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^ Stellar!
ML, I would definitely choose the Vicenza over the tumbled cordovan.  The Vicenza is a great hide!
^ Why no Lone Wolfs larger than 9.5?   I gotta stop by and check our your PFFs
 The Canuck in that photo is HH. Himel's Shinki HH jackets are $2,250 - $2,450.  Himel's new Steerhide jackets are $1,350 - $1,650. The new Steerhide is nice.  That said, I prefer the Shinki HH. 
 I have owned Michelin Pilot Sport Cups.  The ride is not terrible.  The much bigger problem is that, because they are so soft and sticky, they pick up everything on the road.  I had countless punctured tires.
 I was speaking in terms of higher performance cars (e.g., the dual clutch transmissions in my 997TTs and GT-R, which do not have torque converters).  I don't know about the majority of paddle shifting transmissions in the marketplace.  I was surprised that Chevy went with a torque converter in the A8 for the new Z06; on the other hand, it shifts remarkably fast.  I recently drove a F-Type-R with a paddle shifting auto transmission and it also shifted quickly.  
I was a die-hard gear rower for years.  That said, I have driven paddle shifters for over ten years and I would never go back.  While its true that paddle shifters are ever-so-slightly less engaging, they still provide a wonderfully engrossing and symbiotic experience.  Moreover, paddle shifters are faster shifting and perform better than a stick.  Finally, with certain notable exceptions (e.g., the new Z06 A8 transmission), most of the current paddle shifting...
Freewheelers, Real McCoy and Flat Head make outstanding t-shirts.  Waste Twice tees are also well constructed.  Norse Projects and LVC are also solid.
 RMC does not customize its jackets. Pricing depends on from whom you purchase it.  MSRP in the US is approx $2,000.  That said, I just hooked up another SF member with considerably more favorable pricing.  PM me if/when you are ready to pull the trigger.
 Yes.  Shinki Horsehide from Japan.
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