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Anyone have thoughts on the Carson city boot(basically Dalton's with a wedge sole) or the Stewart derbies? Thinking of getting them 2 for 250. I already own chili Dalton's but after this winter I'm wishing I had more non-leather soled options.
Didn't Paul post his email? We should all plead no
This is just a nightmare, right?
Hmm. They're on 6pm in a half size larger than my 5 last shoes. But I think I've been buying shoes a half size too small... So they would be my correct 5 last size
Any opinions on the haight Chelsea boot?
 Any word on when they will be available?
 I have a Saddleback wallet(medium bifold) and I wish I spent more on something better.  Their finishing(if you can call it that - the edges arent finished at all) leaves a lot to be desired. Also they recently sent out an email announcing that they are no longer cutting around blemishes, scrapes, nicks, etc in the leather. Not only that, they tried to sell it as an improvement that shows off the life of the cow.  It's like they took a dump on their customers and told them...
Those are both great. A shame they were not released
My vote would be truffle Dundee or burgundy macneil
Ideally the gap would close but for high instepped people that may not be possible. Mine spread a good bit but it doesn't bother me
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