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Hi all,   I am looking for tailored wool dress pants on a budget (80-120$) and I am a little on the chubby side (240lbs, 5.11, 40 waist). This causes a problem.   The usual suspects in this range like Jcrew, Uniqlo, and BR either cap out at a 38 waist or have their pants split into classic (parachute) or slim/skinny which tend to be tight in the thighs for me. Oddly I can find chinos and jeans in this trim(er) style e.g. gap jeans regular 38 waist fit me well, but not...
Thanks for the info. I will be more cautious with my stained ties in the future. 
Hi All,   I have a tie that the color is bleeding. I bought a nice and inexpensive used tie from ebay that arrived with a minor stain. I set about using talcum powder + brush and then a dab of soap and water to remove it. This largely worked but the red background has bled a bit into some of the white paisley.   Is this the sign of a bad tie for the color to bleed when wet or is this normal and I am abusing an old tie in ways I should not?   Thanks!
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