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Sorry I was speaking of the main line Polo, not the current Purple Label. Back in the day the abbreviation RLP or RLPL meant Ralph Lauren Polo. I do have in my closet a made in England Ralph Lauren Purple Label french cuff shirt with blue stripes and contrasting white collar. I purchased the shirt new about the same time the movie Wall Street came out in the late 1980's It was very Gordon Gekko. I wore it only once or twice because it proved to have a smaller neck than...
I have a lot of RLPL stuff I purchased new in the 1980's that was made in the USA. All of his chino and khaki pants used to be made in the USA. I also still have some old Polo golf shirts that were made in the USA. And in the 1980's and 1990's there were still main line Polo suits and sport jackets made in the USA. You can still buy new Polo ties made in the USA. but most of the good ones are now made in Italy. 
Ted Lapidus was a licensed brand sold in the USA in the 1980's like Lanvin or Izod. If the shirt was made in the USA or a 3rd world country it is probably one of these licensed garments.There were also ties and sport coats sold under this licensed brand. If the shirt was made in France or Italy it may be the real McCoy. If it was not then it is one of the garments made under license. They were often sold in US department stores. 
Department stores regularly have their names on HF suits and sport coats. You will often see a label Hickey Freeman for Dillards or Barneys or Saks. The HF Ltd is not as good quality as the main line HF. There are also better or worse HF main line garments. The garments made for stores like Bergdorfs or Neiman Marcus often have more hand sewing than those made for less expensive retailers. The HF Ltd is all machine stitched on a par with HSM Golden Trumpeter suits. Both...
No offense taken. But the jacket was accurately described as to condition, cut, size, fabric composition, ,brand,and and country of manufacture. 
I was out and about and saw a CHARLES TYRWHITT shirt made in PERU. I always thought they were all made in GB. Anyone else stumbled on PERUVIAN made TYRWHITT shirts? Also I saw I saw a ZEGNA  made in SWITZERLAND 3 button sport dual vented sport coat size 58R EU in a lightweight 50/50 cashmere viscose blend. The coat was way to big for me but it was in excellent condition and only $9. There were a number of TOM JAMES sc's also in the same large size at the store. Would...
I have been going to thrift shops for the past year as half the stuff I was purchasing on EBAY had moth holes or worse. I purchased two NWT OXXFORD sport coats on EBAY in the past and they both had moth holes in them. The sellers immediately refunded the money including shipping costs and told me to keep the items. They obviously knew what they sold me. So by accident I wandered into a GOODWILL one day and have been hooked ever since. What I have noticed in the past...
Be careful on the BOTEGA VENETA bag. It may be a fake. It is hard to believe anyone would give a real one to the Goodwill which would cost well over a thousand dollars. There are a lot of good copies out there just like there are good copies of VUITTON and GUCCI. 
I have a CORBY trouser press and I love it. After I wear a pair of pants I hang them up to air outside and then press them in the CORBY. Works great on wool dress pants and does an OK job on heavier cotton slacks. It saves a fortune in dry cleaning expenses and trousers last a lot longer as dry cleaning and pressing takes a lot out of a pair of pants. The CORBY does not create a "shine" on wool pants. 
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