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Echoing prior posts, Carson ignored my e-mail and thereby lost my business. Why do so many web retailers list a contact email address, but decline to monitor it and/or respond to inquiries?
 Does that mean that veg tanned (or Horween CXL) is surfaced tanned, whereas chrome tanning is all the way through?  I have two black veg tanned jackets that are tanned all the way through (I had the option of a surface tan or tanning all the way through) -- I also have a brown veg tanned jacket made from the same leather than is surfaced tanned.(I did not have the option to tan all the way through).  Why are brown and black different in this regard?
Thanks for the heads up on Barneys Warehouse -- crazy prices.  It was wild watching the total number of pages drop as I was scanning the pages.  Started at 50 pages -- by the time I got to the end, it was 48 pages.
Please forgive my ignorance, but why is Guidi leather desirable?  
 I understand.  The designs are relatively staid as compared to some of the more contemporary brands (e.g., RO or MA+).  That said, I still favor these simple, enduring designs.  If MA+ modified their recent Buffalo jacket to be a tad roomier in the chest, with slightly shorter sleeves, I might get a bit more adventurous.   I agree.  However, the original jackets from Buco, Beck and others were brown core and developed that way.  Thus, the brown core repos are more...
 Great looking jacket!  I saw it on Himel's Instagram two weeks ago.  Congrats JSD!
 Yes -- several.  There are two different types of black HH.  One type is black on the surface, with a brown under layer (this is frequently called "tea core").  This black will show brown when scratched and/or heavily worn.  Many like this vintage look.  The other type is black on the surface, with a black under layer (RMC calls this "deep black").  This black will remain black even when scratched and/or after heavy wear.  I personally prefer the deep black (both my RMC...
 I will not be surprised if I like the new FH jacket.  I have been impressed with all of the FH jackets I have previously seen (all at SE).  Im glad FH dropped the odd detailing on the sides of the jacket (I don't know what you call it, but it was a deal breaker).  My only concern about the new jacket is the shoulder size in relationship to the chest size.  Have LA set aside a 44 for me (its rare that a 44 is a true 44 -- I usually wear a 40 or 42, which measures out to be...
 No order to the list.  That said, RMC is probably my favorite, both because their quality is incredible and because they offer many different designs.  Himel is up there, but they only have a few models to choose from.  A few of the listed manufacturers are truly outstanding, but focus on military reproductions (e.g., A-2s) that I do not care for and only make a couple of models that I like (e.g., GW).  I love Freewheelers, but I do not yet own any of their leather (I...
 I am going to try it on tomorrow.
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