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LVC 1940s Leather Jacket Made in Italy  Winter 2013/14 (three months old)  Size: Large Color: Brown Condition: Mint (worn only a couple of times) Original owner $488 (MSRP is over $1,200)   Professional photos:     My actual jacket:     Jacket is available for viewing in Los Angeles. No trades. Many references available.
 F'ing spectacular!!!!! 
 So true!!
 Regarding Himel: 1.       The Shinki leather he uses has a wonderful texture, grain, depth and finish.  Shinki are tanning masters and it comes through in the finished product (Himel has some information on his website regarding the tanning process).  IMHO, a great leather jacket starts with great leather.  In other words, a wonderful looking jacket made from mediocre leather will never, IMHO, be a great jacket.  The weakest link will forever define the jacket. 2.      ...
^ Good looking jacket!  Does not look shiny without the flash.  
 "Shiny" is an meaningful observation although, as others have stated, that is also subjective and transient. "Cheap" and "silliness" are not useful observations; rather, they are ad hominem aspersions intended to ridicule.
 Is that an Italian hide?  Can you make the new Aero Plainsman out of that hide?  Do you have a photo of the hide?
My disjointed collection of jeans is a product of an overzealous desire to overhaul and rehabilitate my wardrobe, coupled with a well established Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and an initial gross lack of knowledge.  Five years ago, I had five pairs of the exact same uninspired Faconnable jeans, and I had just purchased two “fancy” jeans (I will not mention the brand, and I no longer own them) because my friends were teasing me for my complete lack of diversity.  Then, as...
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