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New Yoox Dreambox reductions
 I received the Momotaro shirt . . . its fantastic!  Many thanks.
 I just checked for my purchase . . . store credit.
Just bought the work shirt -- thanks!!!!
Interesting that people complain about posts regarding the aftermath of a sale, which is at least tangentially related to the purpose of this thread, but people seem fine with multiple posts about donuts.  Personally, I would rather not wade through countless donut posts in order to find the relevant posts for which this thread was created.
 Received my shipping confirm this afternoon -- order no. 1196 -- no omissions.
For me, MA+ is anything but TTS.  The sleeves are far longer than standard TTS, and the chest is narrower than TTS.  if I were going off the actual chest width, I would upsize.  Conversely, if I were going off the sleeve length, I would downsize.  Long story short, as much as I like certain of the MA+ designs, the sizing does not work for me.
You're a tease Kiya!
Late to the party.  Picked up 4 shirts and one pair of chinos . . . . nothing special, but remarkably cheap.  Had a great looking 8.15 denim shirt sniped from my cart just before checkout.
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