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Worlds apart.  The Owens is MUCH heavier, thicker and more robust.  Both are too short for me.  That said, as between the two, I would definitely get the Owens over the LVC Menlo.
 Ok jacket, but far from stellar.  The leather is on the thinner side -- not mall thin, but thin compared to Menlo style jackets made from horse or steer hide.  Also somewhat short.  I sold mine.
^ Nice
Not the type of jacket that people on SF typically desire but, nevertheless, a stellar product -- Good Wear Imperial in Shinki HH:    
^ Its a great jacket. I've owned one for awhile. Very happy with it.
^ Good looking jacket Layman!
 Italian HH
New Yoox Dreambox reductions
 I received the Momotaro shirt . . . its fantastic!  Many thanks.
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