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 I agree.  Post the link here and I will participate in the new thread.
 As shown in your photo, the shoulders on FH leather jackets are way too big and disproportionate to the chest dimensions.
 Aero Premier Half Belt in Vicenza HH: 
Up to 70% off Labor Day Sale at Rising Sun Jeans.
RRL makes a pretty good leather jacket.  Over-priced at MSRP, but a good value at the rock bottom sales prices after multiple discounts.  My primary gripe with RRL leather jackets is the length of the body -- typically, they are quite short.  For example, jackets with a 22 P2P are frequently less than 24 inches in the back length. 
RLJULY4 for additional 30% discount on certain RRL items
 Approx $21.
Sounds like I got lucky -- I received my all black CP Achilles today from Dope Factory -- correct shoe and correct size.
 The Freewheelers Guthrie (thick deerskin): 
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