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 This is the design strategy of several Japanese work wear/military repro companies.
^^ Mall, 
^ Saweet!
 As you are likely aware. Alexander was formed by several Aero refugees.  Alexander uses the same Horween leather as Aero.  I have no personal experience with Alexander's quality.
^ Weak selection -- Past VP LVC sales were much better.
 Hollows makes great leather products.
^ MA+ reverse deer is mighty sweet!  If only MA+ offered the jacket with shorter arms that correspond more appropriately to the chest size. 
 What is the 10% code?
Echoing prior posts, Carson ignored my e-mail and thereby lost my business. Why do so many web retailers list a contact email address, but decline to monitor it and/or respond to inquiries?
 Does that mean that veg tanned (or Horween CXL) is surfaced tanned, whereas chrome tanning is all the way through?  I have two black veg tanned jackets that are tanned all the way through (I had the option of a surface tan or tanning all the way through) -- I also have a brown veg tanned jacket made from the same leather than is surfaced tanned.(I did not have the option to tan all the way through).  Why are brown and black different in this regard?
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