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 My wife drives a Cayman and I have a 997TTs.
 Carrie from Thurston Brothers can have any Aero jacket made with longer arms (longer body as well).  I am not sure about the price, but it is approx $1k -- maybe a tick higher.  The beauty of this route is that you get a custom fit, and you can choose among Aero's countless different styles -- you can even mix and match features from different jackets.
^ Fantastic!
I have narrowed down my next car to either a MB AMG GTS or a Jag F Type R. The following are my general observations regarding a few different data points: Exterior: Both are gorgeous. The MB is sleeker and more unique/interesting; on the other hand, the long nose is not universally loved. The Jag is safer and more traditional. The MB has a great blue paint (my preference) – the Jag’s blue paint is way too dark. Interior: The Jag’s interior is nice, but the MB interior...
Went to Republique Saturday night.  Stellar meal!
 It was good seeing you there Kiya.  Are you going to pick up the WF line?  Truthfully, I was underwhelmed with his stuff.  I know Himel didn't work out for you in the past, but his new steerhide line has some interesting pieces, and at a lower price point.  Wish you would also add RMC -- there is no RMC AD in the US outside of NY.  I think you would sell a ton of their stuff in LA and SF.
Inspiration was great this year!  Picked up a RMC HH jacket, long sleeve shirt and sweat top.
Worlds apart.  The Owens is MUCH heavier, thicker and more robust.  Both are too short for me.  That said, as between the two, I would definitely get the Owens over the LVC Menlo.
 Ok jacket, but far from stellar.  The leather is on the thinner side -- not mall thin, but thin compared to Menlo style jackets made from horse or steer hide.  Also somewhat short.  I sold mine.
^ Nice
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