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^ Who is the hottie in the photo?
^ Great looking jacket!!!
Good looking jackets -- congrats Chris
 The uniqueness of the MF Campus jacket is the undyed leather.  Many/most Campus owners buy the jacket with the intent of sun dying it themselves.  If you like the cut of the Campus jacket, but are not interesting in sun dying it yourself, there are other good options.  As DWW stated, the Himel Heron is a great jacket.  I also like the Bill Kelso Aeronaut and the White Feather A-1. 
Lawless Denim Yelp:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/lawless-denim-and-co-phoenix
 Layman, Your jacket is spectacular and has tons of character.  That said, the jacket depicted in the photo appears to be well worn.  My comment was in reference to new Horween FQHH, as distinct from well worn FQHH.   Regarding break-in, I am pleased to hear that your jacket only took a few months to soften and become more pliable.  On the other hand, I have read many accounts from Horween owners of jackets remaining stiff after many years.  Moreover, given that I live in...
^ Gorgeous jacket!
 Given that Horween offers many different hides, and there are several different Italian tanneries, all of which offer different hides, any comparison is necessarily a generalization.  That said, Horween's standard FQHH is very rigid and stiff -- it wears like a suit of armor.  Moreover, in my experience, Horween FQHH is often rather flat and lacking in grain/character.  In contrast, the Italian horsehides I have seen are considerably less rigid, more pliable, and have...
^ CL,   Both jackets are classic cuts.  You posted a link for the first jacket, but not the second.  I am leery of the description "genuine leather."  That says nothing and suggests to me that it may be an inferior leather.  Is it cow, horse, lamb or something else?  Moreover, the leather on the first jacket looks a bit thin (I also don't care for the contrast stitching, nor the cuff).  I like the second jacket a bit more but, without a link, I have no idea regarding the...
 I was at Melrose today -- surprisingly limited sale.  Fall 2 is not included.
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