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Quote: Originally Posted by Karadise I am trying to figure out who makes these sunglasses. Looks they are a faux snakeskin print. Aviator style. Can't make out the logo on the side of the frame but if anyone knows who the maker is and where I can find these particular shades, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!! Tom Ford
Fucking love that show. Alpha males at work!
To draw from personal shitting experience when I eat a whole bag of gum that may have laxative effect in large doses. After a short period you get the urge to shit. You make a traditional shit then the fun begins. After a few farts the gun is reloaded and you take another shit which is looser and more formable than ordinary hardened shit. After a few minutes and a few farts you will be reloaded again and you begin to shit long loose shit with the possibility of air...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I'm in full agreement. Even a football lineman is going to use his hips/legs when pushing against his opponents (using his arms/chest). I would think the weighted dip would be a much more functional exercise. I think the real strength of the bench press is the ability of it to put meat on your chest. Everyone wants the look of big pecs, even though they aren't that functional. I'm not lifting for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Just noticed this. I used to own this tie and know the 'white' is really 'silver'. Damn, that tie will cost be $85 with shipping. Anything cheaper available?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Don't bench using the smith machine, use the bar please. Can you tell me the difference please?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Forkit, you obviously do not have the 'cajones' for fear-factor benches. Only Joe Rogan and beasty should attempt those. Seriously, if you're not getting the message: do not attempt what beasty is saying. Please do not bench heavy without spotters. That's really one of the stupidest/most dangerous pieces of internet advice I've read in a while. I have no problem trying heavy load/low rep workouts, as...
I was wondering, is there a difference? Smith Machines seem to be much safer but my friends tell me that I should avoid it because I'm not feeling the full load due to the assistance of the machine. Is this true? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by beasty It affects your chest differently as barbell compared to dumbbells. Bench affect the entire chest compared to dumbs affecting the outerpart of your chest. Even Dumb shoulder presses feel different from barbell millitary presses. If you have the cajones, do fear factor benches. Which is to load the bar heavy to where you can do 4 reps and bench without spotters. When you are at the sticking point, your adrenaline...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason No, any compound exercise like that is not overrated. Do you go for a wide grip or a narrow grip? Which one makes the lifting easier? Thanks!
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