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It's quite remarkable how much bald men can sweat on their heads when eating spicy food. This is especially true of midwesterners and peoples of Nordic ancestry
Once I was letting loose so many in my sleep that my S.O. had to take shelter in the living room It's fortunate that women do not have the internal fortitude to retaliate likewise
My dentist is hot. But I only get to see her briefly since the hygienist does all the work. And she's happily married 
This dumb giraffe profile pic craze.
Inadvertent inflight erections are just dreadful... they last forever and not even the sound of crying babies can placate them  
That's probably not feasible for a public candy bowl, but some of those reviews are hilarious.
This is supposed to show...? Rose just tripped up on birdman's screen
A friend of mine got pickpocketed at a restaurant. The thief then immediately tried to buy $500 worth of gift cards at Target and rent a car from Hertz, neither of which worked.
So many hits to RG3 this game -- HTTR offensive line?
Marisa Tomei's bod was smoking hot in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. And in The Wrestler. 
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