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Recently received these Cabourn sneakers . . . they are awesome!  
NSX Vin no. 1 sold for $1.2 million:  http://www.foxsports.com/nascar/story/hendrick-motorsports-owner-rick-hendrick-pays-1-million-for-first-2017-acura-nsx-012916
 Wore mine yesterday -- great flannel!
 Notwithstanding my temperate climate, I have an insatiable addiction to jackets and, therefore, I backed both the tan and the olive.
 The Tan Wax is fully funded.  Now we need some more love for the Washed Olive.
 I was in the store and tried it on.  I have a 39 inch chest and purchased an XL.
 I bought this henley last week . . . it is a winner!
Superdenim End of Season Sale
 Same here -- no go
The FH jackets are well made.  The Shinki leather is first rate, but slightly heavier than other Shinki hides.  My gripe with FH jackets is the cut.  They have enormous shoulder widths in relationship to the chest size.  I cannot wear FH jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: