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 Umm . . . because it is much more difficult to make "an entirely identical product," as distinct from a similar product.  There are certain iconic brands that transcend time.  Buco is one of them.  Some people like to own jackets that accurately replicate the transcendent Buco jackets, right down to the label.  The label is a finishing touch that punctuates the connection and relationship between the original and the reproduction. 
Real McCoys pays a license fee to use the Buco trademark. I suspect that one or more other manufacturers -- not naming names -- use the Buco label/trademark without paying a license fee, and hope to fly under the radar.
 Vincenza HH and Horween FQHH are very different leathers.  Horween FQHH is stiff and rigid -- it is like a suit of armor -- I personally hate the stuff.  Conversely, Vincenza HH is much more pliable and comfortable.  Some say FQHH becomes more comfortable after extensive wear -- others say no.  I am not interested in wearing a jacket 100+ times before it becomes comfortable. To be clear, Vincenza is not thin or light weight.  To the contrary, Vincenza is quite robust and...
 I agree.  Post the link here and I will participate in the new thread.
 As shown in your photo, the shoulders on FH leather jackets are way too big and disproportionate to the chest dimensions.
 Aero Premier Half Belt in Vicenza HH: 
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RRL makes a pretty good leather jacket.  Over-priced at MSRP, but a good value at the rock bottom sales prices after multiple discounts.  My primary gripe with RRL leather jackets is the length of the body -- typically, they are quite short.  For example, jackets with a 22 P2P are frequently less than 24 inches in the back length. 
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 Approx $21.
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