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I have been trying to ship bottles of the pure white out to people. However the packing places are telling me that the sender or receiver needs to have a distributors license. They also scan packages and want everything to have a manufacturers license on liquids or it will raise red flags. I heard about people pouring the contents in other bottles and saying its something else. I don't want to break any laws, but this is ridiculous.
I am not a skinny jean kind of person. That seems like what the world is into. Fashion these days is a little too much for me. Jeans, Chuck Taylor's, and a printed tee. The younger generation can keep all of the flash.
I'm Z Boy. I'm am average guy, not flashy or high profile. However, I love to travel the world. I like sneakers similar to that Converse or PF Flyers style. Basically, I'm a chill kind of guy. Peace, Z Boy
I have 2 bottles for $90, not including shipping. I live in VA. Just email and may be able to negotiate something. I take PayPal.
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