails pace.  However, I had now invested 75+ minutes in...
 The two shirts were from TS(S) and Big Yank, and the jacket was from Arpenteur.  I saw the EG CPO that you refer to -- the guy right behind me in the check-out line bought one.  I personally did not care for the writing on the front.  Interestingly, there were several samples available of all four above-referenced shirts/jacket -- I don't believe it is a coincidence -- no one wants the coarse wool liner.
 90 minute wait outside (would have been 30 mins longer if the manager hadn't let me in early).  60 minute wait for the cashier.  Four hours door to door and I only bought one shirt . . . what a waste.  I found two other good looking shirts, and a good looking jacket, only to discover that all three are lined with coarse wool (three different manufacturers).  Why do manufacturers line garments with coarse wool?  If you want to use wool for warmth, use softer wool on the...
The line is fucking brutal! Had I known, I never would have gone. Now that I have wasted my day, I am sticking it out. Currently about 25 people from the door.
Keller, the Italian HH described by Carrie is EXACTLY what you are looking for.  I balked at Aero for a long time because of the heavy Horween leather.  Then, Insurrection (Carrie) introduced the lighter weight Italian HH.  I purchased an Aero Plainsman from Carrie in the Italian HH.  This leather is fantastic and much more wearable than the Horween.     NoCheese, very cool Brooks!
Love the steerhide!
Don't much care for Kanye's outfit, but the woman next to him epitomizes style.  
 Thats not hair . . . thats fuzz . . . this is HAIR: 
Looks great Chris -- congrats!
Aero Plainsman -- Seal Vincenza Horsehide First and foremost, huge thanks to Carrie at Thurston Bros.  She is an absolute pleasure to deal with. I am not a fan of Horween FQHH and, therefore, I did not previously patronize Aero.  However, Thurston’s introduction of the Vincenza HH changed the playing field.  The Vincenza has far more grain and character than the Horween FQHH, and is also considerably more pliable.  That said, the Vincenza still has the hearty/sturdy feel...
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