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That LVC jacket is called the "Menlo."  I previously owned one.  Decent jacket, but not great. 
Himel Frobisher:  
I own both Himel and RMC jackets, and their workmanship is outstanding.  Yes, they are expensive (Himel more so than RMC).  Are they worth the price?  That is a personal, subjective decision.  They are undeniably beyond the point of diminishing returns.     I have never seen a DD jacket in person, so I have no first hand knowledge of his workmanship.  That said, I have read wildly divergent opinions of DD's products (both publicly and privately).  The benefit of DD's...
Any thoughts on the new NSX?   What about the NSX compared to the second generation R8?
 Himel's Canuck is a stellar jacket . . . I own two (brown and black).
 Try on the RMC J-100 . . . if it fits, you're done.  As Chris observed, the RMC J-100 is as good as it gets.
^ Plenty of historical precedent for brass/matte gold zippers with black leather. That said, I much prefer nickel with black.
 In order to maintain a registered trademark, the owner of the mark must continue to use it.  18 U.S.C. § 2320(d)(1)(A)(ii).  Buco ceased using its mark several years ago.  Therefore, other companies may freely use the Buco trademark, and need not license it. Interestingly, back when the remnants of the Buco company still existed, Real McCoys formally licensed the Buco trademark.  Today, RMC's license is unnecessary. 
 I have no personal experience with Aero's goat.  That said, two weeks ago, I tried on a Himel goat and a Good Weat goat.  Both were more pliable than my Vincenza jacket.  In fact, I elected to go with Shinki HH rather than goat precisely because  the goat was thinner than I prefer (and Shinki is slightly more pliable than Vicenza).
 The Vincenza HH is more pliable than Horween FQHH, but it is still a thick, robust leather that needs to be broken in.  If you have no personal experience with HH and you want a leather that is thinner / more pliable out of the box, you might be better off with goat or Aero's "Jerky" HH.  Alternatively, deerskin is think and robust like HH, but much more pliable (I don't know if Aero offers deerskin).
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