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Just throwing it out there as it may help someone in the future.  CT 15/33 extra slim fit is not nearly as slim fit as J.Crew slim fit in small, let alone Ludlow.  This is not a knock on CT, just a data point.
  Yes I was referring specifically to the non-iron, I see that they have some shirts that don't have any sort of special weave specified, others are twill, herringbone, and I think I'm forgetting another one.  Twill and herringbone state that they are thicker/warmer, so I'm just curious how that translates into being able to wear them in the summer.
Is there a significant thickness difference between the twill and the regular non-irons?
  This is actually blowing my mind because as per for the same size shirt the CT is showing narrower in chest and waist. 
Can someone please measure the collar from button to mid-hole?  Most shirts I own a 15 actually measures out 15.25 - 15.5, is it the same for CT?   Also dose anyone know if you can do the 4/199 deal and return 2 of the shirts while keeping the deal price?  I'm considering purchasing a couple of different sizes to figure out which works best for me.
French cuff shirts don't, which of course makes sense.  However it would be nice to have an option on the barrel cuffs without pocket also.
Based on what I'm reading/see they don't slim down their sleeves at all from regular -> slim fit -> extra slim fit, not good.
Man I really wish they would stop putting pockets on all of their non-iron shirts that are not French cuff.
I'm confused, just on the last page wdahab said that one should never use polishes with pigment in them on CXL?
Don't really plan on using these guys when it snows etc.  Mostly in dry conditions.  I'll go with my trusty Chippewas if the weather is not cooperating.
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