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Here's the navy although the picture is a little yellow.
I need sport coat support. I just bought these 3 from Saksoff5th and need to know whether to keep and how to wear For context I'm a 42yr old government attorney living in the Pacific NW where we redefine the meaning of business casual. I'm trying to walk the line of looking distinguished without standing out. Here's what the wife says. Corneliani brown plaid-70/15/15 wool/ silk/flax ($199) feels lovely but it's too used-car-salesman. The Corneliani cotton grey ...
Portland Tailor?  I'm looking for both suit fabric repair and tailoring.  I've seen emphatic descriptions about Abraham Lee on the east side and strong recommendations about Silvian Nita downtown.  Being a fan of subtlety and not a fan of subsidizing expensive rent, I'm far more inclined to go to Mr. Lee, who is described as the "real deal" and is hidden on the east side in a dry cleaner, than to Mr. Nita, who boldly titled his downtown shop "European Master Tailor." ...
I (three) live in Portland and would be interested in hearing (and seeing) the end of this story.   Thanks!
hello this is my first post. I'm a noob in the market for a blue suit and I picked up a Saks Main labeled one from Off 5th for 240 down from 1000. the label says "212" and it's a cotton wool blend, fused construction, made in Jordan. Is this an abomination that should be burned at the stake or a reasonable price for a fun suit? here's a picture of the tag: Thanks for the help!
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